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Jwoww Head-Bashing Victim: She Was 'Out of Control'

10/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jwoww went beyond the call of duty during the taping of her wrestling match last Monday -- in fact, her Snook-alike opponent claims the "Jersey Shore" star's head-slamming stunt went a little overboard.

Cookie, Jwoww's opponent, tells TMZ, “I really think that girl needs to look into some counseling. Her anger issues are obviously out of control."

She adds, "Then again if my face looked like that, I'd be pretty pissed at the world too.”

According to sources close to the lady wrestler, TNA medical personnel gave her a serious head-check after the beating she took ... but thankfully she was fine.

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I knew she was a man,with a hammer.

1469 days ago


uhhhhhhhhh TMZ you do realize the chick that said that was staying in character right??

1469 days ago

Sammi Sucks    

I cannot even BELIEVE some people would think the jwoww took it too far. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She is not a professional wrestler, and if this "Cookie" w*ore can't handle the heat, then she should not have agreed to wrestle her.
She is an idiot for saying jwoww has an ugly face... has she looked in the mirror?
Lawsuits? WHO CARES! People are probably just sueing her cause they know she has money. This "assault" you talk about is crazy.... A LOT of people get into fights when they are at the club. I am not saying its right, but jwoww is not any different then any other club goer. Get a grip JLS.
Oh yeah.... Sammi needed to get her a** kicked. She's an dumb bi*ch.

1469 days ago


I say they are just milking it. I couldn't even watch half of the 1 minute video. I was starting to get nauseous from these bitches.

1469 days ago

Adrian Zupp    

"Entertainment" just keeps getting more and more mindless. We're being treated like morons.

I invite you to take a look at my blog post THE IDIOT CULTURE:


and another on "reality" TV:


Take care,
Adrian Zupp

1469 days ago


Uh, it's TNA. That is what supposed to happen.

1469 days ago


If you can't take a bump, you're in the wrong business.

1469 days ago


You guys, YOU GUYS. C'mon.

You do know that TNA is a professional wrestling company, and professional wrestling is FAKE, right?

You do know that Jwoww got paid $15,000 for this one-time appearence right?

You do know that "Cookie" in the video is professional wrestler Becky Bayless who is playing a parody of everyone's favorite Shore housemate, Snooki, right?

You do know that this was all staged to get publicity, right?

You do know that Becky & Jwoww have pics of them together, smiling after the taping of this "beatdown" right? Check Becky's Twitter?

You people...seriously.

1469 days ago


I think what makes jwoww so ugly is her wantabe tuff girl additude. She trys so hard to act and sound tuff. She is nothing more then a drunken bully.She didnt whip little skinny Sami's ass, she screamed at her then pushed her down while she had food in her hands. Sami got up and took it to her. For someone who acts as bad as she does I was exspecting sooooo much more. According to her she wasnt even drinking that night,and still couldnt whip Sami's ass.Super funny to watch!!! Sami is just a dumb girl in love with ugly Ronnie.Alot of females have at least one dumb friend who stays with their cheating boyfriend.Wrestling is fake for the most part.Im sure that cookie snooki girl was suppose to talk mad crap then act like she was beat up. They want people to watch the show. I never heard of it till it was on this web site.....

1469 days ago


How can people say this is fake, when 99% of the entertainment we watch on tv is fake. I guess the stuff on CSI & Criminal Minds are real.

1468 days ago


Oh jeeze, people actually think any of this is real? Please tell me you don't vote or procreate. Anyway, Jwoww killed it on TNA, loved her appearance.

1468 days ago


Back of the head is the most sensitive part of your head

there is no protection , how many times do u hear someone slipped and hit the back of their head

1468 days ago

Throwback kid    

Hey Cookie it could have been worse! At least that beast JWoww didn't brath her rotten cigerette breath all over you.

1468 days ago


I'm disgusted,Men should NOT beat up on woman....period!

1468 days ago


@ #28!!!! Your stupid!!!! Sammi did NOT whoop jwows ass... She would've busted Sammi all up if Ronnie wasn't getting infront and blocking her everytime she was going to get sammi.... Learn your facts before posting.... UGH!!!! You irritated me...

And as far as the wrestling match, "cookie" stop crying like a lil B**ch!!! You fake ass SNOOKI!!!!!

1468 days ago
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