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Gloria Allred: Now We REALLY Want to Meet Ms. Swank

10/16/2010 9:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred and some of the family members of the murder victim portrayed in the new Hilary Swank movie "Conviction" were treated to a private screening of the film last night ... and it just reiterated the idea that they want Hilary to meet with the family of Katharina Brow.

Brow's murder is the subject of the film and, as TMZ first reported, the family is upset they were never consulted about the making of the movie. Allred -- along with Brow's grandson Taylor and Taylor's father Eugene -- caught a private screening of the film last night.

Taylor and Eugene both expressed how difficult the movie was to watch and Allred told us that seeing Katharina portrayed on screen, and having her name used throughout the film, just reiterates the idea that Hilary Swank (the star and executive producer of the film) should meet with the Brow's family.

So far no word back from Swank's camp.


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sounds like to me the girls family's words translate into.."we arent marketing from her death we want in on the money train"

1431 days ago


#1: EXACTLY. The grubbers are getting more and more transparent.

1431 days ago


They want the blood money. F u ckin vampires.

1431 days ago


If it's that painful, why would you see the movie??? I guess money will take away the pain...

1431 days ago


Someone, anyone, PLEASE tell Allred to STFU already. She could care less about the "pain and suffering" of the people she 'defends'. All she cares about is $$$$$.

To the family here. Losing someone is always hard, but like Allred, it just sounds like they are mad that they didn't get any money. Makes me wonder if they even initiated this or if Allred contacted them and put the idea in their heads first!

1431 days ago


It was a public domain story, printed in every paper in their area, did they copyright her face and story? I doubt it, but this is a ploy to get money. Greedy people, plus the story is about the sister of the man wrongly convicted not the murder victim who is incidental to the movies storyline. Sue the real killer which you are not interesting in finding, you just want cash or extortion money. Is ALLGREED trying to embarrass the producers into giving them money? Are they suing the newspapers who wrote about the story, the trial and the wrongfully convicted man? Maybe they should be paying him.

1431 days ago


it gets a bit old seeing gloria allred in places that people are digging for money......i am sure it must be exhausting to be the most famous ambulance chaser in the world......

1431 days ago


Hillary, stay the hell away from anything that has to do with Allred.

1431 days ago

No comment    

Gloria you vulture! This movie is not from the family's point of view, and its portrays a man wrongly convicted of the murder. Its not about the victim of the murder, its about a wrongful conviction. It seems like this family is now trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and ring the money bell. Have they been advocating for victims rights all these years? What have they been doing all these years related to Katrina's death. Why after the fact and film is in the can should Hillary meet with them, what purpose does it serve after the fact?

1431 days ago


And just why should she meet with them?

1431 days ago


Please just settle the case and move on..don't drag it out like Mel and Oksana PLEEEAAASSSSEEE!

1431 days ago


Why didn't the family get a respectable lawyer to contact the studio a year ago when they first learned this movie was being made. Instead they waited until the day before it's release to start raising a stink about never having been contacted. To top it off they get the biggest money grubbing, publicity wh@re around to hold a news conference to boo hoo about how hard done by they are. In other words. They said yesterday they wanted a private screening and got one but that is not good enough for them. If they wanted to have input or be consulted the time was a year ago when they found out, not now. THEY WANT MONEY and Gloria will do her best to get them some, making sure she gets her cut of course.

The movie isn't about the murder victim (God rest her soul. It's not a portrayal of her life nor is it an attack on her character in any way. The focus is on a man wrongly convicted for the horrible crime and his sister's fight to prove his innocence and free him.

1431 days ago


Hilary Swank is hopefully smart enough to keep her distance and let her lawyer do the talking.

1431 days ago


Sick sick sick Gloria. Using this tragedy to get your fugly face on tv again. And as for the family, Shame on you for this pathetic attempt at trying to ca$h in on the brutal murder of your mother.

1431 days ago


The story is about how strong family ties are and what length we will go to help our family to prove their innocence, not about the victim. It is so obvious these jerks want MONEY!!!!!!

1431 days ago
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