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Lindsay's Mom $hopping

Post-Rehab Interview

10/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's sainted mother Dina is shopping around an interview for after she visits Lindsay in rehab this weekend ... and the asking price is in the five figures.

We're told Dina is trying to set up a deal that would include allowing cameras to film her as she went to the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Some reports have suggested that Dina is pitching a reality show based on the ordeal, but we're told that's not true.

Our sources say Dina is asking "in the high five figures" for the interview. We're told none of the proceeds will go to charity.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, “There is absolutely no truth to this.”


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"Mom" knows that no respectable studio is going to hire her daughter. She's burned that bridge. Dina Lohan is scrambling, trying to get as much cash as she can now. The gravy train is coming to a stop. It's unthinkable, but she may have to get a job...

1434 days ago


"Like Joe Jackson these two would shake Lindsay's casket (sorry to go there) one last time to see if any change falls out".

Nominated for best commentary of the day!

Brutally truthful. Eloquent and concise. Perfect analogy. Thank you. Don't you agree, NICOLE?

1434 days ago


Dina - You a truly a whore that is..such a wonderful mom that truly cares about her daughter, I mean meal ticket. All these people deserve no spotlight..Ignore them and they will wither away in to the gutters of hell.

1434 days ago


she is such trash...not hard to see where all the problems come from. they are self centered people who couldnt raise a dog much less a child.

1434 days ago


You mean the woman who demanded free ice cream (Do YOU know who I am???) from the store her daughter did PR work couldn't be at fault, that it's all Michael's fault? Pathetic. Her mother is an enabling loser and just as much to blame as her crazy fame whore dad.

1434 days ago


Her career is over. Aside from her legal and addiction problems, she's known for her bad attitute and being a brat on the set.
Whatever change she can make she should use to pay for college and get a career she can handle before she ends up on skid row.

1434 days ago


LL-ML-DL-Samantha Ronson-Xtina all a set up for a PR blitz next week. A family and romantic smack down for your viewing pleasure folks!

1434 days ago


Lindsey doesn't stand a chance as long as these two leeches, who are sucking her dry. Get off her! They are maintaining their celebrity by holding interviews and granting picture taking for money that you can be darn sure doesn't go anywhere but in their pockets!!!! The media should be ashamed for contributing to this mania of theirs. You can bet that they'd never look at Lindsey if they couldn't get the media to fall for it. Lindsey, sneak out the back door, and go directly to court! Don't have Mommy pick you up!!!!! Call for a police car. Don't appear in public and ask the court to honor your privacy by not allowing cameras in the court. If they send you back to rehab, go, via police car. Get away from these so called parents, or you are DOOMED!

1434 days ago


She is a horrible awful evil woman and MOM!!! We all wonder why Lindsay is such a mess??? Its all Dina, it's really too bad that Dina is not there to support her daughter like any other MOM would do in these cir***stances, but no she is assuming her original role as an enabler, and trying to EXPLOIT HER DAUGHTERS REHAB and turning it into a TV show.

Dina stay home raise your other 2 kids, see if you can become a mom and not an enabler

1434 days ago


You can enjoy being outraged and disgusted if you like. But LL is not a victim, her and her team keep her in the news and available for interviews , photo shoots, product placements on purpose.A cool million for a couple of weeks in rehab is nice work if you can get it, isn't it. It's like wrestling. It's not really real.

1434 days ago


The skank Dina must need a new pair of shoes!

1434 days ago


With respect to my Lindsay is a criminal comment, I made that statement in response to someone who said that Lindsay is not a criminal period. So yes, I understand that she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

That being said, as a result of her probation violation the judge does have the discretion to revoke her probation and sentence her to jail to complete the term for the underlying offense--the DUI. That term is one year. I merely stated that the judge has the authority to do so. I did not comment on the wisdom nor the likelihood of him doing so.

Finally, the purpose of punishment is not merely to rehabilitate the criminal. It can be simply punishment for wrongdoing.

Other than what I noted above, I totally agree with @75.

1434 days ago


@92, so right. Also, why is it that literally thousand of people in California can move on from misdemeanors and she can't? Because she and her team have felt the rules don't apply to them, so they continue to run afoul of them with consequences.

1434 days ago


Can't any of them just lay low? SO SICK of all the Lohans. Maybe Lindsay would have a chance if she would take six months off and get sober with out Michael and Dina in the spotlight!

1434 days ago


"Frickin" White Trash !!!!

1434 days ago
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