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Michael Lohan

I'd Fake a Relapse for Lindsay

10/15/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan says he wasn't actually going to fall off the wagon in order to land some face time with Lindsay at the Betty Ford clinic ... rather, he was merely going to fake it.

TMZ just ran into Michael in L.A., where he explained his creative, yet ill-advised, scheme in full ... and then took his usual shot at Dina Lohan.


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Moe Green    

Mike, you're making TMZ look sane.

1467 days ago


next thing he will be timing his periods to coincide with Lindsey's..

1467 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

mike you are making crazy people look sane.

1467 days ago


Oh so he's only going to fake falling off the wagon? I suppose that makes it all better now dosen't it? He's still a total f*cking idiot as that plan is arguably just as dumb, and it looks Michael hasn't gotten the memo yet-Dina revealed earlier today that the staff at Betty Ford were given strict orders to forbid him from having any contact with Lindsay whatsoever, so his "plan" will be all for nothing, but I kinda hope he tries anyways, maybe that way he'll hopefully get arrested and be put in jail for awhile.

1467 days ago


Every time I see this guy he has his mouth open to spew more idiocy. He looks like a jerk and talks like one too.

1467 days ago

bring back recent posts    

hahahahaha....omg..I'm starting to look forward to his daily demise, the guy is soooo delusional!

1467 days ago

bring back recent posts    

hahahahaha....omg..I'm starting to look forward to his daily demise, the guy is soooo delusional!

1467 days ago


Mike the "STALKER"

Stalking involves(over a period of time) following, watching,and harrassing an unwilling person for the purpose of forcing a relationship.

1467 days ago


At this point I must wonder why there is no protection order for Lindsay. It's one thing to read a report on TMZ from "sources", it's another to actually hear this psycho verify and clarify his intentions with the culmination of "I have to do what I can to get to my daughter". Outrageous. Sick. Soon to go critically and terminally crazy.

No matter what Judge Fox sentences Lindsay to, she's already been given a harsher sentence by having this poor example of a man as her father. It's as if he's intentionally trying to drive her insane. How horrible it must feel to be in rehab, jail, court - and have this psycho continually coming after you. Personally, I'd have hired Richie Two-Bats to take care of him by now, but that's just me.

Yes. Lindsay is responsible for her own behavior. But I hope the justice system is keeping a close eye on Michael Lohan. Right now, IMO, he's a bigger threat to the public safety of CA and Lindsay specifically then any possible earthquake.

1467 days ago


U are ****ed up in the head....

the NUT doesnt far fall from the tree.

1467 days ago


Don't fake it, Mike!! Really do it!! Then drive your behind off a cliff!!

1467 days ago


Oh. Glad that's cleared up. Now he sounds even more insane than before.

1467 days ago


Somebody please imprison this clown for impersonating a human being.

1467 days ago


And to Michael Wouldja Blowme: "Prince Spaghetti Day" used to make me smile. Now it makes me cringe. Talk about ruining a brand. The family is rolling over in their graves with your antics. The Prince of Darkness is what you are.

Those lawyers you run through are cashing their checks, and they should be held liable too when you finally go over the edge. That's probably why Lisa Bloom dropped you.

KABOOM. I bet you have the suit you'll attend her funeral in all picked out, along with the speech for your press conference. You need help Mikey. Serious, long term, private help. Seek it now.

1467 days ago


Would he fake a relapse. Yes. Would he fake trying to actually be a father. No. Gotta hand it to him. He sure does have a lot of plans. Multi-tasking at its best, or worse. Too bad being and/or acting like a legitmate father isn't one of them. And yes, Michael Lohan seems to have stepped aboard the crazy train. He's obession borders on psychotic. He is no better at this juncture then if some lunatic Lindsay Lohan stalker were to come out of the woodworks. I fear for Lindsay's safety if this nutcase gets anywhere near her and they are alone. She needs a restraining order. She needs the same protective order against him that her mother Dina has.

1467 days ago
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