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Russian Immigrant with

39 Lawyers

10/17/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva -- who has said she doesn't have the power to fight the Mel Gibson machine -- has hired a grand total of 39 (THIRTY-NINE) lawyers so far ... to wage legal war on her behalf.

All 39 lawyers have been doing legal work for Oksana in her fight with Mel.  Even more shocking, we know at least 18 of the 39 lawyers have submitted more than $1 million in legal bills to the court ... and they're asking the judge to make Mel pay the tab.

As for the 39 lawyers who have jumped on board team Oksana, they include: Lisa Bloom, Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, Eric George, Sonia Lee, Robin Sax, John Carlson, James Spertus, Ezra Landes, Mary Fulginiti, Amy Hinkley, Dan O'Malley, Suzie Obeda and Amanda Touchton.

But there's more ... the firm of Trope and Trope has put the following lawyers on Oksana's case:  Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley, Angela Harris, Bret Hunter, Hillary Slevin, James Durant, John Ellis, Jennifer Leong, Jonathan Pakravan, Katie Heersema, Lori Howe, Melanie Shornick, Mark Patt, Sophie Bidet, Sarah Luetto, Thomas Dunlap and Tara Scott.

And, the firm of Freid and Goldsman have put the following lawyers on Team Oksana: Manley Freid, Gary Cohen, Marci Levine, Janet Kaplan, Cori Steinberg, Susan Park, Jill Foley Alexander and Kristine Capell.

And the irony -- at the moment Oksana has no family law attorney repping her ... almost all of them have either been fired or quit.


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is she even here legally?

1432 days ago

C. Fox    

A kind of hate this lame, unfunny, photoshop image. Please change it.

1432 days ago


Morning all...just got home a little while ago and need to be back up in 3 hours.

Looks like my comment about Oinky's MO of past conquests has stirred up a lot of talk.

You all have done your homework well.


(and a few un-named)

They have all been been extorted by Oinky in one way or another. That's how she works.

Posted at 3:29 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by LA me

LA me.

I want to know if the name Nizon rings any bells where Oksana is concerned? I read somewhere a long time ago about a guy who owns a pap business out there who may have been involved with Oksana at some point.

A part of me can see an open slot.

And I also see who someone who works in that business could know how to contact ROL or even pass along the information maybe during pillow talk.

However, I haven't been able to find a SINGLE photo of her by his company.

I wondered if you have heard that name where Oksana is concerned.

maybe it was just a rumour?

1432 days ago


Glad to see Oksana living the American Dream, 39 lawyers?, poor single mother? Lisa Bloom is a media whore just like her mother, they give lawyers a bad name!

1432 days ago


Who the hell needs 39 lawyers? She's just trying to ruin Mel. I can see why he acted the way he did. She's a crazy woman. I'm with Mel. She's just a gold digger.

1432 days ago



She has no family law aka Custody attnorney, LOL

Oh, yeah, the baby is her MAIN concern.

1432 days ago

charles almon    

She must give some BJ with those big fat lips.
No wonder Mel was begging.

1432 days ago


"@Clearly, thanks for advice but I think webmaster here is more interested in TMZG's obsession with Sweets posts from over a year ago...." --Posted at 1:13 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by sugart*ts"

Lol. I think it's hard not to notice their comments on every site. Did TMZG ever paste the comment where Sweets claimed Mel punched Oksana in the face?

1432 days ago


Los Angeles
Monday, October 18, 2010

Oksana Grigorieva is in the celeb news yet again, the serial baby maker to the stars is now rumored to have gone into a tantrum at the weekend when it is alleged that she has been making noises that she cannot find a lawyer who will bill her 2 million bucks each time they disparage Mel Gibson. confirmed over the weekend that 18 out of 39 Attorneys she has used to date had billed her north of 1 million bucks each for skewering the hapless actor Mel Gibson. But her latest crying act rumor is that she has been unable to engage a lawyer that will issue the targeted 2 million dollar bill.

This subject appears to be a big issue for the bonk machine – bonk it without a skin – wait 9 months for it to knock out a little bastard – then sit back waiting for it to skewer you for tens of millions of dollars for her keep and provide for the child!

The talent less bonk machine is now bitching that Mel Gibson has geared himself up with access - '450+ lawyer business litigation firm -- the largest in the United States devoted solely to business litigation’

To offset this unfair barrage of legal might – Oksana Grigorieva has added a new lawyer to her team this will be number 40 – new attorney Lisa Bloom was into action without delay and she has come up with this highly original claim

"Oksana is a single mother of two who's gone into debt fighting for simple justice."

Well there you have it folks we were wrong in calling Oksana a bonk machine we apologise for the incorrect descriptor we now realize she is someone who is in debt looking for justice while at the same time being a single mother of two

Phew hope we got that right we like to be accurate with facts, but like all the rest of the media thankfully we have no control over celeb bitching, gossip or rumors. Nor can we stop folks sending in emails making inferences or other gossip type text comments.

In fact one email has come in right now saying Oksana Grigorieva is the same as Jerry Brown is alleged to have called Meg Whitman a Whore. Now can you believe that someone has had the audacity to use Jerry Brown’s own words and call Oksana Grigorieva a Whore!

At that point we have to go - there will be more to follow in the Mel and Oksana legal skit!

Lisa Bloom will love the publicity as her mum is legendary attorney Gloria Allred!

Address and Contact Data

Lisa Bloom - Lisa Bloom bio - Lisa Bloom attorney

1432 days ago


Well lisa I can see your well loved

1432 days ago


I can see a musical coming up.
Something like "Snowhite and the 12 dwarfs" turned into
"Black Ash and the 39 Lawyers"

1432 days ago


Oops, where did all those dwarfs come from? LOL
Sorry. Haven´t had my coffee yet and therefore unable to count.

1432 days ago


ha ha I see yellow snow

1432 days ago


Case in point, OJ Simpson. Enough said.
so now exit and STFU you moronic lower

1432 days ago


I see the bitter old women are still here 24 hours a day defending Mel and attacking Oksana. Newsflash: He will never date you. He will still chase some girl much younger and prettier than you. And you will still be typing into your computer 24 hours a day this time next year. What a sad bunch you are.

And if you think Mel has only 39 lawyers, your ignorance is worse than your bitterness.

1432 days ago
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