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Worst Parent Ever -- Michael or Dina Lohan?

10/15/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TMZ newsroom was on fire .... arguing over who's worse Michael Lohan or Dina.  On a related subject, Hitler edged out Mussolini.

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Dina because she should have shielded Lindsay and her other children from their dad instead of acting like a teenager and partying all night long. Michael is a jerk but Dina is a immature wannabe.

1467 days ago

Peter Sc    

How can you even ask this question?

Dina may have done what many parents did in the past and will continue to do. She has been in denial. When a police officer phones you and tell you stuff but did not arrest or at least detain your child when there was bad stuff about to happen, would you believe him? Some may, but at lot of parents would not. It is a poor judgment but it is an average mistake. Look at all the private rehabs aka wilderness therapy camps, boarding schools, boot camps? 10-25 % of the teenagers in those are locked up because they did drugs. The rest because the parents believed the phone call from the cops or the schools. The mistake can go both ways and you find no therapist in the world who will tell the parents that a residential placement was an overkill if they receive 2-6,000 dollars per months for looking the kid up.

But Michael Lohan is a totally different ballgame. If you really had the best interest of your daughter in heart, you don't go public. You quietly support your relative in court, in rehab etc. But first and foremost, you become a rolemodel. He is no rolemodel for anyone right now. I hope that they forbid newspapers and other media in this rehab or at least screen them so they can cut news about him out. Lindsay is doing hard work now and she doesn't need to be kicked 14 days back whenever he opens his mouth.

1467 days ago


I will say this again,

Michael and Dina Lohan is the white version of Joe and Katherine Jackson. Nothing but PIMPS.
kids have no idea about money...THE PARENTS ALWAYS DO.

How did Michael and Dina Lohan provide for their kids? Before Lindsey made the family money? What work did they do, what jobs did Michael and Dina do to provide for their kids?

Very simple, very honest question. Never an answer. Parents are now promoters, managers just to legally get access to the money their kid makes.

1467 days ago


Go away Michael, you are a leech, No wonder Lindsay went out of the rail, having a parent like you.
Using your daughter for publicity stunt and wanting to take control of her money too, sheesh mate, get a job, a real job.

1467 days ago


Is this a trick question ? lol

Well we have Michael Lohan who is a drug addict/alcoholic and then we have Dina who is a (blank)........ What's her excuse ?

Frankly Michael is in very deep trouble, he has become obsessed with making things right with his daughter, he needs to take a step back and start going to meetings and maybe throw in some therapy because he is seriously in danger of a REAL RELAPSE. He has forgotten that sobriety is a gift and if he throws that gift away he is going to die.

Dina is just a loser period. Unless she is heavy into drinking and drugs then there is just no excuse for her. The sickest person out of this whole bunch is Dina because she has no excuse for her behavior.

I can understand Lindsay's behavior because she's a drug addict and I can understand Michael's behavior because he too is an addict, but Dina isn't anything therefore she is the sickest of them all because she has no excuse for her behavior.

1467 days ago


#7 & 8 @dumbass1000 ------ You obviously no nothing about drug addiction and alcoholism. If you did then you'd know it's not something a person does by choice. They don't become addicts, they are born addicts. Just like the color of your skin, your eyes, and your personality. Sound's like your watching too many criminal shows !

1467 days ago


The biggest problem with these two are they are media whores,He is the worse,noone cares about this man and what he does,he is riding his daughters skirt tail to make a buck,the biggest problem is th e media.....stop covering him and what he says so we don't have to see or listen to him..Do everyone a public service and forget him please.

1466 days ago


Ex-con Michael Lohan is America's worst dad.

Dina stayed by their childrens's side when he was in jail and any of them was rich or famous.

1466 days ago

LA Native    

I vote for a tie. When you sell a story to the press, then comment on it backing it up, including talking to your other fake posting names, well, enough said. We're not fools here.

1466 days ago


There is no doubt that michael is a freak, but dina is the one that continues enabling lindsey (and living off her celebrity) and is most responsibility for her whacked out behavior. michael may have some good intentions somewhere (mainly he just can't stand to be told "no")but that mother is truly disgusting and shameful.

1466 days ago


They're both absolutely terrible in their own ways. I'd say Michael is a worse person in general but Dina has been spotted at numerous clubs with Lindsay during her troubles with addiction AND the underage little sister. But at the same time at least she has been a presence in Lindsay's life...

1466 days ago


Between those two? Hard to choose but I'd probably go with Michael.

However, "Worst Mother In the World" goes to Nadya Suleman hands-down.

1466 days ago


We're not totally privy to all that's gone down between Michael and Dina Lohan. Michael's addictions have certainly contributed to the mess that is Lindsay Lohan, but Dina's got her issues as well - denial and co-dependency among them. Yes, Lindsay's an adult, but to see Dina's constant physical contact with Lindsay leads me to think that Dina _needs_ her daughter to need her, to justify her unresolved anger with her ex-husband and, perhaps, her unconscious need to get back at Michael by destroying Lindsay.

Meanwhile, three younger siblings are being emotionally neglected and may well come to resent their sister and the obsessive attention their mother pours upon her. This is turning into the Culkins all over again; a morbid and potentially fatal exploitation of their child for their own material gain.

1466 days ago

Cheryl Rose    

Why do we have to choose? They are both rotten parents.

1466 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

It's like asking, what's worse? Leukemia or lung cancer? You're doing to die from both.

Michael is worse because he is stalking his daughter. Dina is just an enabler who refuses to accept how screwed up Lindsay is.

I would rather let my child be raised by wild wolves than either of those screwups.

1466 days ago
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