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Roger Federer -- 'I Have Nothing to Hide'

10/15/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tennis superstar Roger Federer is lashing out at allegations that he gave inside information about his matches so the president of his management company could place bets ... saying the whole thing is "100% not true."


TMZ broke the story ... Agate Printing, Inc. filed a lawsuit against IMG and its owner, Ted Forstmann, claiming Federer gave Forstmann information about a match he played in at the 2007 French Open ... and Forstmann later used the information to make a $40,000 wager on Roger.

But moments ago -- at a press conference during an event in China -- Federer said, "It’s disappointing that someone’s throwing my name around. I would never do such a thing."

Federer continued, "My fans know that, the people who know me ... I have nothing to hide. I’m sorry for those who think there is something to the story. But there’s nothing."

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Jim in Cali    

This is such a joke. Federer at that time was on one of the greatest runs in tennis history. I highly doubt he would be giving inside information to anyone.

1471 days ago


Yeah, some of the inside info that he provided went something like "I'm gonna win", so the guy bet on him. Now thats some groundbreaking stuff. If the guy had bet that kind of cash AGAINST Roger, then there might be a story.

1471 days ago


What could possibly be inside information in a tennis match?

1471 days ago


Forstman would have had "inside" info regarding injuries or anything else that affect a player's performance, Federer wouldn't have had to tell him anything.

1471 days ago


this makes no sense. what did federer say - "i'm gonna beat this guy"? if he bet AGAINST federer then the story might make more sense.

1471 days ago


"Have nothing to hide", huh? I bet if I looked hard enough I can find stuff on you. For starters, you got out of compulsory military service in the Swiss Armed Forces in 2003, because "you were deemed unfit due to a long-standing back problem and was subsequently not required to fulfill his obligations". That "long-standing back problem" didn't keep you out of tennis though. Yeah right, you're always an honest man.

1471 days ago


You guys really think Federer would do that for 40K?... Please be logic...

1471 days ago


That's right Roger..You tell that fool to F off! Federer was on the most dominant run in sports at that time. He was the clear favorite in EVERY match he played that year. So it would have been more suspicious if the story this guy concocted had the manager betting AGAINST Federer. Everyone and their grandmom betted on Federer to win. It was a sure thing, esp in the slams....except the French Open ironically..This guy is lame for trying to drag Roger's good name through he mud...Now Tiger, I don't care about...Haha

1471 days ago


You guys probably spend all your time focusing on stupid celebrities so you don't know who Ted Forstmann is. He's one of the pioneers of the leveraged buy-out industry. His private equity fund Forstmann Little was featured in the book Barbarians at the Gate. He's worth so much money that the prospect of making $40,000 (even $40 million) from some bookie wouldn't attract the least bit of interest. What a dumb story.

1471 days ago


I could've sworn this story was going to be that finally Roger has come out of the closet and admitted he was gay.

1471 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

I understand that this has nothing whatsoever to do with this story, but this video was just sent to me re: the Muslim Mosque controversy.

To everyone in support of this Mosque being built here, a right our country has provided the builders and backers of this mosque, please, PLEASE watch this 37 second clip.

I have heard both sides, but what I hear over and over again is that not all Muslims are terrorists. They're not. However, all of these terrorists that want the entire western civilization wiped out happen to be Muslim.

I do not believe any of the Muslim men, women or children in this clip are terrorists, BUT... why are they dancing??

Please watch...


1471 days ago


He's so SMOKIN' HOT...it doesn't even matter if it he did this...LOOKS MEAN EVERYTHING IN THE TENNIS COMMUNITY...remember that people!!!!

1471 days ago


Smokin hot to gay men.

1471 days ago


TMZ...there must be more to the golfer story..tiger is his name...please leave Roger alone...the guy is awesome and warm to his fans...if you are looking for dirt..go dig up something more on Tiger..there has to be more...

1471 days ago


Poor Roger, having to deal with having some loser try and pull his name through the mud. He is probably the best sportsman out at the moment. He doesn't throw tantrums, go out drinking and doing drugs with hookers. He doesn't go from one model to the next. He goes home to his beautiful wife and two stunning daughters and lives a good life, and when he competes, his sportsmanship is unmatched.

And as everyone else here has said (except for a few idiots), it would have been insane to bet against Roger at this point in time. And there isn't really much in the way of inside information that you can give. Tennis is very much a 'best player on the day' sport.

1471 days ago
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