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Something's Fishy with Oprah & Gayle

10/15/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Stedman nowhere in sight, Oprah Winfrey took her best gal pal Gayle King fly fishing while on a camping vacation in Yosemite National Park the other day.


Another benefit to being Oprah's friend.


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Neither of them have boyfriends

1405 days ago

Throwback kid    

Good for them! I think Oprah and Gayle are slowly opening up the door and letting us into their lives as they come out of the closet.

1405 days ago


So that's why they string all the caught fish around in their room at the other piips won't question where that smell os coming from?


1405 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

@#20 Kevin, you are seriously mentally ill. You are a stupid Homophobe and Racist. Now, get off this site, and go beat-off to a picture of Bill O'Reilly. Your'e disgusting. I'll bet you have a really small penis too. Most right-wing pigs like you usually do. And learn how to use punctuation if you are going to write all of your hate-speak. By the way, I'm a straight, white, intelligent female. That should really bother you. I really loathe people like you. Now, hurry up and go look up that big word that I'm sure you don't know the meaning of. I'll bet your'e a closet-case as well.

1405 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

@#22 YOU are clearly the idiot. You can't even spell lesbian. You sound like a bitter little troll that hasn't gotten any in a long time. Lol. Loser.

1405 days ago


At least Oprah is not on TV filling us in on the latest. As if she knows anything but trying to be the biggest showboat there is. I am sick of millionaires talking about current affairs. Get in your limo, roll up your tinted glass window, and beat it.

1405 days ago


I think she is a lesbian...but then again, she is a very proud person, so if she was, wouldn't she come out and be an advocate, just like she is for everything else?

1405 days ago

Craig E    

I'm a lifetime fly fisher and im thinking of hanging up my waders in protest of one more celebrity doing high profile photo shoots on land and rivers that should be for the most part left untouched by Hollywood. The real fly fishers can now get used to being shoulder to shoulder from here on in.

P.S TMZ rocks

1405 days ago

Gloria Unread    

#86 Kathleen - Not if she believed it would hurt her business ventures. Many women take her word as gospel, and if they thought Oprah wanted to *ahem* "Go Fishing" with them, they might not want to be part of her Book Club. (In my head, Book Club sounded like a euthamism. Reading it, not so much, but I'm sticking with it.)

Sadly, there are still a lot of people who hate gay people, believe they're hell-bound hedonists, or worse, mentally ill for being that way. I'm guessing that those women would quickly tune out and stop buying - if not flat-out boycott - anything Oprah hocks or attaches her name to.

Personally, I never got a lesbian vibe off her, but the way she is with Stedman seems a little... non-romantic.

1405 days ago


#83 and 84, Queenie,
How so very Christian of you to be so nasty, Or apply it to whatever religious affiliation you claim).
Hell bound on a fast train Queenie.

Also, never, ever end a sentence with a preposition....

1404 days ago


Oprah was abused by men. It's only natural that she turns to women. I wish Mother Nature was that efficient when it came to Jersey Shore.

1404 days ago

ms kim    

There are so many haters in the world. Oprah deserves the best of both worlds if that is what she chooses to do.Men and women do this all the time.To all the females who are married and their husbands go on their "boys night out.";be careful...And anyway, what does she need Stedman for?

1404 days ago


Not everyone can afford to take a camera crew with them on their tyrsts of sexual abandment ms kim.
Oopa likes to flaunt her deviant ways on her loyal, mentally challenged followers.
Sorry I just insulted the mentally challenged.

1404 days ago


Oprahs not for me, but the male fishing guy looks pretty gay to me

1404 days ago


Who really cares ! ! ! ! !

Be careful, TMZ, Oprah just may seek you out !

1402 days ago
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