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'South Park'

Smooshes Snooki ...

Snooki Loves It

10/14/2010 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki was a moving target on "South Park" last night ... seriously, they actually tried to shoot her ... but the "Jersey Shore" star is taking her animated ripping as a badge of honor.

South Park Jersey Shore
In case you missed it -- watch it, it's hilarious -- the episode culminates with the Gollum-esque "Snooki" character getting socked in the face after trying to rape Cartman.

After the show, the real Snooks went to her Twitter page and wrote, "snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we've officially made it. goodnite my bitches."

Check out the entire episode at ... it's frickin' hysterical.


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Snooki The Jersey Devil! LOL xD
Or is that a Jersey Rat?

1379 days ago


STD's you are a ****ing idiot. SP has been threatened with death because they have mocked muslims.

You are retarded and I hope you die a painful AIDS infected death, ***got.

1379 days ago


@ You Know It: Go **** yourself. You obviously don't watch enough of South Park to understand that they are the Loony Tunes of this day. When Loony Tunes was on they frequently made fun of WW2 as well as other serious issues. (see video )

Another point I'd like to make is even if you find South Park distastful, at least they aren't so absorbed in their own world to know what's going on in the real world. Unlike you're precious Jersey Shore and OC, the little mountain town of South Park has delt with global warming, sexual harrassment in school and church, AIDS, and breast cancer to name just a few important issues. Of course it can be crude, but personally I think they've done the best job of exploiting the full meaning of an adult cartoon.

1379 days ago


that is disgusting......I hate this show...tasetless....but I hate Jersey Shore also...for the same reason.

1379 days ago


those idiots have no talent and will be remembered just like the casts of the Real World. What's that? You can't recall that show? Exactly.

1379 days ago


"Funny how Trey Parker and Matt Stone will use Al Qaeda (al qaida) to take on Snooki, Jews, and Christians, but they won't offend muslims. Look at all the crap they do to Jesus and Jews on the show, but they run like ******* from doing the same to Allah. I am a non-believer, I find it ammusing they only want to offend the religions group that don't threaten them."

Idiot, South Park won't let them offend Muslims or show Mohammed. They already made an episode about that

1379 days ago


This is to post 13. You dumbass. South Park HAS offended Muslims. They did make fun of Muhammed. Look at episode 200. 201 also made fun but it cannot be aired due to Comedy Central blocking it. They also used Muhammed in an episode years ago as a super hero. You dumbass. Their lives were threatened if they aired episodes 200 and 201 by a radical ismalic group in New York. They aired them anyways. Do your homework.

1379 days ago


hmm, STDs, i guess you missed the 200th and 201st episode debacle where they tried to portray muhammed and comedy central bleeped and censored half the episode. matt stone and trey parker don't really shy away from anything. you are mistaken.

They've also done a lot of ripping on Bin Laden (not that he represents muslims), and have you ever seen a little movie called Team America? Not very respectful to anyone pretty much ever.

south park rules

1379 days ago


It's an honor to be parodied by "South Park," considering they also parodied someone the calibre of Barbra Streisand. If that show parodied me, no matter how vile it was, I'd be tickled pink. XD

1379 days ago


It's an honor to be parodied by "South Park," considering they also parodied someone the calibre of Barbra Streisand. If that show parodied me, no matter how vile it was, I'd be tickled pink. XD

1379 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Watched the whole ep, was sooo funny.

1379 days ago


of course she likes it cause its giving her attention

1378 days ago


George Bush hates black people.

1378 days ago


i don't think the real snooki is fat. she's really short which means that unless she has a stick body w/o curves she will look proportionally wider than a tall girl with the same body fat ratio.
i'm glad she has a sense of humor about the episode. i would love to be a south park character!

1378 days ago


Hey STDs, you do realize that they(Matt and Trey) have been censored more for taking the piss out of Muhammad, than jesus or any western god. That's the networks problem, not theirs. They piss off anybody and everybody; I don't think they're scared of allah.

1378 days ago
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