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Justin Bieber Investigated for Assault in Canada

10/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police in Richmond, British Columbia after an alleged incident at laser tag facility ... this according to various reports in Canada.

Justin Bieber assault.
A 12-year-old boy claims Bieber (seen above at the laser tag place, with his father) hit him while playing a game, according to the reports, though he suffered no visible injuries.

A rep for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police tells TMZ the incident was reported to authorities by the boy's father. Though the rep wouldn't confirm anything about Bieber, they did say they are in the process of interviewing witnesses.

The popular Canadian blog says they spoke to a staffer at the facility who says that during the game, Bieber was cornered by several kids "and accidentally hit the kid while running away."

We spoke to a rep for Bieber yesterday who said it was absolutely untrue.


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Pathetic. Whiny little kids who have trouble making friends love to cause problems or make them up to get attention.

1467 days ago


If I got hit by Justin Bieber, I would rip his hair out.

1467 days ago


I am no Justin fan, but if he was being mobed by these braty little 12 year olds and he was just trying to get away them it's not his fault...that kid is just looking to get some cash, next thing you'll know he'll file a lawsuit claiming "emotional distress"...ridiculous!!

1467 days ago


Once again, some lame ass father of the year trying to make some cash with some bogus story... Anyone who's ever been to laser tag knows you might get hit or injured accidentally, especially little kids, they like to play rough... Some dad thought he could make a few bucks cause his kid got "hit" by a celebrity. FAIL.

1467 days ago


It's laser tag -- somebody's bound to get hurt / bumped. We have a two-level black light course locally, and you're lucky to escape a round without a bang or bruise from somebody, a corner, or a wall. If Justin punched him in the face, or threw him to the ground, that's one thing, but running into somebody during a laser tag game when they've got you cornered -- that happens.

1467 days ago


What a whiney little B....go blackmail someone else you idiot.

1467 days ago


The kid's father is a lawyer. Imagine that.

1467 days ago


Children at play

1467 days ago


Did Bieber hit him with his purse. Sooo Young to be Sooo Gay. Bieber has his own line of Nail Polish Now that is a statement of Gayness

1467 days ago


I knew it would have to be a little kid. Anyone older than 12 that would accuse Bieber of assault would have to be the biggest p***y on Earth. You'd be the laughing stock of school if word got out he beat you up.

1467 days ago


wooww i swear those little kids are so bratty and are mean seriously justin had the rite to hit them!!! he was being a jerk to him:( and im a true belieber so i dont want anything to happen:( but those kids are stupid!! they need to get a llife bc justin shouldnt be the one getting blamed here

1467 days ago


Wtf is It's so popular that I've never even heard of it??

1467 days ago


HOLD UP... THEY WERE CORNERING HIM? They were probably gonna hurt him. just because they are twelve and wat not doesn't mean they are not just as dangerous as fifteen and sixteen year olds. they were probably gonna do some Bieber damage lol. he had a right to run away and he probably accidentally hit the boy. the kid probably doesn't even like Bieber. just wanted to get him in trouble so the kid can get his fifteen minutes of fame, especially if he had no visible bruises. INVESTIGATE HIM INSTEAD! little kids are just as sleazy as adults and older teens. they're not as innocent as they were back then. there are twelve year olds making threats to other kids and getting into fights in school. no one's holding their freaking hands anymore!!! GO JUSTIN! just do ur movie and CSI and live ur life.

1467 days ago


That's a bunch of **** . They just wanna ruin his career. He aint hit no little 12 year old kid .

1467 days ago


I long for the old days when boys could duke it out on the playground and men could have bar room fights without anyone filing charges. What a bunch of ******* America has produced. Thanks of course go to the lawyers.

1467 days ago
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