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Oksana's Lawyer:

We're Concerned

About Lucia

10/15/2010 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's new lawyer just walked out of the courthouse and made a mysterious comment about the safety of baby Lucia.

Lucia Gibson
Lisa Bloom said, "There are concerns about the baby."  When pressed, Bloom refused to elaborate.

Ironically, the judge recently issued a protective order prohibiting Oksana's own bodyguard from going near the baby because of safety concerns. Oksana had refused to keep the bodyguard away before the judge made his order.


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IMO, if he has nothing to hide and wants this over, why wont he sit for the deposition?

Collective Thoughts?

Posted at 7:15 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by meltheloser


I'm curious about this too. My only, UN-educated guess is that it could be they want to be the ones to rebut her testimony???
That they want her to go first? I don't know! Very curious.

But I think that Mel's silence has been very good for his defense. Even if he has not given his depo yet, there is nothing to contradict him when he finally does.

Posted at 7:19 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by Babushka
Sam posted a reply (funny one too) that there havent been any around long enough to take one.

Oksana has already given her deposition and I'm not sure why she would need to give another.

Posted at 7:21 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by meltheloser

ALL just my opinion ---

I don't believe Oksana ever completed her deposition. She called out sick the second day, whining that Mel Gibson's attorneys had been mean, remember? Can you imagine a 43 year old even thinking like this? My guess is there was some stipulation or agreement that Oksana would go first and until she is done, Mel's will have to wait.

I also think that Mel Gibson and his attorneys are waiting for the DA and that means the election to come and go. They, along with a great many around the world, are waiting for charges to be levied agains Oksana and her cronies.

One thing's for sure - with the amount of time he has to prep, and the caliber of attorneys he has, he should be ready.

If the attorney musical chairs game continues, then is there perhaps something Mel's side is expecting before he agrees to do his? Could that part of the problem? I don't know if there is ordinarily a way for a change in counsel to require more deposition time, but I can clearly understand why Mel Gibson's attorneys would want that loophole closed in this case. I found this link:

And finally, since Mel Gibson is paying for this lot, stock and barrel, I think Oksana should EXPECT and GRACIOUSLY COMPLETE hers first!

1435 days ago



I hope with all my heart Judge Gordon does something.

I read where a Judge can use his common sense and process what the public hears through his expert legal filter, not sure what the legal term for it is called.

I hope Judge Gordon understands Domestic Violence victims and survivors have watched this saga and been horrified at what has been allowed out there. I worry some women have been left feeling hopeless thinking they could NEVER ever have the resources Oksana G HAS HAD and if she can't win how can I. The reality check is OKSANA G is JUST ALLEGING DV. And she did so many things wrong along the way.

She didn't call police,
She didn't go to Shelter
She didn't go to the DA
She didn't get a TRO to record or any other of the DV TROs.

Add to it -

Her doctors didn't report
Her lawyers did not inform the Mediators during Mediation.

And she never filed a report. It took JUDGE GORDON opening the case and the SHERIFF's DEPARTMENT investigating a case RETROACIVELY!

It doesn't have to be this way. There are screening safety nets in place. MONEY is not the issue. It doesn't matter if the abuser has more money. It doesn't matter if the victim is an immigrant. It doesn't matter that victim is younger than the abuser. It doesn't matter that the victim is a mother.

These are all excuses or PR spin Oksana and CO have floated for WHY she is having such a difficult time.

The reality is her story has morphed over a dozen times! And if the claim was real, she did the wrong things!

This propensity to make DV an ECONOMIC WAR should NEVER have been given WINGS! IT is FALSE and it is harmful.

The continued spin to try and explain legitimacy to ILLEGAL TAPING SOMEONE and CONFUSING or just plain MISINFORMING the public continues to CONFUSE. Real victims could actually believe Oksana and follow her course and the real DV victim could harm her legal case by doing this.


And I think it is RIGHT and FAIR for LISA BLOOM to be one to DELIVER THE INFORMATION.

Is there NO real FAMILY LAW EXPERT who truly gets DV who can file with the BAR for LISA BLOOM, DANIEL HOROWITZ, and MARTIN GARBUS actions in this case to be reviewed?

As I understand it, the BAR is a self policing organization.

If these attorneys' actions are not scrutinized, I believe we need to seriously consider an INDEPENDENT REVIEW BOARD who will not be intimidated or swayed by professional ties or associations.

ALL MY OPINION OF COURSE - that is all I can ever bring here - but I truly can' understand how this is allowed to continue DAY after DAY after DAY.

1435 days ago


hey dee, I know the answer after you fall down, fall down, fall down.....etc.

Only by the Grace of God do you stand up and go on!

Posted at 10:10 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by azlee

And that is why she is still down all she has is LB

1435 days ago


I don't understand why Mel won't pay her the child support. He can evict her from his house, deny her spousal support since they are not spouses but he can't deny her child support that has been ruled by the court, can he?

1435 days ago



So, it's all about Jews. But you know you'll be surprised to learn that it's America, a FREE country where everybody has an OPINION which is constitutionally GRANTED meaning if you don't want to hear or see, just don't hear or see. It's that simple. You CHOICE. If you want to live in a biased and controlled world where you need a permission before you say what you think, then maybe you should move to another country where they regulate thoughts and opinions.

1435 days ago


The bottom line - nobody trusts Oxana. I wonder why, considering all these attorneys who speak about her as a victim but leaving her, anyway. I guess because Mel is not paying. But there is such thing as pro bone... if they believe in GOOD FAITH that she is innocent why wouldn't they go pro bone? So, what are they for anyway? I tell ya they either DO NOT believe her, nor the evidence they can build their defense upon, or they are after money.

1435 days ago


I wonder if this attorney would protect and defend a moneyless REAL victim of DV with the same enthusiasm.

1435 days ago


Ok - the term DEADBEAT when it comes to CHILD SUPPORT is DEFINED BY FEDERAL ???????????? ____________ I understand that these women lawyers are defending the victim of domestic violence IN GOOD FAITH but is this the case with Oxana or she is using the system to capitalize? She got a fair deal for about 15 mil for her daughter why didn't she take it? Why didn't she call the cops when Gibson had attacked her? Why had she waited so long before she PUBLICIZED the recordings, and WHY did she publicize in the first place? Why didn't she deliver them to the COPS? Why didn't she go LEGAL? Why did she start all this MESS? Why are her lawyers leaving her? How many are left in CA? Too many darn questions that don't fit in the DV.

1435 days ago


hmmp this thread had pulse, but slowly going into flatline.

1435 days ago


hmmp this thread had pulse, but slowly going into flatline.

Posted at 8:06 AM on Oct 16, 2010 by KoalaBabe

Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


1435 days ago


OH Gibson's smile is genuine!!

Posted at 11:01 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by azlee

My first thought when seeing this photo is even though it's a profile of him and all is "wow, he looks super happy and is smile is telling and gee so is hers.." What's that they say? A picture tells a thousand words?

1435 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

NO GO ON KAT Von D. I know her. She is clean and sober and a very very very nice person (actually getting her to do a new tattoo for me!!!!).

Posted at 8:21 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by meltheloser

The question is, Loser, what kind of tat? Where? :P

1435 days ago


Does anyone else ever notice the fact that oksana, even from the begining of their relationship, looks at Mel with this pure I hate you but I'll stay with you so I can take all your money look? Seriously every Picture!

1434 days ago


O My God... No baby... No child support... Baby in Danger! We have safe baby Lucia and keep her away from her father and Robin's family! Amen. God Bless Lucia and Oksana!

1422 days ago


Gibson is getting what he deserves. For all his prejudices, he will be led into poverty by these women - exactly what he deserves.

1422 days ago
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