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Russian Immigrant with

39 Lawyers

10/17/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva -- who has said she doesn't have the power to fight the Mel Gibson machine -- has hired a grand total of 39 (THIRTY-NINE) lawyers so far ... to wage legal war on her behalf.

All 39 lawyers have been doing legal work for Oksana in her fight with Mel.  Even more shocking, we know at least 18 of the 39 lawyers have submitted more than $1 million in legal bills to the court ... and they're asking the judge to make Mel pay the tab.

As for the 39 lawyers who have jumped on board team Oksana, they include: Lisa Bloom, Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, Eric George, Sonia Lee, Robin Sax, John Carlson, James Spertus, Ezra Landes, Mary Fulginiti, Amy Hinkley, Dan O'Malley, Suzie Obeda and Amanda Touchton.

But there's more ... the firm of Trope and Trope has put the following lawyers on Oksana's case:  Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley, Angela Harris, Bret Hunter, Hillary Slevin, James Durant, John Ellis, Jennifer Leong, Jonathan Pakravan, Katie Heersema, Lori Howe, Melanie Shornick, Mark Patt, Sophie Bidet, Sarah Luetto, Thomas Dunlap and Tara Scott.

And, the firm of Freid and Goldsman have put the following lawyers on Team Oksana: Manley Freid, Gary Cohen, Marci Levine, Janet Kaplan, Cori Steinberg, Susan Park, Jill Foley Alexander and Kristine Capell.

And the irony -- at the moment Oksana has no family law attorney repping her ... almost all of them have either been fired or quit.


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They are both d*uche bags in their own right. She is a money grubbing media wh*re and he is an angry, whacko, Catholic extremist.
Although she is certainly making people like Mel again.

1464 days ago

Latina from CA    

Mel you should have stayed w your wife!!!!!!

1464 days ago

moe h    

send this nut case lady back where she came from!!!!!

1464 days ago


As Russian myself, I feel embarassed about this money grubbing woman who tries to destroy Mel who worked very hard to build his fortune. If he was such a horrible person he wouldn't have 28 years of marriage and have 7 kids with his wife (she is a class!). That all she (Oksana) does, hooking up with men who have money in their packets (doesn't she have a boy with another actor), that she can empty them. Using her daughter as a tool to milk Mel for his money.
Make her to pay her for all legal fees, if not deprt her back to Russia where she belongs.
Mel just stay calm,and try to cope and move on with your life as best as you can.

1463 days ago


Cold hearted whore with a cash register between her legs....

1463 days ago



1463 days ago


Heading should read: MEL GIBSON, AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRANT WITH 500 LAWYERS. Enough money to pay posters to go to various sites posting positive things about him despite the tapes of his shouting like a lunetic and making rascist comments to police officers. Go ahead anyone that can defend him on any site has no sense of decency and would probably be the same people during the 2nd world war who became friends with nazis for a buck.

1463 days ago


Didn't Lisa Bloom tell TMZ They will sue TMZ about the 39 lawyers story that is funny as hell if she is trying to do that then I Say Oxy is GUILTY Every other story on her her lawyers never said anything they bring up the 39 lawyers and Lisa Blooms has a heyday and try's to threaten TMZ that is funny but they say other stuff and she and all the other blood sucking douche bags in camp gold digger don't say one damn thing about all the other stories except this one I think that Camp Gold digger knows that what there all doing is a crock of ****.

1463 days ago


Psycho,sociopath,commie-pinko cosmetic surgery freak of nature!
What do you get when you cross Octo-mom with the Joker????
Oksana! Hahahahhaah!

1463 days ago

Cali Justice Sucks    

What I don't understand is why are these lawyers looking for Mel to pay? Even the family lawyers, this is crazy. THEY ARE NOT MARRIED!!! Why is this judge treating her like they are married? They only have a child together. Why do he have to provide her with a house? Why can't she get out there and pay her own bills? There is too much double standards taking place. I understand if Mel wants to let her live in his house because of his daughter. But that is his house, his name on the deed, he is paying the bills, he should be able to walk in there and walk out without friction.
But to pay her lawyer fees, this is too crazy. My best friend who is a pretty wealthy guy had a baby from his GIRLFRIEND, not wife and him and his girlfriend split up and they both got lawyers. She tried to do what Ox did and try to get the judge to make him pay for lawyer fees and the judge thru it out of court because they are not married. She don't get no spouse support. Just child support which he is paying $2660... per month. She tried to get more but the judge said and I quote "your baby is only 16 months old. there single moms in this court house house who receives less than what you are awarded and make it by Gettin A Job!!!"

California laws sucks. I will never ever live in California or et a female pregnate in California. The laws is not fair.

1463 days ago


crazy crazy woman...mel might have some problems ..everyone does stress and just life in general. but lady grow up!!!!!!!!! go on with ur life,,you made him CRAZY..

1463 days ago


She should be made to pay the retainer fees for each lawyer and if she cannot pay they should all work pro bono for adding to her mockery of the system. Why are 30 lawyers acting like vultures. It's sickening they should be ashamed....acting like a pack of mad dogs ready for the kill

1463 days ago


This woman's face is retarded, I hate it.

1463 days ago


Damn! She's soooo f*cking ugly!!!

1463 days ago


LOL, Oksana you are so ugly and pathetic go and jump off a cliff you will look alot better too :)

1463 days ago
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