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Oksana's Lawyer:

We're Concerned

About Lucia

10/15/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's new lawyer just walked out of the courthouse and made a mysterious comment about the safety of baby Lucia.

Lucia Gibson
Lisa Bloom said, "There are concerns about the baby."  When pressed, Bloom refused to elaborate.

Ironically, the judge recently issued a protective order prohibiting Oksana's own bodyguard from going near the baby because of safety concerns. Oksana had refused to keep the bodyguard away before the judge made his order.


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Lisa Bloom = joke

1448 days ago


This russian whore really has some set of balls on her. Mel had every right to slap the crap out of her. Lesson learned, Mel, stay away from the russian tang.

1448 days ago


Save Lucia Mel ASAP

1448 days ago


How does this media who*e get in the news every day? Who cares?? Maybe he should have kept it in his pants, but she's even worse than he is!!!!!!!!!

1448 days ago


wow Harvey giving us lot's of threads today/night

1448 days ago


maybe the baby more in danger around Oksana than anyone else, sheesh. She didn't feel there was danger on Lucia around the felon.

1448 days ago


I wonder if Ms Bloom is going to say Mr. Gibson is a threat to baby Lucia. I would not put it past her. This may be the new strategy; continue pushing the abuse line. A report stated she wanted Trope to put more emphasis on DV.

1448 days ago

Moe Green    

I really don't like it when children are exploited as pawns and that is what team Oskana is doing.

1448 days ago


Randomly choosing issues, today Oksana plays the baby card.

1448 days ago


How much more can Ox use this little baby not even 1 yet. Gibson has full Joint Custody no supervised visition. The only danger Lucia is in is from Ox herself.

Look at Ox's track record so far. To use your own daughter just to get money speeks volumns. Ox is UNFIT. Is this how she's going to raise her daughter to be like her. A Con.

1448 days ago


One should worry about Lisa Bloom's kids too. Oksana and her are two of a kind.

1448 days ago


People...Bottom line is Ox had some top notch lawyers who don't play for the camera like Horowitz and Allred types. They were trying to help her. She didn't like what they were telling her. She would not listen to them, would not take their advice so why waste their time. Ox is not their only client.

Ox want's it all simply because she had Gibsons baby.

I have said this from the beginning, let her keep running her mouth, getting herself caught up in her lies, not being able to keep her stories stright and dig her own grave. Starting to look like that.

Ox has yet to PROOVE anything she has accused Gibson of. No police reports or photos dated and time stamped at anytime showing her so called injuries.

Gibson has complete and unsupervised Joint Custody so the baby was never in any danger as she claims The only think she had was the tapes she secretly recorded and so far all those tapes are showing is that they really had a bad fight.

Gibson has not said a word through this whole mess. Gibson is smart enough to give Ox enough rope to hang herself.

1448 days ago


I see Allred's hand in all this. She is manipulating beghind the scenes.
Lisa, you are such a wimp. Stand on your own two feet!

1448 days ago


Of course they should be worried about the safety of that child - the mother is a complete psychopath.

1448 days ago


I hope the Judge is watching Lisa Bloom spin her lies and lack of evidence trying to sway public opinion, she a fame-ho and greed-monger just like her filthy mother.

1448 days ago
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