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Nick Cannon & Chelsea Handler

in Twitter Fight

10/16/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seeing Nick Cannon fight Chelsea Handler would be kind of awesome -- but that's not gonna happen ... so we're just going to have to settle for a good ol' fashioned Twitter fight.

It seems to have all began when Handler got wind of a Cannon upcoming comedy show ... which prompted her to tweet, "I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who's going to do the comedy?"

Cannon was not pleased, posted a few tweets expressing that, then got personal: "Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sex with the head of E! for her show. So when its canceled does he get residual p***y for the reruns?"

Cannon posted several other things since then (including some things about photo of her and 50 Cent), Handler mixed in a grape soda joke, and things have gone quiet for the time being.

Stay tuned ...

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The problem with Mr. Cannon is that as a kept puppy he is super-sensitive about everything.Black guy that are trophy-husbands feel super-lowdown.Mr. Carter is worse,no career other than AGT host (not much) and feeling left out when his wife speaks spanish to the staff,it is understandable that he would be easily offended.Now Nick,down boy,down.Now play dead.Gooood....

1366 days ago


Didn't Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline already try something like that?

1366 days ago


why are people saying nick screwed his way to the top?

this *****s been on NICK for damn near his whole life

he is now a partner at teen nick? how exactly did he use sex to gain stardom?

whoever keep saying this, stfu

i know nick cannon from teen nick and them nick shows

not form mariah you ****in morons


1366 days ago


All women have a secret desire to be whores so they admire any trashy whore who comes out in public. Unfortunately, most women don't get a sex video done when they turn 18 so they can cash in on it later and that would be something we could all enjoy. E! has nothing but trash on their network. Chelsea, Kardashians, Kendra, the Pretty Wild girls, etc.

1366 days ago

Barb Rohrer    

What Chelsea said was needlessly mean-spirited. Why wouldn't he react? Wouldn't you?

1366 days ago


Chelsea is an old has-been, she better leave cute Nick alone before his Diva wife kicks her ass! lmbao! GO TEAM NICK!

1366 days ago


Kick Mr. Carey's ass Handler...

1366 days ago

Blue Lake    

I'm with Nick on this. Handler is not the least bit funny. She's fugly inside and out.

1366 days ago


Reply to commenter#3 "Catastrophic"...

Ummm...what are you talking about when you say he shouldn't 'star a fued with chelsea.." SHE IS THE ONE WHO STARTED THE FUED WITH HIM!!! Aren't you paying attention???

...He had every right to respond. You can dish it out if you can't take it, Chelsea HandJOB!! She's a poor-mans Joan Rivers, and not a good one at that! All these comedians think that they can go ahead and rip on people without any retaliation...WELL, YOU WERE WRONG BITCH!! Nick has some pretty loyal fans out there who've been following him for a decade! You messed with the wrong NIG-GA when you thought he wouldn't come back at you HARD for trying to dis him on Twitter, bit ch-ass H-O!!...

1366 days ago


man nick cannon needs to get over himself. he aint really all that famous. drumline has been out for how many years now? and just cuz u married a famous woman dont mean ur famous. atleast chelsea handler is really famous and has done stuff with her career.

1366 days ago


LMAO @ every one making comments and they don't even know what is even going on. how funny making comments about Nick when you know nothing about him. Guess you ppl making comments of him mooching off Mariah don't know that he is a partner of nickelodeon. He was one before he married Mariah. LMAO @ you ppl. bet you guys sound dumb now. No he isn't a A star famous celeb because most of his work is actually behind the scenes. You don't see many behind the scenes people called famous or celebs yet you see many of them being partners or marry actors they work with on the movie sets. Most of them i never even heard of until i read up about the person and find out they were some behind the scenes worker like a producer, writer etc before meeting their famous A star celeb.

The most funniest comment is some one comparing him to Kfed. LMAO that is Low. K Fed never worked a day of his life. Well he was a dance and then quit when he met britney just to mooch off brit. Nick is a PARTNER of nickelodeon channel before even meeting Mariah. How can you guys even compare a PARTNER of a worldwide tv channel to some one as low as K-fed? The fact that Nick is actually working and chosing to work after marrying Mariah means he is actually earning his own money and not mooching off her unlike k-fed who Quit working all together once he found britney.

Also he has and worked with Many famous celebs Unlike K-fed. For example.. He released a song with Busta Rhymes and Big Pun who are very big and well known respected rappers wayyy before he ever met Mariah. Check it out. Let me guess? People are going to reply mariah hooked them all up with her musical connections right when this song was out in 2003. LMAO. K-fed wishes he hooked up with bust rhymes. Nick cannon did it without mariah.

1365 days ago


chelsea is on the fast track to being the next joan rivers!!!
RIGHT NOW you're looking good though!!!
it's not going to take eat em up while you can bitch

1365 days ago

Um, wow...    

I used to not mind Nick so much, but now that Mariah has him p*ssy whipped, he's a real douche.... That's aiight, though... Eminem will handle his punk-ass!!! STFU,'ll always be a nobody--even though you are married to that bitch!! GO, CHELSEA!!!

1365 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Nick Cannon is not funny. Chelsea is right who is going to do the comedy. Cannon does not come close to someone I would pay good money to see his type of comedians on tour. He should talk about sleeping at the top. He is a kept man. Chelsea will always make money because she funny and witty. Everyone had to sleep with someone regardless of their sexual orientation to get where they are in any-part of the entertainment industry.
So is including himself in that scenerio.

1364 days ago


Hey Harvey,

Why can Handler make a racist grape soda joke, but if someone else said the exact same thing and wasn't banging black rappers and wasn't touting the Communist DNC party line, you'd be having a hissy fit and getting your man thongs in a wad???

This is why no one takes you kooks seriously. You are nothing but hypocrites.

1364 days ago
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