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Taylor Momsen -- Gunning for Miley-Like Controversy

10/14/2010 12:57 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Underage "Gossip Girl" actress and raccoon-eyed wannabe Courtney Love rocker, Taylor Momsen has pulled a Miley Cyrus and ticked off a powerful parents organization for her sexed up, gun-toting magazine cover.


The Parents Television Council -- the same group that criticized Miley's new controversial music video -- believes parents should be "alarmed" with the 17-year-old (who is also the face of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl) posing on the cover of the hard rock mag Revolver "wearing lingerie, gun belt and nothing else."

PTC further states, "By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy, and contributing to the already epidemic problem of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking."

A rep for Taylor was unavailable for comment.


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How unfortunate that children dressed up like whores are idolized. I'm all for Americans having the right to bear arms but this is not cool, sexy or fun; just sad.

1468 days ago


#32 "popo" you're an idiot.

#19 "texasknight1" You're also a few french fries short of a happy meal.

that being said, This is a 17 year old girl. GIRLS reach full psychical maturity by 16 most of the time before that. With exception of very minor growing. It's not "weird" for a guy in his 20's or even 30's to be sexually attracted to a 17 year old girl. You idiots need to realize what a pedophile actually is.

Pedophilia (or pedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) for whom prepubescent children are the primary or exclusive sexual object of their sex drive.

Ok, I feel the need to actually dissect this because I have a feeling you thickos might not understand it.
prepubescent - person who has not yet reached puberty (not yet having reached puberty)
OK! Understand people? A 17 year old is by far not prepubescent.

Can you actually give me one good excample as to what sets apart a 17 year old from an 18 year old? Without having to use Washington and any Laws regarding being legal age to vote. Legal age to buy cigarettes and to buy porn.

Because guess what? There's not a difference.

A 17 year old looks the same as an 18 year old. A 17 year old cannot buy cigarettes. Cannot buy alcohol and cannot vote.

Oi, This country is literally getting dumber and dumber..

But let's take a look at Taylors/Mileys/etc profession.

Since the Cher/Madonna era music has always been about (well lack of singing talent for one) but basically has been about wearing wild ridiculous clothing or in most cases lack there of and selling sex appeal.

This girl is hardly innocent. She's dates 21+ year old men. She's knowingly in an industry that basically uses her sex appeal to sell things and shes been parading around half naked on a stage..Yeah, I mean god help some 25 year old guy seeing a girl for what they are trying to make her or something shes already become.

Funny enough...Every frigging magazine out there has half naked girls all over it. Most people lose their virginity before 18. But if she did this a year or two from now it would be ok simply because shes just 1 number older?

The Parents Television Council is a bunch of idiotic parents..Funny enough they shouldn't even be parents. In this day and age no one can accept responsibilities for their actions nor can they blame themselves..So instead they blame the media,entertainment industry.

If a kid is so easily influenced by someone they see on TV/Magazines that they have never even met before then thats not Taylor's/Miley's or anyone elses fault..Thats BAD PARENTING. Funny enough, they are more concerned with the whole sexualized part and they could care less about the guns..Watch what your kids buy/see/listen to. Don't blame other people.

1468 days ago


In light of Taylor and Miley, I think that we should lower the age of statutory consent from 18, to 16. That way, all of us men can't be arrested for being pedophiles for wanting to have sex with these highly sexualized young women. I mean, come on, fair is fair.

1468 days ago


These talentless girls can't wait to go out and look like a 10th avenue hooker and show their T&A to everyone. I'm not complaining the more these so call stars show their body the more they are pushing the envelope till we will see everything they own and the young girls are so influence by these talentless wonders that they will be walking down Hollywood Blvd. soon showing us guys everything they own and them thinking that they are cool and in style! Bring it on ladies, us men promise you will not avert our eyes for a nano-second!

1468 days ago


Fingers crossed that she'll do a sex tape with Larry Fishburne's daughter and Artie Lang when she turns 18.

1468 days ago


The only thing I can say is that if you are going to dress like that, at least have the body to pull it off. She is way too skinny and looks awful. Not sexy in the least bit, but then she is only going for the "shock value". Big deal. Nowadays this slutty look is the norm for most of the young stars around. And also why I refuse to let my daughters watch these idiots or listen to them at all. I teach my daughters to have better class than that as well as self esteem where you don't need to dres/act like a ho to get attention like this girl does.

1468 days ago


Taylor maybe 17 but she's got the voice of a 30. She also smokes and sings about drinking and sex clearly she doesn't give a sh*t. PS I LOVE HER!!!

1468 days ago


Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot.

1468 days ago


How come I didn't hear this many people screaming when Justin Bieber who is 16 was running around half naked having his picture taken. Double standard?
Give it a rest. If you don't like this girl, and don't want her to be a role model then step up to the plate and be the role model you should've been being all along for your daughters. If you weren't so lazy and let others do your job you wouldn't need to b*tch about it.

1468 days ago


this is gross.

the ppl who think it's okay are either little girls or old men. Because real adult women can see the problem of overly sexual images of little girls

I'm 21 y/o woman I'm not an old prude or a bible thumper or anything like that, the poster who thinks that there is no difference between a 16 y.o and a 17 y.o is wrong they may LOOK the same to an older person but they aren't, mentally. and when they ARE 17 they'll understand that they've learned SO much more then they knew when they were 16.

Thats why adults PREY on young girls who are manipulated easily instead of finding someone their own age who won't put up with their BS. While the boys their age are off having a childhood and acting like 16 y.o BOYS as they should be.

I understand what you mean about not letting your kids see this but they already are.. right now... on tmz.

And TAYLOR is no miley she sux she doesnt have the work eithic of Miley or the success never sold out concert arenas had clothing lines at walmart..claires never played the lead on a disney ch. show and was always kind of a trash bag that you wanted your kids to run from (GG glamorizes this -- that's why its still on CW)

1468 days ago


Taylor Momsen is not promoting guns or violence as sexy.She is promoting bad make up, stripper heels and bad accesorizing. She has no resposiblity to be a role model but I do think this cover is tasteless and unnecassary.

1468 days ago


This Parents Council kinda reminds me of Kyle's Mom from the South Park Movie- so in the spirit we should all blame Canada!

1468 days ago


If I had this on my computer it would be considered kiddie porn. Why try to sexualize children, and then arrest people for it?

1468 days ago


no one in their right mind would think an UNDER DRESSED and UNDER AGED CHILD is sexy. for those who need help and to NEVER have children. she's nasty and so is miley!

1468 days ago


Holy ****. Lighten up people, it's an artsy cover. Someone please kill the next generations of the PMRC! PLEASE

1468 days ago
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