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Lindsay Lohan -- 'Disgusted' with Michael's Antics

10/16/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan "can't stand the thought" of her father trying to sneak his way into her rehab facility -- and wants him simply to "stay away" ... this according to sources extremely close to the actress.


We're told Lindsay is well aware of the "stunts" Michael Lohan has threatened to pull off in an attempt to get close to his daughter -- including his plan to act drunk on the doorsteps of the Betty Ford clinic.

One source tells us, "It disgusts her what he does with the media. She wants him to stay away from her. She can’t stand the thought of him ... and she can’t stand hearing him talk about her."


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Yeah, Michael just needs to go away and let her be. And I think Dina needs to stop being a STAGE MOM let Lindsay be herself with a new CONSERVATOR. Lindsay is not strong enough now or right after therapy to make good decision about what/where/ and WHO she is with.

1378 days ago


NO wonder Lindsay is so messed up. To bad the judge can't issue a live-long restraining order on the entire family.

1378 days ago


When I was in treatment in the 90s my now ex-wife, then wife, did a lot of this sort of "catastrophizing" to gain access to me. There's a reason they block this sort of contact, and believe me, they know that his acting out is directly related to her being in there in the first place. When you go in treatment, in order to sort your life out, they disconnect you from all the possible stress points in your "outside" life. The more antics he pulls, the more they are seeing him as being at least one of the major causes of her trouble. I don't have much pity for her, as she doesn't seem to be taking responsibility for her own life, but he's giving her every reason to not have to. She is on fire, he sees himself as water, and beleive me, her treatment team see him as gasoline.

1378 days ago


Michael seriously needs some therapy. He is becoming a psycho.

1378 days ago


Then have your attorney file a petition with the court to sever any paternal rights from your father. Cut the cord legally once and for all. Get a gag order to keep him out of the press and a restraining order to keep him away from you. It's sad, but it seems like it's the only way to get through to the low-down, money grubbing, sleazy piece of gutter trash.

1378 days ago


It seems Lindsay isn't getting the help she needs in rehab. What a shock! Nothing against the place because you have to want to do it for recovery to work. She can't hold this anger towards her dad and make amends too. She has to face this one head on. She will never change, it is evident.

1378 days ago


The Betty would never allow her dad into the facility even if he did get drunk and park his a** on their doorsteps. It would be a conflict to have 2 family members at the same rehab facility. They would call the cops, haul his butt to jail and if the cops were smart they would send him to Parkside West in Covina, CA.

My cousin went there and its hell, its what they call a true "Puzzle Factory" if he's crazy enough to try to pull this stunt off then thats where he should go!

1378 days ago


She needs to make a statement through her lawyer and leave no doubt in the mind of Michael or the world.
I don't mean for her to give any reasons, just say in writing that she does not want to see him or hear from him at all!
It needs to come from her in her own handwriting so there is no doubt and Michael has no chance to blame anyone for her words.

1378 days ago

for now    

The reason the news media keep reporting about the Lohans is because
Pretty LL and other losers keep reading and commenting about the family.

1378 days ago

Still in love with his ex-wife?    

Interesting. Disgusted by Michael but not her mother who is pimping to the media Lindsay's rehab ordeal at Betty Ford? All the experts agree that in order for Lindsay to get and stay sober she needs to keep away from all the toxic people and bad influences; the top two offenders there are her parents. It is not at all uncommon for recovering people to detach from parents who are part of their "problem". I'll believe she is serious about getting well when she cuts-off her exploitative parents.

1378 days ago


This is not news .... not is anything else regarding the Lohans. It is a broken record whose needle refuses to get back into the grooves. Why any of this is still being reported is beyond reason.

The only news that should be reported is what happens in court on the 22nd. and afterwards.

Dina and Michael are not news... nor even interesting gossip. So whay? Who cares?

Lindsay is in a somewhat respectable rehab ... Ford does not release stats ... so Michael should at least quiet down ... but so far he continues to rant and rave about nothing that he can change.

If Lindsay was crying to see her father then maybe that would be somewhat newsworthy ... or Dina and Michael sit down to work things out ... but anything else is just smoke and mirrors and very very very old news.

1378 days ago


You people all said the exact same things about Britney's father. Did it ever occur to you that maybe in some way these young women want their father's attention? Brit had to go completely insane and serve papers on her mother before she was free to reunite with her father and maybe it'll be the same for Lindsay. Why doesn't she have a restraining order against him? Maybe she's hoping for miracles too. Both spent years listening to their mothers bad-mouthing their fathers and both had to choose sides when rather young. Both chose their mom who let them do whatever they wanted as long as the money kept rolling in. It's not easy to face the reality that your mother only cares about the money and wants to be your best friend or whatever rather than being a mother. Lindsay needs to have a sit down with her father and set some rules but she's not quite there yet.

1378 days ago


oh come on LiLo .. like the guy is the only one after your money
don't pay attention to those people, concentrate on yourself

get better soon, you are a star!

1378 days ago


Whether you like or hate LiLo, the one thing you have to agree on, her father is a scam running, money seeking, douche for constantly addressing his daughter and revealing what he claims are her problems to the media worldwide!! That's not a father that's a sperm donor lol!!
Michael Lohan needs to shut his mouth up and leave his daughter alone, she hates him, despises him and wants nothing whatsoever to do with him and it's all his own fault!! Just because you donated sperm doesn't make you a father and his media seeking attention are all for his own gain, he want's people to know LiLo is his daughter - yeah, we know Michael and guess what you're the one who's mostly to blame for screwing her life up!!!

1378 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

What would be nice is if we could get their whole family in a bus and have them try to mediate some kind of truce between everyone in the family. Then as they're in there arguing, push the bus off a cliff.

1378 days ago
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