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Jwoww Head-Bashing Victim: She Was 'Out of Control'

10/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jwoww went beyond the call of duty during the taping of her wrestling match last Monday -- in fact, her Snook-alike opponent claims the "Jersey Shore" star's head-slamming stunt went a little overboard.

Cookie, Jwoww's opponent, tells TMZ, “I really think that girl needs to look into some counseling. Her anger issues are obviously out of control."

She adds, "Then again if my face looked like that, I'd be pretty pissed at the world too.”

According to sources close to the lady wrestler, TNA medical personnel gave her a serious head-check after the beating she took ... but thankfully she was fine.

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I have thought this same thing ever since I watched the show the first time. She lives to drink and then assault others. Her anger is out of control. She's constantly trying to pick a fight with anybody including her self proclaimed friends. This girl will be jailed eventually. TV series or not, assault is not funny and you aren't a hero for acting like that.

1436 days ago

Steve (Detroit, MI)    

Wow, TNA is really milking this thing out as far as they can, huh? lol

1436 days ago

keith Grillman    

Um if i recall this is wrestling it's 50/50% fake & real. If i got slapped i would do the same thing JWoww did to "Cookie" and that's how any woman wrestler reacts if they get slapped or a guest celebrity. So this "anger" issue should be thrown to the side because anger is not the case here when it comes to wrestling and putting on a good show. Why is TNA Total Non-stop Action wrestling pulling a Jersey Shore anyways? It's pointless.

1436 days ago


JWow goes into a club and drinks and assaults other women. That's not fake and scripted. Several of these private citizens have filed lawsuits against her and others on the show. Not fake in the least. Watch the shows. She's always chanting about assaulting somebody. Even Sam.

1436 days ago

Ozzie X    

I think Jenni is gorgeous. I find it funny how everyone else thinks it is degrading and reprehensible doing what she is doing. Why? you are a bunch of self loathing unapproachable douche bags that can't handle a woman... get real let her have her lime light.

1436 days ago


The professional wrestler was out of line with her insult about JWoww's face. I personally think Jen Farley is absolutely beautiful, naturally. The wrestler can't fault JWoww either because she is not a professional wrestler and a few days of lessons wasn't enough. And besides, who the heck doesn't have an anger issue?

1436 days ago


So she's a little stiff, and Cookie works the angle putting her over. Slow Sunday, TMZ?

1436 days ago


jwowws the only good lookin chick on jersey shore, that ive seen

1436 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Who is Cookie? She's just pissed because after all her lame trash talking, Jenny kicked her ass. And Jenny may have fake boobs but she has a lovely face.
Seems kind of stupid to complain about getting hit after agreeing to compete in a wrestling match- that started with a bitch slap. If you dish it out "Cookie" you should be able to take it.

1436 days ago


Why does that wrestler's voice sound so squeeky & broken up...she sounded nervous & damn is she ugly.

1436 days ago


#5, JLS,
Jersey Shore is just as scripted and edited as TNA dumbass.
Get a grip.

1436 days ago


i wish i could take my anger out that way. Job well done. Ya'll seen her on T.V. This **** is not new.

1436 days ago


It's wrestling, what'd she think was going to happen? She got one wimpy-ass slap in and immediately got owned and she's obviously just bitter that she got humiliated by a Jersey Shore drunk. And what's she talking about with fake-ness? She's got the Snookie poof going, black french tips, big fake boobs. Oh, I get it. She must be mad that she hasn't been able to save up for the lipo that JWoww got. Lady, if you can't beat someone who was probably tipsy to begin with, you need to step out of the game and stop whining to the press. And Cookie? Damn, that's even worse than JWoww.

1436 days ago


well this supposed to be stage up
but I think Jwooww wasnt staged enough
and beat her unexpected
well she screwed up
no wonder everyone ran off the stage

1436 days ago


JSL...STFU. first off do you think she does this for free? cleary she is payed to do jersey shore and this event. This ugly troll deserved the beating that was handed to her. And jwow STANDS UP FOR HERSELF. if she didnt she would be a carpet and would be abused. So theyre ya go. Stop HATING ON HER SHES DOING HER THING. DAMMIT

Given the chance ANY OF YOU would do what she is.

1436 days ago
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