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Russian Immigrant with

39 Lawyers

10/17/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva -- who has said she doesn't have the power to fight the Mel Gibson machine -- has hired a grand total of 39 (THIRTY-NINE) lawyers so far ... to wage legal war on her behalf.

All 39 lawyers have been doing legal work for Oksana in her fight with Mel.  Even more shocking, we know at least 18 of the 39 lawyers have submitted more than $1 million in legal bills to the court ... and they're asking the judge to make Mel pay the tab.

As for the 39 lawyers who have jumped on board team Oksana, they include: Lisa Bloom, Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, Eric George, Sonia Lee, Robin Sax, John Carlson, James Spertus, Ezra Landes, Mary Fulginiti, Amy Hinkley, Dan O'Malley, Suzie Obeda and Amanda Touchton.

But there's more ... the firm of Trope and Trope has put the following lawyers on Oksana's case:  Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley, Angela Harris, Bret Hunter, Hillary Slevin, James Durant, John Ellis, Jennifer Leong, Jonathan Pakravan, Katie Heersema, Lori Howe, Melanie Shornick, Mark Patt, Sophie Bidet, Sarah Luetto, Thomas Dunlap and Tara Scott.

And, the firm of Freid and Goldsman have put the following lawyers on Team Oksana: Manley Freid, Gary Cohen, Marci Levine, Janet Kaplan, Cori Steinberg, Susan Park, Jill Foley Alexander and Kristine Capell.

And the irony -- at the moment Oksana has no family law attorney repping her ... almost all of them have either been fired or quit.


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39 lawyers, one Oksana. I'd say Mel needs a drink!

1464 days ago


Posted at 9:17 AM on Oct 19, 2010 by Lakme
Your post shows your ignorance:
1. MG was born in NY and raised in US, he moved to Australia and never gave up his citizenship, he is not an Australian immigrant!
2. MG has lots of money, enough to do alot, does not mean he pay everybody here to defend him, what is your prove? Are you jealous of his money? If he has 50K lawyers, he pays for his legal defense.
3. Shouting and screaming is not illegal, I am sure you screamed at somebody in your life.
4. What is 2nd world war got to do with this? I am sure not MG got any money because he became friends with Nazis, any prove?
5. Please do not make a fool of yourself, do some research first!!!

1464 days ago


Yes, Mel is a s***bag, and she is a gold digging whore. I say they deserve each other.

1464 days ago


Oksana may be a Russian immigrant but she's no dummy.Chiding Mel to throw a tantrum over the phone was no coincidence.I think she has designs on his bank account but maybe it was just plan B if things didn't work out.She has a better chance of winning than another foreigner from Mexico against the Champ of the UFC in Brock Lesner.Would you get into the ring with him even if you were 300lbs of muscle?No,and I think Brock should finish this guy Cane Valesques for good.No deaths or broken bones to limbs so far in this conference but who knows,Brock just might break his leg..or?

1464 days ago


I want to see this Russian bitch-dog of a human, charged and convicted of EXTORTION, and the very day she completes her sentence, DEPORTED back to from whence she slithered, WITHOUT Mel's daughter. She should be restrained from EVER entering this country or any of it's possessions, as long as she lives. These foriegn people who come here, break the law, then claim "I didnt know the law"need to be jailed then DEPORTED forthwith. We AMERICANS are told from birth that "ignorance of the law is not an excuse", and you worthless foriegner criminals are NO exception. OKSANA GREEDgorieva, THIS MEANS YOU.

1463 days ago


@1543, Dont worry mate, LESNAR is a total beast, and velasquez is wayyyyy overated. Brock will DESTROY the wetback and send him back to the 3rd world from whence he came.

1463 days ago


this is why buying hookers on an hourly basis and then never seeing them again is always the best and cheapest option... living with a hooker will spell financial ruin!

1373 days ago
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