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Kim Kardashian

Baby Got Birthday Back

10/16/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was surrounded on her birthday by the usual friends and family last night at Tao in Las Vegas -- but can you guess the random '80s child star who just so happened to be there as well?

Here's a hint: It's not Alex Karras, but ...

Click through the gallery to find out.



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Lil Tiny    

Don't hate because you don't like what you see in the mirror. She has a beautiful body and a nice ass.

1472 days ago


finally some voices of reason. ladies, you don't have to put down a better looking woman to make yourself feel better about yourselves. It just makes you look pathetic.

1472 days ago


Does she have a big butt, check.
Is it fake, who cares.
Does she wear too much makeup, check.
Is she still pretty, yes.
Does their mom pimp them ALL out, check.
Do we need to focus on more important things in our Country, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1471 days ago

Who Am I?    

I am 30 years old, look 45 years old, and act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My body is full of plastic parts and my b00bs, a$$, lips, cheeks, hair, lipo-ed body, and chin are all bought and paid for, courtesy of a plastic surgeon. I am also jealous of Paris Hilton and put out a SEX TAPE because she did. I idolize Paris Hilton. My mother and sisters are wh0res like me and I am a total and utter disgrace to my dead father, who was a lawyer. Whenever my mouth is moving, I am lying as I am INCAPABLE of telling the truth about anything. I LIED about my SEX TAPE, NOT HAVING A NOSE JOB, THE TON OF BOTOX THAT I GET STUCK IN MY FACE EVERY OTHER DAY, AND ALL OF THE OTHER PLASTIC SURGERIES THAT I'VE GOTTEN TO MY FACE AND BODY OVER THE YEARS. I pretend that if I lie about things, people will eventually believe it. I was so desperate for fame that I deliberately talked my ex-boyfriend into doing a sex tape with me where he bangs me hard in my a$$ hole and pees on my plastic face. Although I pretended to be upset by the sex tape, I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment, and they paid me $5 million dollars to expose my nasty self. Ray J had nothing to do with the leaked sex tape. I was the one that sent it to Vivid Entertainment. I exploit my FAKE body all of the time because I lack intelligence, class, dignity, self-respect, elegance, and morals. I am a very dirty woman and all of the men that have f@cked AND dumped me make fun of my FAKE body to everyone, including the new women in their lives. I desperately want to get married and have children, but no man with CLASS would be remotely associated with me. I even tried to put public pressure on Reggie....telling the public that we would get married. But deep down, I knew better. After Reggie would sex me, he would not call me OR answer my calls until he wanted to put his **** up my a$$ hole and pee on my face. I KNEW that Reggie was with other women, but I was too stupid to accept this fact and move on. Now, Reggie and too many men to count have dumped me! Obviously, they don’t think that I’m WORTH keeping!!!! Boy, am I a fool! I am old now and it's just so hard for me to accept the fact that everyone KNOWS that I am trash. Instead of doing something productive with my life, my family and I think that if we just talk about how rich we are or call people who tell the truth about us haters, jealous, ugly, fat, obsessed, or losers, the pain that we feel from having empty lives will go away. But it doesn't because we know that they are telling THE TRUTH about me and my sorry a$$ freakish family. In fact, the pain in my heart just gets bigger and bigger each day...especially when I look at my plastic face in the mirror, know that I am old, and see how disgusted the public is with me and my sorry a$$ self. Too many rich men have sexed me and peed on my face but NOT ONE of them think enough of me to marry me. They just want to ram my ass hole and pee on my face and leave. Even my ex, Damon Thomas has moved on to a beautiful classy woman and he has PUBLICLY called me untalented, a trashy wh0re, desperate, a plastic surgery addict, a backstabber (to my family) and a cheater. I also love to flaunt my fake a$$ because it's my calling card for any rich Black man that wants to ram my a$$ hole hard and move on! Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, Scott Storch, Fabolous, The Game, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Tyson Beckford, Ray J, Reggie Bush, Christiano, AND Miles Austin are just a FEW of the men that have ALL f@cked, peed on, AND dumped me because they know that I am trash that brings their reputations down to the gutter with mine. The bottom line is that I am NOT worth keeping because I am unattractive, stupid, and a sl@t. I am pathetic plastic and am terribly insecure that there are tons of women in the world that are younger, beautiful, intelligent, classy, elegant, and respectable. I am none of those things, am a national joke, smell like p!ss and HAVE A TOTALLY RIPPED A$$ HOLE FROM MY A N A L SEX TAPE. Who Am I?

1471 days ago


Looks more like a dirty diaper or a pig's azz!! Either or, it's disgusting! That thing is going to hang like a fat white woman's stomach! And if she ever takes the implants out, she'll be calling Kate plus 8's plastic surgeon. Wonder how many cooter tucks or reconstruction's she's had? Can you imagine?

1471 days ago


Kim is a talentless hack famous only for making a home porno. BUT that being said, there's no denying she's absolutely beautiful...and was, in fact, more beautiful BEFORE all the plastic surgery than afterward...yet still beautiful.

And I kind of feel bad for her. I'm sure she is starting to regret making the porn that she can more fully comprehend how much it hinders her love life. Even though it launched her "career", you can tell that she wants to find true love and a man who will respect her and want her to have his babies just as much as she wants her "career". But there are very few men who can handle being with a woman who has let it all hang out like that.

I do not respect her lack of talent, but I do think she has a good heart and good intentions for the most part. I hope she can find a man who can overlook the sex tape and that she can finally move past it. Kendra did it, as have others. If Kim tones down the PR machine, which is currently on overdrive, then maybe she will have a chance. In fact, that is the only way she will find a decent guy.

Take my advice, Kim. Continue to pursue your businesses, stop fame-wh0ring yourself at these superficial parties, dress more modestly, stop doing naked or semi-naked mag covers, stop tweeting pics of yourself like a teenager, act like a grown-ass woman who doesn't need to sell her body for money, tell all the entertainment blogs to stop posting skanky pics of you on the regular (which I'm sure will also happen naturally as you stop tweeting pics and stop attending these stupid parties), and I'm sure you will be able to find a good guy.

If you don't take my advice, I'm afraid you're in a for a really rough love life filled with guys who just want to use you for fame (like Miles did). I wish you the best and hope you can make some of these positive changes. Even though you're not perfect, you do deserve happiness and a nice family. Best of luck!

1470 days ago



1470 days ago


This show sucks and after the girls pancake all that makeup, they look decent... whores
ACTUALLY, I like Kourtney

1470 days ago


two words - white trash

1470 days ago


you can just tell that this azz is fake.

1469 days ago


Can you imagine the size of the plunkies that come out of that enormous dumper?

1468 days ago


I think she is gorgeous and all of you who think otherwise are JEALOUS! Dont hate casue your not beautiful like her.

1468 days ago


I think she looks beautiful! They ALL do!! Personally, I think they're a fun, entertaining family with loads of charisma and charm. Shame on some of you for the mean things you said... you're being needlessly hurtful.

1466 days ago


kim will never date a white guy. she loves the fat black ****s too much and loves getting her **** stretched by them.

1466 days ago


Why do people keep rewarding this whore with publicity, when she doesn't have any skills except getting on her knees.

1465 days ago
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