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Dina to Mama Kardashian:

What's Your Secret?

10/17/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is looking for some good ol' fashioned parenting tips from someone who knows what it's like to raise a pack of famous kidlets ... so she's turning to the expert -- Kris Jenner.

Sources tell TMZ Dina is hoping to set up a meeting of the matriarchs while she's in town visiting Lindsay in Betty Ford. We're told Dina plans on being in L.A. for about a week and would love to pick Kris' brain about how the Kardashian girls managed to do so well in the media spotlight ... while Lindsay has not.

Our sources say Lindsay and Kim had become close before Lindsay went to jail -- the two of them even met up while Lindsay was in NY visiting family back in September.

The relationship could be exactly what Dina needs ... to score a hit reality show.


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Both of these women are pathetic, disgusting, useless, sorry excuses for mothers. Maybe they can share some stories of how to better use your children for financial gain.

1465 days ago

Alan Carver    

@ Darkrage,

I am not a douche-bag, but I do have a very 'honest' opinion about Lohan. Whether or not you agree with it, that is the whole point behind these message boards, we love to come on here to agree to disagree. I have said nothing that is wrong or not-factual. So in the end you are the one that comes across as a douche-bag!

1465 days ago


Is this the new Mommy And Me? How to pimp out your kids?

1465 days ago


let see...advise from a women who daughters is a porn star..the other is a drunk who was arrested..the other is a unwed mother...and the mother is someone who whore her kids out to tv show..and is also a drunk..who treats her husband like a piece of crap...and all her children speak horrible to each other...i dont think this a person you should get advise from...Did any of her daughter go to college????

1465 days ago


Hmm. Kris' children don't have drug abuse problems or the deep denial that has accompanied the Lohans for years. Given that is the biggest issue dina lohan has to deal with, Kris kardashian won't be able to help dina lohan at all. I've been repeatedly astounded by Dina lohan's ability to ignore the accelerating demise of her daughter and the depth of her denial about it. I think SHE needs rehab.

1465 days ago


Dina, i simply don't treat my daughters like cash cows

1465 days ago


Rob Kardashian is a loser low life alcoholic and Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy is and abusive alcoholic to her and their son. Khloe Kardashian-Odom is a massive bully to others.

1465 days ago

Who Am I?    

I am NOT the typical mother. I say this because although MOST mothers would eat cut glass before they exploit their daughters, my entire purpose in life is to pimp out my daughters for the highest price for my own selfish purposes. I am in my 50's, look like I'm in my 60's, look like The Joker, have a face that cannot move from all of the plastic surgeries and botox injections, and act like a 13-year old with no life experience. Although I am a MATURE woman who SHOULD ACT like one, I believe that if I act young and stupid, I will remain young forever! I am afraid of getting old so I dress like a 13-year old, which TOTALLY makes people think that I'm in MY teens, right??!?!!? I have brainwashed my daughters to believe that people are jealous of them because they are my meal ticket to fame and notoriety. Since my daughters are losing their trashy appeal, I am becoming even more desperate to pimp them out. I told them that when the "fans" really disappear, we will sell their turds and used tampons on EBay. Yeah, I know that it's hard to believe, but my ass is just THAT sorry and pathetic. MOST people consider me and my daughters from my first marriage pure trash. My wh0rish ways and his own guilt for getting a double-murderer off literally killed my first husband, but I am sure that he's roasting in hell as I write this. My oldest daughter is unmarried and has a ba$tard son. My youngest daughter entered a fake marriage that I negotiated. My middle daughter took my advice and put out a sex tape! Yes, a SEX TAPE!!! I convinced her that if Paris Hilton could do one she should too since she spent wayyyyyyyy more money on plastic surgery than Paris Hilton did! After all, MY daughter paid good money for those fake boobs and that fake there was no way in hell that I was gonna let her walk this earth and not show her fake parts all the time.....HER body was made for porn dammit.....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I even told my middle daughter that I would go with her to Vivid Entertainment and negotiate the price of the sex tape before she and some random Black man did the deed on film. Aren't I the BEST mom, ever?!?!?!? Interestingly, the man in the porno HAD to be Black!!! Man! My middle and youngest daughter are addicted to rich Black ****! That's my girls!!!! After we negotiated the price of the sex tape, I told my middle daughter to pretend like the tape was leaked when Vivid releases it. I told her that even though people would question it and call her a big-time, loser porno wh0re, over time, these same people would forget all about the sex tape....especially if I could pimp, I mean parlay this filthy sex tape to other skank business ventures. I keep control over my daughters by telling them that plastic surgeons have made them the most beautiful women in the world and that everyone is jealous of them! My daughters are such good wh0res who make a lot of money for their Mama! While many mothers have daughters that go to college and do productive things with their lives, my daughters birth ba$tard children, flash their nasty boobs on balconies, enter fake marriages, are stupid plastic-surgery addicts who have the intelligence of lint, and star in their own sex tapes where they are deep ****ed and peed on!!! And it was MY idea that my middle daughter let the man in the sex tape ram her ass hole and pee on her face! Classy, huh? I am a TOTAL embarrassment to my second husband, and I have literally brought his reputation to the gutter with mine and my trashy daughters. He was once an Olympian that people ONCE respected but all of the plastic surgeries to his face have him looking like a transgender woman now. My second husband knows that I am wh0re trash but he stays with me because let's face it, who else would have either of us, considering that we are both so disgusting and fugly?!?!? I also come to US Weekly threads and write under many fake names and pretend that I am a fan. I also slam the women of Sex and the City because they are professional, naturally beautiful, talented, and well-respected ICONS. Meanwhile, my daughters are known for their stupid antics, wh0redom, and STD's. I believe that money is more important than core values like self-respect, class, dignity, honor, elegance, and intelligence. But really, I know that my family and I are pure trash and that I am an UTTER disgrace to classy, loving, unselfish mothers everywhere. I have the face of the Joker, the body of an old washed-up wh0re and am a disgrace to myself and my family. Who Am I?

1464 days ago


Probably helps to not drink and do drugs with your kids

728 days ago
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