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Warren Sapp

Too Aggressive for Miami

10/15/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NFL havoc-wreaker Warren Sapp was busted by a cop driving a minivan yesterday morning -- after the QB killa got a little too aggressive on the mean streets of Miami.


Warren tells us he was in the far left lane on a Miami freeway when he tried to change into the center lane ... at the same time that a cop decided to change into the same lane.

Warren says he saw the cop and tried to speed up to "safely make the lane change" -- and that's when the cop flipped on his lights and took Warren down.

Sapp was cited for "aggressive driving" and sent along his way ... and of course, the future Hall of Famer went right to his Twitter page and wrote, "Ever Been Pulled Over By a Mini-van? I Just Did."

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1436 days ago

Moule E    

You count like Warren Sapp drives. Your second D bag

1436 days ago

Cliche Guevara    

Yes I have Warren, yes I have.

But he had a puppy and offered me candy.

1436 days ago


Why is his tongue popping out and sticking out sideways?

1436 days ago


@OKS # 8: Why are you looking at peoples mouths. BTW your racist

1436 days ago


# 9 You got it all wrong

I would have looked at his leg if it was shown and had something strange about but it wasn't there.

Unsual body parts catch peoples attention.
Don't mean people are racist.

1436 days ago


#9---Sorry Kell

#8 did mention race but anyone can try to make a funny face that goes wrong.

1436 days ago


TMZ, you really need to stop with these articles on unknown black men in various stages of wrongdoing. No one knows who they are nor do they care. It's turned into an almost hourly thing.

You should just start a new subsection of the site that's called "Random Black Dudes You've Never Heard Of" and state their crime or misdeed.

1436 days ago


Sapp is an ASS!

1436 days ago

Football Fan    

Warren Sapp was not a QB, he was a D-tackle...

1436 days ago


I live in Toronto, I lived in LA. The cop was a racist trust me, even if he was black. LA cops are profilers.

No way you get stopped here for that move even if you are black. I lived there I drove like that and worse. I am white I never got bothered.
One more thing, wake up TMZ the racist remarks here should be moderated and removed. And while you are at it zap the spam. Better still don't have comments if people are going to be racist pukes.

1436 days ago


As far as tickets go aggressive driving is a pretty nasty one, also he is probably lying because what he said wouldnt warrant such a harsh ticket. He was probably swerving and blocking, tailgating, ect. Sounds like the van went to pass him and some males with insane egos just dont like to be passed and he probably hit the gas and ... well results are obvious.

1436 days ago


hell yes!!! im so glad somebody with enough money to piss on that ticket cut one of these bastard *******s off!!! punk ass cop had to whine and give a little ticket bc his pride and butthole hurt!!
i hope he does it again tonoght

1436 days ago


wait, what?! so why was a cop driving a mini-van? did he not pay his monthly insurance for a real cop car?!! huh???

1436 days ago

Kurtis Marsh    

About time, I have personally been cut off by Sapp under the exact same cir***stances in Orlando. And its not like you don't know who he is his TAG number is qbkilla Fla

1435 days ago
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