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'Beverly Hills Housewives' Hubby Went Belly Up

10/16/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member Taylor Armstrong has a husband who has a lot in common with a big celebrity ... sadly, it's Toni Braxton.

Russell Armstrong filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in October of '05, this according to docs filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court and obtained by TMZ.  The problem was simple ... Armstrong, an investor, said he had less than $50,000 in assets and debt somewhere between 1 and 10 million bucks.

Russell, who has been married to Taylor for seven years, says in the docs he made a boatload during the 1990's " boom" but took a huge financial hit when everything crashed. And it went from bad to worse after 9/11, with an IRS dispute and a "costly" palimony lawsuit filed by a former fianceé.

Looks like Taylor took the "for richer or poorer" part seriously.

A rep could not be reached for comment.


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Cravin Morehead    

Why would anyone want to watch one of these ridiculous shows? All the women (if you want to call some of them that) are hideous looking and broke!

1432 days ago


TMZ how could you post this story and not reveal the man's identity this "wife" was born with? that huge neck, giant lower jaw and Gary Shandling nose can only mean she is a man! Or, she took some weird steroids, but she is a man

1432 days ago


This is one of the worst plastic surgery jobs
I have ever seen. It looks like they just
s t r e t c h e d her skin and then gave her
Lisa Rhinna lips..YUCK! And that Maloof broad... is her husband who is the plastic
surgeon. She looks like someone who is 70,
trying to look 20..she looks just as bad. These
ladies may have money, but certainly not looks!
They are actually scarey looking....

1432 days ago


Had this PEGGED from the opening of the SHOW! AHHHAAHHAA....You could just tell this guy was sweatin' it...and when she said "Oh..he's a "Financial" bigwig" I though BINGO...BK City coming up!

The next one? will be the husband who sales "High End" Real Estate...what did his wifey say? "Oh you know the 100 MILLION dollar properties" YEA RIGHT!...BK coming up!!!

Too bad, the only ones with real money are the Maloofs and that Lisa chick...the rest? busted ass wannabe's...even Grammer's wife is a wannabe, she may end up with some cash...but the status? GONE...and the 4 nannies bit? yea, great mother there lady...can anyone say new money white trash?

1432 days ago


This show should be named "PLASTIC SURGERY GONE BAD" I mean really, there are plenty of women who have had GREAT work done...Demi Moore, the Collins sisters, the female lead on All My Children(what is she a hundred?) Courtney Cox...but these women? WHO DID THERE WOR?...find out and then go somewhere else

1432 days ago


I bet that she can put her whole fist in her mouth!


1432 days ago


I guess these people never heard of saving. I suggest money was wasted on the bad plastic surfery his wife had!!

1432 days ago


Guess what TOOL WHO KEEPS ADVERTISING ON THESE SITES...No One is EVER going to buy your FAKE CRAP...especially when you keep posting this garbage...I see you use different log ins....hope TMZ will slap you down and BLOCK your stupid ASS.

1431 days ago


has that woman looked in the mirror lately?? I don't pretend to be a plastic surgeon but that sure looks f.u. to me. It ain't natural

1431 days ago


Saw the 3 dramaettes on Joy Bahar. This one's face had been stretched so far her nostrils are flared. I could see her sinuses from my armchair. She said she had been married 9 years and it seemed like 90. Where do they find these people?

1431 days ago

Bridget Wise    

The fact that this man went bankrupt during the present or the past really isn't anybody business. TMZ should find other things to write about. Because reporting things such as this are not laughing matters and other peoples personal issues such as this should be respected. After all, people have family and children. Something like this can affect them as well. This man's finance problems are not our business.

1431 days ago


The fake chin implant was for a burly man

1431 days ago


Well maybe if she would stop spending so much money of plastic surgery they wouldn't be in so much debt! Her lips are a combination of the Joker's from batman and a trout pout!

1431 days ago


who cares? that was like 5 years ago and everyone knows venture capitalists make good deals and bad deals. Hello, everyones filed for bankruptcy. Walt disney, walmart corporation. Get educated people.

1431 days ago

Bill Leslie    

HA! They both have the same fake forced smile. Losers.

1431 days ago
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