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Kim Kardashian

Baby Got Birthday Back

10/16/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was surrounded on her birthday by the usual friends and family last night at Tao in Las Vegas -- but can you guess the random '80s child star who just so happened to be there as well?

Here's a hint: It's not Alex Karras, but ...

Click through the gallery to find out.



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Reyna38, keep dreamin. Maybe if you tell yourself that enough you'll believe it.
The Ascesion, guys keep bringn up the black junk b/c they are intimadated bout the size thing, lol. I'm white but I aint scared. :) I'd do her in a skinny minute.

1277 days ago


She has a body that by the time she is 40, the scales may top 200!!! Ugly dress and tacky.

1277 days ago


HONESTLY how much plastic surgery has Kim had on her face? HER CHEEKS are looking like she's had part of her A$$ installed in it. She's going to end up looking like the joker! AND HER MOM, when is Mom EVER not taking advantage of the photoshop moment. Maybe it's envy, but they're fame comes to easy for them. An honest day's work was accomplised ONLY BY BRUCE!

1277 days ago


I could snuggle with that all... week ... long...

1276 days ago


Kim is HOT... stop hating.
She has a BEAUTIFUL, Tight ass! I love it and most of you do too. You're just so disgusted with your own ugliness that you can't bring yourselves to appreciate a fine piece of ass when you see it. Get over yourselves... better yet, OFF yourselves. You'll make the world a more BEAUTIFUL place... without all your ugliness. :)

1276 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

OMG, could you not have at least one show without a Kardashian? I am sick to death of looking at their big ole asses and overdone every thing. Just what is their appeal? And that mother, she runs the Lohan's a close second in parenting skills, and she has two more warming up in the winds. And old Bruce just stands there with his d**k in his hand and watches. I guess if there's enough money involved you will sell your soul to the devil.
Just loved that shot of Kim wearing that grey roadkill thing.

1276 days ago


Kim Kardashian have a cute

1276 days ago


she is such a pIG, lets do porn, then tv show and make lots of money
as i said such a pIG

1276 days ago


Kim's a beautiful woman. This is an unflattering pic, but it could be the angle, or the dress that's causing it.
It's her life and she can live it however she wants.

1276 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

I wonder if she is getting paid to attend her "birthday party"? Last year she was hired for her party and was given a 8000 sq.ft suite which Scott and her brother attempted to trash while drunk. I hope the casino felt it was worth it.

1276 days ago


Kim is GORGEOUS. Stop hating. And besides her sex tape, she doesn't drink, do drugs, or land herself in jail. If she wants to ride that fame, go ahead. Have fun...You got about 14 minutes left anyway.

1276 days ago


Must be alot of jealousy over this girl. all the hateful comments, and to most black men that is a beautiful fat a**. You guys and gals hate the player and the game. You are on here posting about her while she is out playing. Who are the real losers.

1276 days ago

Khate sucks    

Funny she didn't have that fake ass when she was 20....What a LIAR! It's FAKE and looks so disproportionate! Even RayJ said she was fake from head to toe! Her face looks awful and pulled WAY too tight. She looks like Cher now!

1275 days ago


stooooop hatiiiiing i loooove kim she is beautiful!!!! Im pretty sure the ones that are hating have some kind body issues!!! forget all this sick skinny looking girls!!! thick is the new sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1275 days ago


crap shes getting old wont be long b4 those big fat a** becomes saggy

1275 days ago
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