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Gets Diet Offer

After 'South Park' Portrayal

10/15/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki just scored a lucrative offer from a diet company after her gremlin-esque depiction on "South Park" this week  ... but the company may not be doing her any favors.

Snooki Polizzi -- a diet company -- claims it's outraged the show mocked Snooki's issues with obesity ... so they've offered Snooks a cut of the profits and a free year's supply in exchange for a "glowing testimonial." 

Here's the rub -- the company's letter to Snooki essentially calls her overweight ... and as you may know, she's had serious weight issues ... claiming she "almost died" from anorexia a few years back.

We're guessing Snooks is gonna 86 the deal anyway -- 'cause she's been telling everyone she likes the way she looks on the show.



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um no she isnt fat but is she an annoying little orange thing? All signs point to YES

1467 days ago


No need to be so hateful! I think she looks great just the way she is! It's comments like this that cause self loathing! Good for Snooks for being proud of who she is :-)

1467 days ago


oompa loompa doopity dee. I see a fat girl coming for me. snooki wants smoosh smoosh

1467 days ago


This person is the reason (as well as The Situation), that I have never, and will never watch this stupid show. I'm assuming it's stupid. "Snookie" looks like a grease-ball hooker. Honestly I don't think I've seen many people who are less appealing in every way, than this girl is. Yuck. She looks greasy, dirty, stumpy, and biotchy! Why would anyone watch a show with a bunch of gumba's in it? This is not exactly the Soprano's. I'm not even talking about Italians. I'm talking about people who might be Italian, who make Italians look bad.

1467 days ago

Larry T    

They can probably help her lose weight. But, with that same face, fat or thin, does it really matter?

1467 days ago


This girl is so ugly and gross. This girl think she is all that, she is wrong. I dont get it why people watch show called "jeresy shore". ITs one of the stupids show in the world. People who watches this show, are stupid and dumb. If you watch this show, they get more publicity and none of those effin' losers deserve to get money. ALL of them are ugly, gross and have no self respect for themselves. GO AWAY Losers from Jersey's shore. TMZ, STOP POSTING **** ABOUT THEM NOBODY Cares.

1467 days ago


Isn't she already on a liquid diet?

1467 days ago


I work with a women who's son went to school with little miss princess before she ever hit it big and she was never anorexic. Jersey shore sucks! No one needs to hear about this stupid ****.

1467 days ago


Excuse me, while I go throw up now! Yuk!

1467 days ago


this bitch and the rest of the trash known as jersey shore needs to be dragged out into the middle of the street , blindfolded , and hit by cars followed by having their brains blown out

1467 days ago


Can you people mind your business and leave snooki alone, ya are saying she's ugly & fat but you guys are reading her articles and keeping up with the show right? Mind you business and look at yourself in the mirror, then judge!!! She has all of ya talking about her, she must be very important to all of you!!!! Shut up and if you have nothing good to say don't say it at all, she is also human, show some respect and stop acting like middle school children!!!

1463 days ago

briana deluca    

i totaly agree, when she says i like the way i look on the show... i think she is beautiful, and all u hater's out there, i hate u! just sayinnn i <3 snooki and thats all i gotta say !

1433 days ago


Snook is cute funny and Beautiful!
its so nice to see a real woman, happy being real and not a twig stick that (photo cropped) magazines and tv shows try to make these girls feel they have to be.
Thank God she doesnt wait for your approval, strong women doing her own thang, so many haters so little time.

1433 days ago



1295 days ago
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