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Oksana's Lawyer:

We're Concerned

About Lucia

10/15/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's new lawyer just walked out of the courthouse and made a mysterious comment about the safety of baby Lucia.

Lucia Gibson
Lisa Bloom said, "There are concerns about the baby."  When pressed, Bloom refused to elaborate.

Ironically, the judge recently issued a protective order prohibiting Oksana's own bodyguard from going near the baby because of safety concerns. Oksana had refused to keep the bodyguard away before the judge made his order.


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She wasn't paying the first felon!! Don't you recall Jack Nicholson was picking up the tap? I thought it odd that she said she wanted more child support to pay for security and then it comes out she wasn't paying for it to begin with.

Posted at 10:08 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by Tammy

ROFLOL! How could I forget? You are correct.

Posted at 10:12 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

You mean Oksana lied??? Noooooo!

1468 days ago


I don't know how this will all come out in the end but as the days go by and I read the kind of things this woman does and the way she thinks, it's frightening to imagine the way this little girl will be raised. Her mother has such a warped view of how things should be done. She feels entitled to anything her heart desires. She has no sense of gratitude, honesty or good will toward others. Even being with Mel half the time this child is growing up will probably not keep her mother's ways from rubbing off on her. She'll be teaching her at a young age how to go after and use people to get what she wants. What a shame.

1468 days ago


That Oksana is flipping unstable isn't she? How many attorneys has she blown through? She is making herself look worse and worse in the court of public opinion.Mel needs to grow some balls and step up and set things up so that his baby daughter is protected and cared for financially. IF I were him I would would try to get full custody of that baby.He has the experience of raising 8 children and he also has the financial means to provide her with the best of everything. I seriously believe that Oksana set him up.....she has manipulated him.....skewed the truth and is attempting to ruin him and gain a huge financial settlement for herself. NO morals that one. Keeping herself and her drama and mental instability in the public eye is just plain stupid on her part! How ODD that all of a sudden Mel Gibson allegedly becomes a woman beater after he was married for how many years to Robin and raised 8 kids with NO reports of Domestic Violence? I smell a rat and her name is Oksana.Oksana and her crew are rats..look at who she hangs with ....a convicted felon. She is probably balling him and he is calling the shots.

1468 days ago


I like the fact that they are complaining that Mel is behind in child support and never mention how much he has had to fork out to cover Oksana's frivolous legal chit. He could be way ahead in child support if it wasn't for Ox.

What an absolutely souless, evil woman she is!

1468 days ago


By George, I believe I know what the heck Oksana is up to. Mel never REALLY recovered from the anti-semitic remarks he made when arrested for a DUI in 2006. His likeability and bankability continued to suffer. So along comes Oksana, first she releases tapes that might do more damage, but then she proceeds to yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. She continues to accuse Mel of DV, but she then crosses into child abuse, gun toting, etc. He keeps his mouth shut, looking like the only real concerned parent, the only one following court orders, looking like a victim and...slowly, but surely, the public begins to see Mel as a victim too. His bankability is on the rise again...and thus, his income is on the rise again...and thus, Oksana can get more money as time goes by. It's genius. Sheer, diabolical genius.

1468 days ago


Looking at he photo, is that an orange laser beam coming out of Mel's eyes, or something in the background?

1468 days ago


Lisa Bloom is a money hungry PIG just like her mother Gloria Allred!!

OkSKANK is so desperate. Get a job you free loading LOSER.... McDonald's is hiring or maybe Heidi Fleiss!

1468 days ago


There are no depths deep enough that these people will not sink to.
Bottom feeding s*** suckers. That LB would put out a statement
like that just makes me furious! And that the judge keeps allowing
this to go on is mind boggeling.

1468 days ago


I'm thinking people used to think Judge Gordon was FAIR because he took his time and came out with "fair" rulings.

But this case is showing how wrong everybody is about Judge Gordon.

In his own Court, and can't ENFORCE the GAG ruling.

So he is not "fair" , he is a wimp.

Hey, judge , if someone steps on your toe, will you say very calmly , "don't do it". And then if someone steps on your toe "10 more times" will you keep saying very calmly "don't do it". And if we step on your toes 100 more times" will you say very calmly "don't do it".

Come on JUDGE, you are a JUDGE, aren't you?

If someone violated your "GAG ORDER" , enforce it, dummy! Put the lawyer or person in jail overnight and make them pay FINE.

1468 days ago


Yes, Lucia's safety is in question every moment she spends with this horrid woman who doesn't give a crap about being a good mother. Give Mel 100% custody and Lucia will be loved and protected.

1468 days ago


Isn't Lisa Gloria Alreds daughter? It figures like Mother like daughter...give me a break...These lawyers are all trying to make money off of Mel...what a disgrace to the profession and this woman has no credibility...

1468 days ago


Again, I'll offer a translation for the non-BS speaking guests:

Oksana "Tupperware T.its" Grigorieva's new chess pawn and spawn of Satan (Gloryhole Allred) just hoofed her cankles out of the courthouse and made a mysterious threat about the monetary rewards associated with giving birth to the baby Lucia.

Lisa "Peroxide Poisoning" Bloom hissed, "There are concerns about the baby and how well the plot to bleed Gibson dry is working." When pressed - and by pressed I mean, caught a light breeze -- Bloom in an effort to spare her client more public ridicule, refused to elaborate.

Ironically, the judge recently issued a protective order prohibiting Oksana's own bodyguard/friend with benefits/pet sitter from going near the baby because of safety concerns. Tupperware T.its had refused to keep the petsitter away before the judge made his order. Oksana thought that as long as Jack Nicholson was footing the bill that it would be just fine to expose the child to the bald, death threat delivering, ex-felon Herzog. Having a free pet sitter for Oksana's dysfunctional p.ussy was an additional benefit.

1468 days ago


dang filters. It was supposed to say "Bottom Feedin S.C.U.M.

1468 days ago


In a little over two weeks (after election) this mess will be someone else's problem. The LB character has to take over some of this stuff because from what I have seen, GA really made a mess of the 'illegal' maid pre-election press. Nobody is buying that one either.

Tee hee

1468 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Well we know this story isn't true now, it didn't come out on ROL, and we have all heard from the many OxSanity fans, that nothing TMZ reports is true, only ROL stories are true

...Sorry to have to break it to you folks, please return to your previous not true OxSanity TMZ stories.

1468 days ago
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