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Oksana Grigorieva -- Lawyerless

10/15/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a bunch of lawyers on her side, but she doesn't have anyone anymore who specializes in the field she says she cares most about -- family law.

As we first reported, Sorrell Trope and his firm quit Oksana, although she claims she fired him.  Either way, Trope, Anne Kiley and the others in the firm are among the best family law attorneys in L.A., and sources are telling us Oksana does not have a plan B -- at least not yet.

None of the lawyers she currently has specialize in California family law, and she's gonna need an expert to go against Mel Gibson in the custody/child support war. We're told she's on the hunt for a replacement.

As for Lisa Bloom -- contrary to what we were told when she signed on, Lisa will not be representing Oksana in family court.

The buzz in the legal community -- if Sorrell can't handle her, good luck finding another lawyer who will try ... especially since Oksana has already left a trail of lawyers in her wake.


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

lol. Get her Azlee!

1447 days ago


Curious, you are probably correct that she is focusing her efforts on the civil case. From what I've read, it is unlikely Mel will be charged with domestic violence. The evidence just isn't there. Her best shot - only shot it seems - is to bring a civil suit.

* * * * *

I realize the measure of truth is significantly lower. My questions are:

* Is a civil suit heard before a jury? Can a jury trial be waived? If a jury trial is waived, who has the right to waive?

* Are the rules governing evidence different in a civil suit vs. criminal?

1447 days ago


Since word is Ms. Bloom is not the designated family lawyer, does that mean Mr. Gibson does not have to pay for her services? I do not know how she is paying for the other two lawyers.

1447 days ago


So Harvey said early this week the DA will get the extortion case in about 2 weeks. So that means by the end of next week, right?

How long will it take after the DA gets the case that he'll make a decision whether to indict for extortion? Or does it then go to a grand jury to decide? Does anybody know who this all works? Also, does anyone have any idea when the decision to indict or not for extortion will happen? Next week? Week after? Another month? Anybody know?

I would imagine the elite of that community want to see her go down. After all, today it's Mel Gibson, tomorrow it could be them. That has got to be crossing their minds! Especially in light of California's economy being in a state of near collapse.

Any thoughts?? Thanks, & Happy TGIF!

1447 days ago


morning KoalaBabe :) How goes the battle?....

Posted at 8:08 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by mimik

I'm on ceasefire Mimik lol, life too short.

1447 days ago


Hey Sam!! hugs TrumanD long time no see.

1447 days ago



Sheesh...I really did NOT mean "measure of truth" in my previous post! That should read "measure of proof".

I must have truth on the mind this morning what with all this talk of Oksana. I guess I'm just looking for truth somewhere.

1447 days ago


evening ThinkingWoman:)

1447 days ago


Hi KB. Did I read you are in Perth? My son stopped there on his way back to the states from the middle east. He loved Australia and would like to return.

1447 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Heads up, before it stats anew today:

Please everyone READ THIS, HEED THIS:

Don't quote her posts - when you do you just spread the nasty more. We don't need that, any of us.

Don't engage AT ALL - everyone KNOWs what is right. There is no need at all to point it out to her or anyone else. She will never listen anyway. She's proven that.

When she gets abusive in her posts the thing to do is report it, not repost in in a reply.

A lot of us are really really tired of the fighting. It takes TWO to fight. Please please please: just don't go there. It's to the point of almost cruel on BOTH sides, us and her. Please just don't! We don't want to lose more posters. I'm sure many of us are very tired of looking so stupid to onlookers.

Please. I am beggin'.

1447 days ago


Amazing. Just amazing.

Oksana behavior proves that MG was right showing the frustration and anger on the tapes.

The Judge allows that this circus goes on and on. C'mon! this is not a murder case! I think they have already enough evidence! Why it takes sooooo longgg to put an end in this circus??

1447 days ago


Hello, KoalaBabe. Thanks for the hug. lol I'm just trying to figure out a timeline of future events. I am seriously ready to see the LAPD move on this case! I'm ready to see the truth begin to be revealed. Tired of Pksana's PR tour. I want to hear from Law Enforcement. I think it's worse than we know, and there is still a lot that's going to be revealed, and none of it good for Oksana. jmo

1447 days ago


Her nose is soon going to look like Michael Jackson's.

1447 days ago


ThecounT is Team Mel Gibson
by Lisa Mason Lee on July 16, 2010

mel gibson edge of darkness ThecounT is Team Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Yeah, we’ve all heard the audio tapes of Mel Gibson freaking out on his ex-girlfriend Oksana Whatever. This ex is coming forward with a case that she has built over time, to ruin Mel Gibson from all angles. You can easily look this case and say, “Mel is a bad guy, he cussed at her and called her this and that…and he might have hit her” but if you start disliking him because of this, maybe you need to consider what I am going to say…

This Oksana lady hooked up with Mel a few years ago, and Mel took her in and tried to help her in so many ways. He put thousands of dollars into her singing career that flopped, he let her move into his estate, he gave her access to his exclusive world. This chick was a nobody until he gave her name wings to fly in Hollywood. I’m not saying she’s a ‘somebody’ now because she came forward with this case-please don’t think of her as a ‘celebrity’ now! These other mistresses who came out this year with a case against celebrity males like Jesse James, continue to float around in the media! The paps take pics of these broads rolling their karts out of Whole Foods, and they get tabloid recognition. Kids see their pictures in the magazines, and mistake these people for ‘celebrities’ that actually do something other than ruin marriages and peoples’ lives. These girls all have the same things in common. They want MONEY and ATTENTION.

Anyway, Oksana had too much time on her no-talent hands, and she put this case together, recorded Mel without him being aware, and now she’s pushing these tapes in court. The baby, the mansion, the cars, the estate, the man…none of it was enough. She took all of Mel, and now she’s thrown it back in his face and more. She could have left quietly, instead of causing a s*** storm in the media. This shows that she is just like the other mistresses that hope to become famous and glorified after spilling the bedroom beans into the press.

Don’t drop your love for our beloved star Mel Gibson, because of Oksana’s situation or what the rag mags say. Maybe he did go over the top in the audio tapes, but come one, it’s Mad Max we’re talking about here. It’s the Braveheart guy! It’s our The Passion of the Christ Director. Mel Gibson has given us years and years of entertainment in our homes. We’ve grown up watching him on the screen. Let’s not let this bitch mess up our long term relationship that we the audience, have had with Mel for way more years than her. Let’s support Mel, the actor and the man.


1447 days ago


morning KoalaBabe :) How goes the battle?....

Posted at 8:08 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by mimik

I'm on ceasefire Mimik lol, life too short.

Posted at 8:13 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by KoalaBabe
I know you are on a ceasefire ROFLMAO!!!... but ...some of you here are stating facts that seem too crazy to believe at first... time will tell... I knew she was bad news from the start, but I never imagined a year ago she would go to this extent for the quick buck and for fame...

1447 days ago
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