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Justin Bieber Lands a Daddy

10/15/2010 11:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen pop prince Justin Bieber arrived in his homeland of Canada and was greeted by his 37-year-old father Jeremy on Thursday.


Even 16-year-olds need help with all their baggage.


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i guess your not one for art work what is wrong with his dads tats it all boils to art work , want to talk about low lifes all you are low lifes for talking the crap you talk about people you dont know ya real cute recall these words if you have nothing nice to say dont say it and as far as money goes i think he wont have to save he'll be set for life..." you want something?" be like that kid and get off your but and get it and mabey you would get some where and not have to save your money my god may the lord who made justin hold him in the hollow of his hand and keep giving to him Racheal

1477 days ago


I hope his dad isn't one of those guys that show up after his kid is famous and want some money. I know Justins mom was a single mom since he was a baby.

1477 days ago


@Tnice252 FOLLOW me for great music

1477 days ago

mrs bieber    

idk what people think he is hot and that my fact so people can hate if u dont like he leave him alone

1477 days ago


All I can say is; The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree...

1477 days ago


To all the people making comments about how his Dad looks,and dresses.He is 37 not dead,he is a young Dad. What do you want him to look like Mr.Roger's with his slippers,and sweater on.This is not the 1950's,having tats does not make you a bad Father.It is how you raise your child.I myself am 35 with a 15 year old, my Daughter is not out there,and does very well in school.I do agree that he has some talent.However I was under the impression his Mother,and he were Christian's.Also that she was very protective of him.Apparently not,if she is letting him chill with Usher,and Luda in nightclubs at 16.Sorry, no I am not racist,but he does try to act hard like they do.His Mother is letting him grow up way to fast by allowing him to hang with people in that setting.

1477 days ago


Justin, How does it feel to have so many people jealous of you! These sad people can only kick dirt in the eyes of those they can never touch, talent or money! So for all you negative posters, first get a life, next admit your weak, finally find someone, ANYONE you admire.( if you even know anyone who is admirable, like Justin! He laughs in all your faces all the way to the bank, beach and really anywhere he wants. GO JUSTIN HA HA

1476 days ago


first of all you guys are haters so you better slide with that ****t 2nd he looks better than all yall white who tryda act black 3. you guys are jus jealous and you guys dads are probley LOW-LIFES TOO so SHUT THE **** UP WITH THAT HATER TALK ****

1476 days ago


hey hun um justin dad isnt a low life my mom has tatoos gonna call her a low life too? wow jeez get a life oh and your the one that must be the low life if your wasting your time commenting this and talking crap about him. have a nice day bye bestfriend(:

to edward or whoever you are.

1476 days ago


he is cute but he needs to pull up his pants who does he think he is a littel black boy and he is VERY VERY short

1476 days ago


Yo let that young man dress how he want's... Yo JB keep doing your thing kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

1476 days ago


leave the beiber alone, he knows how to get attention anyway. I can't stand his music but I think he is cute as a button. To bad like a puppy he'll grow up someday and I won't even have that. At least then he can go on dancing with the stars or maybe celebrity apprentice.

1476 days ago


you guys are all haters!!!im not exatly a belieber but jeeze all this anger over a 16 year old? grow up guys, hes making his money. just leave him alone, if you dont like him dont listen to 6 year old LOVES him!!!

1475 days ago


dontt call him a retard because all of you probably wear your pants like thatt. All 16 year olds wear there pants like that

1460 days ago


you are amazing justin bieber ilove you i love you bby

1455 days ago
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