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Taylor Momsen -- Gunning for Miley-Like Controversy

10/14/2010 12:57 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Underage "Gossip Girl" actress and raccoon-eyed wannabe Courtney Love rocker, Taylor Momsen has pulled a Miley Cyrus and ticked off a powerful parents organization for her sexed up, gun-toting magazine cover.


The Parents Television Council -- the same group that criticized Miley's new controversial music video -- believes parents should be "alarmed" with the 17-year-old (who is also the face of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl) posing on the cover of the hard rock mag Revolver "wearing lingerie, gun belt and nothing else."

PTC further states, "By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy, and contributing to the already epidemic problem of kids’ overexposure to hyper-sexualized media content, which has been linked to depression, eating disorders, and sexual risk-taking."

A rep for Taylor was unavailable for comment.


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"By posing in this way, with guns in hand, she is making guns and violence seem sexy..."

As John Mellencamp once sang, "Ain't that America."

1438 days ago


Little Cindy-Lou ho.

1438 days ago


Ew gross, she's butt ugly

1438 days ago


why is she even on the cover of a metal music magazine ? shes an actress/wannabe rockstar , she has nothing to do with metal music

1438 days ago


her eye make up makes her look like crap. she looks like a skinny little tween playing dress up. does she think she looks good?

1438 days ago


Agree w/the peeps who said -- what kids are'nt gonna buy the mag. ..

And, for all you who think she's hot, well, if you're into stick figures. . .I guess she's hot. Looks like a stickfigure racoon. ..and, she's only sixteen. Can't wait to see her in ten years. . .

1438 days ago

Rosie the commenter    

pella lee ________ Excellent post. Have you read the book 'Living Dolls' by the British writer Natasha Walter? It basically discusses exactly what you were saying. I'm 22 now and I've been feeling so much pressure about my looks from when I was just 10 years old. The media is out of control. I've only just started getting over body dysmorphic disorder; it's been so hard for me to get better with all these unnatural, digitally manipulated images of women everywhere I turn. I'd like to see a healthier attitude to beauty and female sexuality in the media.

1438 days ago


Oooh, child porn! Great job Revolver!!!

1438 days ago


She is a teenage pregnancy waiting to happen...

1438 days ago


ok .. #1 you must have boobs to look good in lingerie...shes under age and has in NO WAY filled out enough to be thought of as hot in that pic. #2 the magazine should be held accountable for putting weapons into the hands of children...if the weapons are fake they should be labeled as such in the photo. #3 why on earth would any parent let their child be portrayed in such a nasty manner. they could've said "NO" but i guess money is more important to some people. reminds me of the incredible parenting skills of the lohan clan.

1437 days ago


I think it is totally cool that she loves hard-rock!
Way Cool.

1437 days ago


Ok, people, firstly chill the fcuk down! You have to breathe in and out! Second, I'm a 26 year old woman, I subscribe to this magazine mostly because I love the genera! I've been a reader for 4 years now and I love this magazine! I just got this in the mail yesterday and I read the article, she says the following things:

When asked, "When did you start to rebel?" She answered, "I was confined for so long and manipulated by industry people trying to fit me into the mold of what they wanted me to be. When I started to grow up, I went, Oh hey, I see what you're doing. F*** that! I couldn't take it anymore. You start to lose yourself when people want you to be perfect. I'm not f*****g perfect. No one is. I've always been me, whatever that means. I think I'm nice. Other people think I'm a b***h because I'm opinionated. I admit I'm crazy. I've never claimed to be sane but I think I'm nice."

Also, furthermore, in the article she says that she's "Trying not to freak people out, and apparently I'm failing" She gets asked why she thinks people are freaked out, she says, "Honestly, dude. I don't f*****g know.

Also the follow up is the kicker, this is what she says and it's proof positive that no matter what industry anyone is in, there is a huge double standard. This is what they said, "Maybe it's because people don't expect a 17-year old to dress the way you do and say the things you say. Like when you joked that your best friend is your vibra*or." She replied, "Hey, I've never said I don't need to get off once in a while, man. That [vibra*or] fits right in my suitcase. That shouldn't piss people off. Girls should be allowed to masturbate. Guys can masturbate. So why can't girls? Why is that such a hidden topic from the world?"

They replied to the question, "Well, everyone pretty much accepts that guys are born with their d**ks in their hands..." She replied in a way that made me respect her ||< that much more..."Yeah, but dude, we're born with our cli*s in our fingers. C'mon. It's the same f***ing thing. It's totally sexist to think any other way, and the fact that it's an issue at all with people is completely insulting to women."

At the end of the article she gets asked about people looking like her, she said, "Be yourself. When you really know who you are, that's the coolest person you're gonna be."

So, those are her words people! Take a chill pill!

There are organizations out there who are just retarded, they need to be stopped, they don't think for themselves, they don't know how to form real opinions. It's the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW THEIR CHILDREN RIGHT FROM WRONG AND DO NOT BE THEIR CHILD'S "BFF" FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!!!

Also, I am against the whole ACTOR-TURNED-MUSICIAN thing, it's a slap in the face to music! The only person I feel that did the best transition is Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars (I saw them three times, and each time he's been impressing me). I even had to listen to three songs from 30STM to become fully engrossed in them. That's how I am, I gave her band The Pretty Reckless, a good listen, and I am impressed! She's got a voice, she can, in my opinion to be on that cover of my FAVORITE MAGAZINE! Plus, there is a letter from the Editor in Chief in there, and he mentions her and her band...he wouldn't risk his credibility nor that part of the magazine to waste it on something that was lousy. So, KEEP IT METAL REVOLVER! You still have an avid reader in me! :)

1437 days ago


Check out my new video "If tomorrow never comes"

1437 days ago


To the people talking about her sexiness. You realize she is a child right? That is just disgusting. She should not be wearing "some kind of leather-matrix looking outfit with a low cut top." at all. Pedophile

1437 days ago


Taylor needs to sue her parents for "pimpin" her out to every magazine.... You are a sad person TAYLOR, really sorry for you and your life.

1437 days ago
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