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Russian Immigrant with

39 Lawyers

10/17/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva -- who has said she doesn't have the power to fight the Mel Gibson machine -- has hired a grand total of 39 (THIRTY-NINE) lawyers so far ... to wage legal war on her behalf.

All 39 lawyers have been doing legal work for Oksana in her fight with Mel.  Even more shocking, we know at least 18 of the 39 lawyers have submitted more than $1 million in legal bills to the court ... and they're asking the judge to make Mel pay the tab.

As for the 39 lawyers who have jumped on board team Oksana, they include: Lisa Bloom, Martin Garbus, Daniel Horowitz, Eric George, Sonia Lee, Robin Sax, John Carlson, James Spertus, Ezra Landes, Mary Fulginiti, Amy Hinkley, Dan O'Malley, Suzie Obeda and Amanda Touchton.

But there's more ... the firm of Trope and Trope has put the following lawyers on Oksana's case:  Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley, Angela Harris, Bret Hunter, Hillary Slevin, James Durant, John Ellis, Jennifer Leong, Jonathan Pakravan, Katie Heersema, Lori Howe, Melanie Shornick, Mark Patt, Sophie Bidet, Sarah Luetto, Thomas Dunlap and Tara Scott.

And, the firm of Freid and Goldsman have put the following lawyers on Team Oksana: Manley Freid, Gary Cohen, Marci Levine, Janet Kaplan, Cori Steinberg, Susan Park, Jill Foley Alexander and Kristine Capell.

And the irony -- at the moment Oksana has no family law attorney repping her ... almost all of them have either been fired or quit.


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Hi Chunx! The info above should be posted more often, whenever they are trying to distort the truth again... she wants the truth? she will get it.

1429 days ago


Next GloriaHOLE'S Spawn Daughter will say that Mel has ninja Laywers and PR people. You can't see them in the Media and you can't find anywhere in the RAG media where they are bad mouthing oskana. But they are "there" "somewhere" and although we can't find them, they are "killing our client" in the Media and Blogs.

This is some type of new PR weapon , she ADDS , my MOM GloriaHOLE and me have 99 percent of all the RAG Media in our hip pocket, but we don't know how 99 percent of the public HATE oksana.

So Mel must have 100's , maybe even 1,000's of ninja lawyers and PR firms doing things in some NINJA way.

Question for BLOOM: You mean you can't list them or show us websites that are printing MEL PR.

BLOOM: No, I can't. But that doesn't mean , the Ninja PR people are not doing something. They have to be, how else can 99 percent of the public think Oksana is a Lying Gold-digger Extortionist. My people aren't saying that. So it has to be these Ninja lawyers of MEL. :)

1429 days ago


The mighty oligarch of Mailbu, Mr. Gibson, on beforehand for decades has a well paid & professional team of laywers & PR-people working in all corners of his mighty dynasty. They know how to handle legal affairs in public, silently spinning the whole situation towards his goal:

"A veteran Hollywood agent who knows Gibson [says]: Well, in Hollywood, if you're smart, you don't pick a fight with someone who has a bottomless bank account. The agent's point: Gibson has made it his mission to destroy Grigorieva and will spare no expense to see her destroyed financially. Even though many despise Gibson in Hollywood, he still wields tremendous power, something that has led many top attorneys to decline representing Grigorieva.”,CST-FTR-zp14.article

It's difficult for Oksana to handle this scenario. Mel has a subtle influnece in many departments & he has "moles" working everywhere, probably including both some paid cheerleaders & "insiders" on TMZ. Secret action is Mel's weapon, so we will not be aware what is going on, whereas Oksana's team has spoken rather open to the media & thus faced the trouble of defending one detail with another & so on.

However often Mel's supporters keep repeating their hateful allegations (wh*re, golddigger, extortionist, deportation, death, etc.), one can only hope that the judge will stick to the real evidence & maintain a fair trial, which also means, that Oksana needs strong legal support to file against Mel's millions.

Mel's bunch of witch hunting cheerleaders on TMZ (pretending to be the voice of the whole world) are using the same means as their beloved master, when he abused & threatened his official girlfriend & mother of his new born child. His chauvinistic tirades, insulting his sexobject into submission, parading his monetary, social & legal powers, all to satisfy his abusive, sexual obsessions & his wish to be in full control of his surroundings, should this behaviour be approved? Should it still be possible for a mighty Man to act without moral & decency, to seduce whoever woman he wants & make her pregnant without severe consequenses for himself? Do we still live in the era of Henry the eigth?

To some the recordings has already cost deep & irreversible scars in Mel's reputation, but to his minions it just proves, that he is a very clever Alpha-male whom we should all adore. Hopefully he will be sentenced to pay a lot for what he has damaged & tried to keep hidden in privacy, but now we all know: He is a bully & a one-pointed addict, ready to destroy a woman who will not obey his will.

Wonder if he will ever come out of his cave & become a noble man.

1429 days ago


"official girlfriend" BAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO!!!

1429 days ago


here's another article that portrays oksana as the controlling one in the relationship. i noticed most of the articles also tend to mention that mel misses robyn and his kids, which kinda supports why oksana mentioned being betrayed in her email and felt mel was being influenced when he chose to listen to robyn and his daughter over her. i think this might also be the reason why she decided to get a restraining order against him on father's day, she didn't want lucia to be spending time with mel's other family:

Mel Gibson has been meeting secretly with his soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn — and his pregnant girlfriend is not impressed!

The Braveheart star is in meltdown mode as he works double time trying to please his two leading ladies.

“Mel is desperately trying to keep both Robyn and Oksana happy, and his nerves are shot,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Mel has been meeting secretly with Robyn at his Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills to hash out their divorce, and attempt to get her blessing to marry Oksana.

“He knows that Robyn still has a lot of control over his assets and their children’s opinions of him, so he’s being very nice to her. They’re getting along better than they have in years.

“When Oksana found out about Mel’s secret meetings with Robyn, she went berserk.

“The key problem is Oksana knows Mel will always have a place in his heart for Robyn, and she’s scared to death that Mel might reconsider their divorce.

“At this point, Robyn just wants the divorce to be finalized so she can move on with her life.

“And she wants the Gibson kids to be happy with both their parent’s new relationships.

“But Oksana is threatening to postpone the nuptials if Mel doesn’t stop meeting with Robyn and including her in financial matters regarding the family and the church.

“Oksana hates that Robyn is still in control of Mel’s money. She told him that there will be no wedding until Robyn is 100 percent out of Mel’s life.

“All Mel wants is peace between his new and old families, and a joyous Christmas wedding.”

Tags: mel gibson

1429 days ago


It's not necessary to read the National Enquirer article because we can see how controlling,abusive and liar she is.

I insist that all the lawyers they got fired or resigned is because they still have integrity.

1429 days ago


camp out -- Team Rabid / Team Wing-nut absolutely does. why lie about it?

afraid to make a commitment? sorry I will actually wait for evidence not sound bites and *unnamed sources*. Until then, I rather enjoy just poking holes in the ludicrous stories both sides make up & I enjoy speculating on the "what will happen when..." topic

Posted at 8:13 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by TMZgossip

Wrong again TMZg. I have not been on this board since
last Friday afternoon. However, apperantly YOU have.
I have made many comments here just voicing my opinion and
last time I checked, that's ok.

1429 days ago


But look at poor TMZg: It's got to be a sad life when you have nothing better to do than sit on this board without real friends, afraid to make any commitment one way or the other, and have nothing more to contribute than constant insults on everyone and 'I know everything statements.'

Posted at 7:58 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Sam

"SLam: Yes it's nice for a submissive underdog to make "good friends" with everybody else submissive to a Mighty Master. Alpha-males have always been thriving on such trents. The fundament of witch hunt & mobbing. Anybody with his own clear opininons would never give in to such arguments, but it clearly shows the character of SLam.

1429 days ago


SCORN-Knack the Miserable (Sorntolc)

Go crawl back into your dark cave! Oksana is a gold-digging Lying Extortionist. And she did it before to other rich guys. That is a FACT.

She is not a helpless little victim. She is a COLD and calculating WHORE who has 39 lawyers and many PR firms who has for MONTHS bad mouthed MEL, day after day. Mel has been silent and in PRAYER! :)

A normal healthy person who crossed paths with oksana the VIPER would be well ADVISED to stay FAR AWAY from HER. She belongs behind bars so she doesn't do this to anyone else.

Team MEL all the way!

1429 days ago


What is your gut on this anyway. I know you hate mel, but can't stand what the Ox is doing. I do admit you baffle me sometimes, but I do like your humor on some stuff. You also will state a lot of times what I have been thinking. If a person does that they aren't to popular on this board. :-)

1429 days ago


noble man
snor-e-o you still have a screw loose.
are you just pissy 'cause now you can't wank to your media posters of mad mel?

Posted at 8:18 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by TMZgossip

1429 days ago


i get what you mean nicole, but i just find it absolutely strange that national enquirer, which happens to be the owners of rol, never mentioned anything about physical violence at all and often portrayed oksana to be the controlling demanding one in the relationship. and mel's team ironically at that time kept claiming the exact opposite, all in an effort to make oksana look good and to make their relationship look fine and dandy. another report from september 2009, the previous one was august 2009:

With a Christmas wedding looming, pals say Mel Gibson is beginning to buckle under the pressure of his billion-dollar divorce and impending marriage to pregnant fiancee Oksana Grigorieva.

“Mel is beginning to show signs of full-fledged panic,” a longtime friend told the Enquirer. “Suddenly, everything’s not as clear-cut as he thought. He’s begun to miss his old life with Robyn and their children, and the prospect of a new bride and a newborn is beginning to terrify him.”

In one revealing moment, Mel admitted that everything is happening too fast.

“Mel has become a runaway train - the wedding, the baby, the much younger bride,” the source divulged. “Mel says he thought he knew what he wanted, but now he’s not so sure.”

Part of the problem is that Mel feels henpecked by Oksana, said the source.

“Mel said Oksana can be very demanding and often nags him about the financial details on his divorce,” the source divulged. “On top of that, Oksana wants Mel to drop at least 25 pounds before they’re married. She’s on him about how he’s letting himself go, and that the age difference between them is worse because he’s starting to look balding and bloated.”

Mel has also realized that while his 29-year marriage to Robyn wasn’t perfect, they’d built a good life together with their children, added the source.

“Mel’s life with Robyn was easy for him, and it pains him that his kids are pulling away from him because of Oksana,” said the source.

“Mel still loves Oksana, but he’s definitely gotten a case of wedding cold feet,” the source divulged. “He’s afraid he’s made a series of wrong decisions, and he’s terrified that his dreams for a great new life with Oksana could turn into a nightmare.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, September 28 2009]

1429 days ago


Correction: I should have deleted the word "mad" from tmzg above. Sorry. TEAM MEL!

1429 days ago


Snorty, you and Robin Sax both need to pop a few Midol and get your facts straight when you are feeling better.

I know it's incomprehensible to you, Mo, Anon and a few others that some women here don't want to bang Gibson and we don't see him as our "alpha-male master" and we aren't awed by his celebrity and that the "powerful combination" has turned us into blind "wingnuts." This is a CRIME story, IMO WTF? You harp on the same old post after post. Mel dumped "wingnut" and now we are watching her revenge in the press. Watching this sociopath in action would be highly entertaining if real people - her children, Mel's children, Robyn - were not collateral damage to this women's ego and mental illness.

Relationships end every day. People fall in and out of love everyday. What doesn't happen everyday is a psychopath appears with 39+ attorneys parading her droopy azz in front of the camera getting caught in lie, after lie, after lie, after lie...

1429 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Excellent articles chunx. Thanks for posting them.

1429 days ago
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