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Oksana Grigorieva -- Lawyerless

10/15/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a bunch of lawyers on her side, but she doesn't have anyone anymore who specializes in the field she says she cares most about -- family law.

As we first reported, Sorrell Trope and his firm quit Oksana, although she claims she fired him.  Either way, Trope, Anne Kiley and the others in the firm are among the best family law attorneys in L.A., and sources are telling us Oksana does not have a plan B -- at least not yet.

None of the lawyers she currently has specialize in California family law, and she's gonna need an expert to go against Mel Gibson in the custody/child support war. We're told she's on the hunt for a replacement.

As for Lisa Bloom -- contrary to what we were told when she signed on, Lisa will not be representing Oksana in family court.

The buzz in the legal community -- if Sorrell can't handle her, good luck finding another lawyer who will try ... especially since Oksana has already left a trail of lawyers in her wake.


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It's getting better and better!

1476 days ago


The rings around Saturn were not available, so she had to settle for these.

Posted at 7:39 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

lol Tellthetruth59, morning:)

Next one will be handcuffs.

1476 days ago


Whatever her game plan is, it's so damn shady that she cannot find any reputable attorneys willing to tarnish their competency because some greedy gold-digger kept sabotaging their strategy. I'm frankly concerned that an attorney could concoct a effective case for an individual as Oxy. I've been the victim of a custody war and had false and damnable attacks lodged against me by social services and the courts, and as it proven that they were full of crap-they move on as if nothing was said. My thoughts were, what if I had just rolled over out of frustration, my entire life would have been ruined because of retaliation of corrupt agencies and a court-that I was able to prove (another reason they hated me).

I AM NOT DEFENDING MEL. I THINK HE'S A RACIST, ANTI SEMITE NUT CASE. However, the woman's movement has managed to effectively demonize men and create a culture of reverse inequity. In short, Mel is entitled to a fair hearing and treatment by the courts, which shouldn't include bankrolling that crazy chicks whims of hiring and firing attorneys if they don't bend over and take it. If this was coming out of her stash, this madness would have been over a long time ago.

1476 days ago


I'm betting that if the extortion charges go to court her custody battle is OVER. Maybe she's focusing on that side of things for now since it's becoming more and more likely she's going down ?? Either way she's an idiot and I hope she finally gets what's coming to her.

1476 days ago


OX will represent herself. You will see.....:-))

1476 days ago


they have one that someone can paste in here.

good morning,this new article slipped in on me.

1476 days ago


OX will represent herself. You will see.....:-))

Posted at 7:46 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by what?

That would be hysterical once she began talking!!! BTW Good Morning All

1476 days ago


I was wondering why you aint here azlee:)

1476 days ago


could you see ox cross examining and asking someone about this point of the case then realizing she had the wrong lie in the point of the cross examination?

1476 days ago


morning Confused:)

1476 days ago


you have to say "psssstttttt, azlee new post/article"

shaking my head. I need more coffee this morning.

1476 days ago


What I'm guessing is that OX is bring shady people in and with unprovable stories and shady evidence. They lawyers are refusing to support that as their repute will be destroyed trying to push unprovable lies.

You can bet this woman never went anywhere whithout a voice recorder so in that very moment when she pushed Mel over the edge (as that is easy because he really needs mental help) she was ready to record whatever came out of his mouth.

1476 days ago


I think she is focusing on the civil suit and how much money she can get. I don't think she realizes the seriousness of extortion--she's that delusional.

1476 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Good morning azlee!

Shell needs a face lick so when she gets back give her one, k?

1476 days ago


People...Bottom line is Ox had some top notch lawyers who don't play for the camera like Horowitz and Allred types. They were trying to help her. She didn't like what they were telling her. She would not listen to them, would not take their advice so why waste their time. Ox is not their only client.

Ox want's it all simply because she had Gibsons baby.

I have said this from the beginning, let her keep running her mouth, getting herself caught up in her lies, not being able to keep her stories stright and dig her own grave. Starting to look like that.

Ox has yet to PROOVE anything she has accused Gibson of. No police reports or photos dated and time stamped at anytime showing her so called injuries.

Gibson has complete and unsupervised Joint Custody so the baby was never in any danger as she claims. The only thing she had was the tapes she secretly recorded and so far all those tapes are showing is that they had a really bad fight.

Gibson has not said a word through this whole mess. Gibson is smart enough to give Ox enough rope to hang herself.

1476 days ago
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