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Big Ben Protesters Gather Outside Stadium

10/17/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hardcore Pittsburgh Steelers fan are happy Ben Roethlisberger is back today -- and they voiced their joy towards a group of Ben protesters who positioned themselves outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The various protesters were holding signs that read "Big Ben's a Jagoff," "No Means No," "Don't Let Ben Rape Again" and "Consent Is Not a Game."

But they were upstaged by Ben supporters -- who had signs of their own and shouted down the protesters as they made their way into the stadium.

If Ben throws a few TD passes today, he'll probably win them all over.

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Ben said he no longer wants to be called "Big Ben"...was nice to see his 3rd pass today upon his return was an interception. The Rooney Family are two faced. Preaching morality to the rest of us, but allowing it in their own Products. Awful stuff. Shame on the Rooneys for letting someone who is clearly a sociopath with a sexual control problem dictate how things were in that Organization for so long...their love of money overcame their supposed claim to all this Good and Moral. Bunch of phoney's the whole lot of em.

1403 days ago


#2 I guess your always guilty if your a man!

1403 days ago


Bathroom sex is not okay.

1403 days ago


Jason, DUH! He is guilty!! Ben should be in prison for rape, not in the NFL!!! A lot of you people are so dense!!

1403 days ago


"If Ben throws a few TD passes today, he'll probably win them all over."

Three...to be exact...and they won. Get a life!

1403 days ago


People who support rapists have seriously got their priorities all fvcked up.

1403 days ago


Well, he wasn't proven guilty cause if he were, he'd be in jail. Fact is, none of us know what actually happened. People tend to make thier own conclusions whether they are based on truth or not.

Regardless of any of that, do these people really have nothing better to do with their lives than protest a QB? If they feel so strongly about the subject they should do something that may actually make a difference. They could stand out there all day with their signs, it's not going to make any difference to Ben, the steelers, or the NFL. Maybe they should volenteer their time at a shelter or donate to a cause they believe in. I'm a woman and of course I don't beleve that any woman deserves to be raped or beaten or anything like that, but unfortunatly, with so many woman out there making up stories and trying to extort money from rich men, it's kind of hard to tell who's telling the truth anymore. There has been HUNDREDS of cases filed against NFL players over the last few years and less than half of them have actually proven to be fact. All the rest were false in some way. Lying about stuff like that ruins people's lives! It also makes it difficult for someone who's telling the truth to get any justice.

1403 days ago

Jim in Cali    

HAHA haters. Big Ben throws three Td's and we win again against the Brownies. HERE WE GO STEELERS, ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPER BOWL!!

1403 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Some fool wench moved to Pittsburgh a few months ago and decided to be pain in the ---! After a ridiculously long investigation no charges were ever filed. Is Ben a rapist? No. Is or was he a typical *******? Yes. He seems to have mended his way. I think I will get 10 people to protest sending monkeys in space and see if I make national news.

1403 days ago


You people are immoral morons!! He paid off the victim. She stopped cooperating with the investigation. The DA couldn't press charges without the victim's testimony. She's now a millionaire. And he's free until he screws-up again, which he will because he continues to blame everybody else.

1403 days ago


I would not get to excited Jim..It was the Browns.If he was not in the NFL he would probably be in jail.Boy has a problem..

1403 days ago


I don't think he (ben) forced that girl to do anything.. If these young women would dress and act a little more appropiate alot of these things would not occur..why do women feel the need to "skank" themselves out?? This girl was seeing dollar signs when she ran into Ben and even followed him from the first bar to the second one.. I'm glad she walked away with nothing.. That being said Ben should have known better..

1403 days ago


Wow, you can always find the jealous losers posting at TMZ. Big Ben has done nothing wrong but live life. Society has a problem with successfuly white men. Losers target these men, and hope to profit from them. The only group of that has it worse than white men are successful black men. When will society invent a quality bj machine? Women are lucky, no machine invented yet to replace them.

1403 days ago


Superdouche - Where do you get that he paid her off? You're just blathering made-up crap. Because she's not cooperating means he gave her money. You're an idiot. Here's one for ya. She's not helping the authorities because she knows that they know that she's a whore. I don't need proof or facts to back me up. I know what I'm talking about. My word is gold. See? I can do it too.

1403 days ago


To all those idiots, gve it a rest, just remember NO ONE FORCED THE DRINKS DOWN HER THROAT!!!!. Remember she was caught about a couple of weeks prior to this with FAKE ID!!!!! So what does this tell you about her. To me this is NO ANGEL.

All to try to make a buck.

1403 days ago
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