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Oksana Grigorieva -- Lawyerless

10/15/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a bunch of lawyers on her side, but she doesn't have anyone anymore who specializes in the field she says she cares most about -- family law.

As we first reported, Sorrell Trope and his firm quit Oksana, although she claims she fired him.  Either way, Trope, Anne Kiley and the others in the firm are among the best family law attorneys in L.A., and sources are telling us Oksana does not have a plan B -- at least not yet.

None of the lawyers she currently has specialize in California family law, and she's gonna need an expert to go against Mel Gibson in the custody/child support war. We're told she's on the hunt for a replacement.

As for Lisa Bloom -- contrary to what we were told when she signed on, Lisa will not be representing Oksana in family court.

The buzz in the legal community -- if Sorrell can't handle her, good luck finding another lawyer who will try ... especially since Oksana has already left a trail of lawyers in her wake.


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Tired of toxomom    


1472 days ago


No, Oksana didn't care about family law first...she cared about PR first, her own greed first, her need to destroy Mel Gibson, her selfishness....not that of her family-- her kids. Oksana can just forget the word "family" because she puts her children LAST!

1472 days ago


Poor Picasso face... not.

1472 days ago


i got a strange feeling mel is gonna get away with the win he should of been in jail

1472 days ago


In my heart I believe she only cares about family law for what she can get from it for the next 18 years. Her behavior certainly shoots holes in her deep concern for her daughter.

She seems to care far more about activating her music career, after all she did perform for People in her flimsy nightgown.

She has spent her time lawyer shopping and bashing Mel, both interesting behaviors from a supposed loving mother.

She walks away from $15,000,000 because it is mainly going to Lucia rather than her.

No doubt she anticipates the need of top notch criminal attorneys in the coming months.

1472 days ago


Could that picture of Ox be any more photoshopped? TMZ, did Picasso face give you crap about yesterday's photo? I wish you would just use the photo from the People interview where she looks like a demonic chipmunk.

1472 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Shows her priorites, eh?

1472 days ago


Ox is a complete jackass. Who does she think she is. She's being told what she doesn't want to hear and then fires them.

No way she fires Trope...He's much too good a lawyer to put up with all of her crap. She wouldn't listen to him he and his firm quite. That simple. She is really digging her own grave.

1472 days ago

james conklin    

We are tired of clown-lips being featured in TMZ every day for weeks and weeks. There must be sombody else more interesting.

1472 days ago


You guys should do a post and list out all the lawyers that Okasana has hired and fired/quit. I'm sure that would be very interesting and very long.

1472 days ago


Harvey - when you are you going to give us more information on Gloryhole Allred's involvement in this case? You promised, Harvey.

1472 days ago


Can this babe sink any lower in public opinion? Every time I ask this, she sinks even lower. Good job, Ox and her PR machine.

1472 days ago


uhhh... A LAWYER CANNOT FIRE OR QUIT ON A CLIENT unless there are extraordinary situations and only then with leave of the court. So I guess for once she's telling the truth.

1472 days ago


How long will the judge let the show go on? I´ve never seen anything like it, she´s just throwing away lawyers and Mel´s money like she pleases.

If she was forced to spend any of her own money then this scenario probably never would have happened!

1472 days ago


She lawyer shopped until she found Garbus and Horowitz, who like being fame hos, are greedy $$$ and rather shady themselves to tell her lies to, would tell Oksana what she wanted to hear and's that working out for you, Oksana? fyi, Horowitz throws a vib off himself that just reeks of shady and a liar...then, you google him--find out you were right to trust your reading of him.

1472 days ago
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