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Dina to Mama Kardashian:

What's Your Secret?

10/17/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is looking for some good ol' fashioned parenting tips from someone who knows what it's like to raise a pack of famous kidlets ... so she's turning to the expert -- Kris Jenner.

Sources tell TMZ Dina is hoping to set up a meeting of the matriarchs while she's in town visiting Lindsay in Betty Ford. We're told Dina plans on being in L.A. for about a week and would love to pick Kris' brain about how the Kardashian girls managed to do so well in the media spotlight ... while Lindsay has not.

Our sources say Lindsay and Kim had become close before Lindsay went to jail -- the two of them even met up while Lindsay was in NY visiting family back in September.

The relationship could be exactly what Dina needs ... to score a hit reality show.


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Queen Karma    

4 karen lee and 10 bob are right.

BruceJenner is the key.Robert Kardashian was too.Yeah,he beleived,at first,his good friend,OJ was innocent.Well,flipside is Kris Kardashian did not beleive her good friend ,OJ,was innocent.
Kris sided with their good friend,Nicole and Robert did with OJ.
Later,Robert saw the OJ as a killer.

1434 days ago


Kris top 5 advice to make your daughter more sucsesfull and famous and out of drugs

1.home made porn
2.naked shoots for Playboy
3.plastic boobs,lips,nose and big fat ass
4.everything you do must be publicity stunt
5.fucck only with rich guys

1434 days ago


I would have loved to have Kris Jenner for a mother. True, she does "encourage" her daughters to do things such as Playboy, but she really does seem to care about them. Dina, on the other hand, is a piece of trash who should have her children taken away-she and her ex-husband are the reason why Lindsay is the way she is. Kris could help Dina, but she really should keep her distance. The whole Lohan family needs counseling and to go to rehab.

1434 days ago


OMG...If either of those women are dishing out good old fashioned parenting...BOTH families are a mess showing no respect to anyone including themselves. The reason any of these people are famous is because we as a society now honor trash with money and fame.

1434 days ago


Kris does pimp out her girls but they are grown now and able to make decisions themselves. They don't have to do what she asks. The difference between Kris and Dina is Kris works, too. She may not do what most mothers would do but she and her kids are hard workers. That's what I learned from watching their pampered lifestyle. And Bruce was a surprise - a conservative Dad in the midst of all those girls. He better watch out for Kendal and Kylie, tho. Kris is lining them up to follow in the older girls footsteps. As for Dina - she's a disgrace to motherhood and is too stupid to even understand that.

1434 days ago


When will this attention whore stop whoring out her children....she is something the hell wonder lindsey is so ****ed up with the parents that she has...geeesh, poor kid no wonder she is an addict

1434 days ago


Theres one very big difference.....Kris does it with class as to where Dina and her offspring have none!!!!!...the lohans really really really need to go away for good!!!!

1434 days ago


This is like to blind leading the blind. You have one kid hooked on drugs and another who made a sex tape and became famous. I guess for them it is pick the type of poison you would like your kids to endure. Both of these moms need rehab! Kris needs to put down the alcohol that she has in every show, and Dina needs to go find a place that helps her with her denial. I personally will take my well adjusted, caring, and giving daughters over any of their whinny daughters and the money anyday.

1434 days ago


One major difference between the Kardashian girls and Lindsay is that they were raised by a functional father and mother who did not become enemeies after they divorced. Also, "Keeping up with the Kardashians" started when the girls were in their mid-twenties - older than Lindsay is now - and Kris kept the youngest kids mostly out of the show and spotlight, so they did not grow up under a microscope. I'm sure they're no angels behind closed doors - but they are adults capable of paying their bills and living independently, which is not something we can say for Lindsay.

1434 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

What's this? WO asking for help from another mom who manages her daughters? Amazing! Then again, just what is Kimbo's claim to fame? A sex CD and dating Reggie Bush? Really?

1434 days ago


Who is Mama Kardashian to give out advise??
If it weren't for Bruce Jenner, that household would be no better than the Lohan's.
Shame on anyone who looks up to Kris for parenting skills.
Which brings us back....perhaps she wants some tips on reality TV. That story is easier to buy.

1434 days ago


#35, Dee - you are so right. Both of these women have raised irresponsible fame seeking children and it can all be laid at their feet. For society to hold them in esteem is a sad commentary as to what is

1434 days ago


The difference is Kris Jenner's children are not coke/crackheads.

1434 days ago


Yeah, thats who Dina should get advice from. Lilo is an adult now, maybe too late for parenting. Lilo will do what she wants, when she wants, and who she want to do it with. Dina needs to talk to a shrink. Loser family

1434 days ago


This is TRULY scary!

1434 days ago
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