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Gets Diet Offer

After 'South Park' Portrayal

10/15/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki just scored a lucrative offer from a diet company after her gremlin-esque depiction on "South Park" this week  ... but the company may not be doing her any favors.

Snooki Polizzi -- a diet company -- claims it's outraged the show mocked Snooki's issues with obesity ... so they've offered Snooks a cut of the profits and a free year's supply in exchange for a "glowing testimonial." 

Here's the rub -- the company's letter to Snooki essentially calls her overweight ... and as you may know, she's had serious weight issues ... claiming she "almost died" from anorexia a few years back.

We're guessing Snooks is gonna 86 the deal anyway -- 'cause she's been telling everyone she likes the way she looks on the show.



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Aw. I think she's cute and I would hardly call her obese.

1376 days ago


South Park nailed it. There is nothing attractive about her at all. She's just a slob and it's just not about her looks.

1376 days ago

Johnny Rocketship    

Congratulations to TMZ for participating in a segment of the Internet that is responsible for fraudulent billing practices of millions of Americans. These people have single handedly destroyed tons of banks and are in the cross hairs of Visa and the US Government, not to mention the FTC. I have a question. Did Harvey or your lawyer kid over there actually read the TOS and or try their billing practices as a test before they send their loyal TMZ readers to this website, with a real live LINK no doubt? Even the porn people don't get links, just mentions. TMZ is really losing their respect fast. Sadly, it's probably one or two people over there getting greased to put these stories up for s***bags that don't work at TMZ. It's really sad. TMZ needs to vet the people that they are promoting, whether there is money behind the story being posted or not. You have a responsibility to your readers. This is truly s***baggery.

1376 days ago


She is a fat disgusting orange pig! Not to mention a brain dead fool. What she needs is AA, a shower, and a shrink!
Looking at her turns my stomach!!

1376 days ago

Moe Green    

oompa loompa - Plus TMZ/WWE not much difference

1376 days ago


Her problem is that c*m is high in calories.

1376 days ago


Don't you love the idea how she loved how South Park portrayed her. LIKE WHAT ELSE IS SHE GOING TO SAY. It doesn't matter she going stright to the bank.

1376 days ago


She is a fat troll. I don't believe anything she says. The almost died of anorexia thing just sounds like more sensational drama for her to make up.

1376 days ago


i saw her on tv a few days ago and she has rolls under her thats gross

1376 days ago

your not all that    

Please just leave the OOMPA LOOMPA alone !!!

1376 days ago


People need to learn that there are no weight loss drugs or supplements that are healthy,safe or effective.Eat less,move more,drink water and not sodas and weight will be lost.Relying on supplements,drinks and drugs that are detrimental to one's health is not wise.Most of these weightloss concoctions raise blood pressure,which can lead to heart failure.
Snooki went on record saying that she once suffered from an eating disorder.Joining forces with any diet supplement company would not be wise for such a person.

1376 days ago


Acaiberry is one of the leading scam artists in credit cards. they say it's free and then they charge you 80.00 a month...i'm just sayin'

1376 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Snooki must have been up all night on a soda/donught high to have the energy to create all the posts saying she's not fat/obese.

At her height she is obese.

And not buying the anorexic claim for a moment. Just an excuse to eat all that junk food.

Hey Snooki!!! We are laughing at you and not with you. You will be another 10-15 pounds fatter by New Years. You will always be disgusting and if you think you've made it by being portrayed as an animal just confirms to everyone the trash you are.

1376 days ago


She looks like a fat old worn out bag! Hate to see the transformation in a couple of years!

1376 days ago


She is so short that any weight gain is going to make her look bad. She could weigh 110 and look overweight. I'm glad that she is comfortable with herself, but cutting down on the alcohol would reduce weight and water retention, and make her healthier in the long run. I have to like her, she is actually shorter than me!

1376 days ago
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