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'South Park'

Smooshes Snooki ...

Snooki Loves It

10/14/2010 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki was a moving target on "South Park" last night ... seriously, they actually tried to shoot her ... but the "Jersey Shore" star is taking her animated ripping as a badge of honor.

South Park Jersey Shore
In case you missed it -- watch it, it's hilarious -- the episode culminates with the Gollum-esque "Snooki" character getting socked in the face after trying to rape Cartman.

After the show, the real Snooks went to her Twitter page and wrote, "snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we've officially made it. goodnite my bitches."

Check out the entire episode at ... it's frickin' hysterical.


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you're wrong std. they made an episode showing mohamed and comedy central wouldn't allow them to air it. they make fun of everyone and they like to knock people down a peg. they teach everyone not to take themselves so seriously! and they did make fun of osama, he trusted the south park people and we were conspiring to kill his ass the whole time. classic!

1407 days ago


I think South Park has devoted 3 or 4 full episodes at screwing with muslims, which is more than any other religion I believe (possibly with the exception of jews, since Cartman seem to find a way to throw something that way pretty much every episode)
In at least one episode in an earlier season they showed Mohammed in full along with other religious figures, and would you believe it...nothing blew up or got suicide bombed.

1407 days ago


STD: they tried to lampoon muslims and Muhammed but were censored last season. Maybe if you watched the show you would know this.

1407 days ago


Ah! I hate jersey shore! And all reality TV! Everyone who watches it are mentally challenged! TMZ sucks ass too.

1407 days ago


to STD's.. you obviously don't know what you are talking about. Trey and Matt could care less about threats. It's comedy central that pulls the plug on it.

1407 days ago


OMG LMAO i love snooks but this is too funny.

1407 days ago


Funny how Trey Parker and Matt Stone will use Al Qaeda (al qaida) to take on Snooki, Jews, and Christians, but they won't offend muslims. Look at all the crap they do to Jesus and Jews on the show, but they run like ******* from doing the same to Allah. I am a non-believer, I find it ammusing they only want to offend the religions group that don't threaten them.

Posted at 9:13 AM on Oct 14, 2010 by STD's


uhh they did offend and go after allah, it was comedy central who wouldn't allow them to show it

1407 days ago


when was the last time south park was relevant? like what 12 years ago?

1407 days ago


I love South Park, that episode was pretty damned funny!

1407 days ago

dj tanner    

remember when people were humiliated by things that are humiliating? Yeah, me either.

1407 days ago



They did offend muslims, it was comedy central who censored it out. They already showed muhammad back in 2001 and it wasn't a problem. They ripped on Muslims big time but Comedy Central are *******.. So don't blame Matt and Trey you idiot.

1406 days ago


STD's you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. The whole point of the episodes 200 and 201 were the fact that they can rip on any other religious figure, but no one is allowed to rip on Allah, because it won't get aired. Comedy Central won't air it, period. When the second part of the episode came out Comedy Central censored it to the point where you couldn't even figure out what the episode was about.

So instead of you thinking "Funny how Trey and Matt...", I think it's funny how you have no idea what you are talking about.

1406 days ago


the guy who said that south park is afraid of muslims is a ****ing dumbass south park has made an episode that poked fun of afghanistan and osama bin laden they made an episode featuring the islamic holy prophet muhammad as part of a super hero group but that episode along with others that showed or were going to show muhammad were censored and have now been pulled because of comedy central and the parent company VIACOM's fear of retaliation not because of trey parker and matt stone

1406 days ago


@26 Relevant ? It's an entertainment programme and it's entertaining... what else should it do to be "relevant".

1406 days ago


This was a funnny episode. but to all of you guys who aren't from NJ and are bagging on us, stfu :D greese balls? lowlifes? no no that's not what we are about. Plus the cast from the jersey shore is from NY besides one of them. yeah people from NJ are loud and have attitudes (majority) and we all love it. and guido is a kind of style, so hate it or love it we dont give a ****. not all people from jersey are guidos and quidettes so stop disrespecting bitchesss . snooki <3 i love you girll

1406 days ago
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