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Jwoww Head-Bashing Victim: She Was 'Out of Control'

10/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jwoww went beyond the call of duty during the taping of her wrestling match last Monday -- in fact, her Snook-alike opponent claims the "Jersey Shore" star's head-slamming stunt went a little overboard.

Cookie, Jwoww's opponent, tells TMZ, “I really think that girl needs to look into some counseling. Her anger issues are obviously out of control."

She adds, "Then again if my face looked like that, I'd be pretty pissed at the world too.”

According to sources close to the lady wrestler, TNA medical personnel gave her a serious head-check after the beating she took ... but thankfully she was fine.

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No Avatar


It's fake people...

Just like Jwow's boobs.

1465 days ago


You signed up for it to be on camera and get some $. Stop crying. You sound like you're in the wrong business.

1465 days ago


im only 11 i live in nj and 4 any1 ? thinks thats wrong u r the stupidest person alive!!!!! That ugly a** cookie deserved it wih her wanna b snooki puff and high pich voice its agravating!!!!!

PS JWOWW is the 2nd best jersey shore chick snooks 1st

1465 days ago


Look i have watched wrestling for years and yes it is half real half fake. the bumps are real but the storylines are fake. if u looka at jennys face b4 te brawl u can see clearly smiling trying not to laugh. The beatdown was fake but her bad bashing was way off from where its supposed to be, which is on the mat, not the side of the ring. Furthermore jenny is not the only one on the show with issues, all of them have issues so keep paersonal problems to ur self and let the entertainers do their job, ENTERTAIN!

1465 days ago


Uh, what did she expect? She sucker-slapped Jenny. Hello?
The hand is quicker than the eye.

1465 days ago


It isn't fake people get hurt in wrestling all the time! the contact is real!

1465 days ago


i will bang out with that bitch she is
always picking on females that u know they wont bang out with her yah think she got anger issues come see me and yeah i will fight dudes u think u big cause u tap that old as ***** situation i show u was real

1464 days ago


First, to all you haters thinking JWOWW has a problem with anger management, obviously you haven't see the more recent TMZ video of the bi%tch "Cookie" (what kind of name is that?) Anyway, go back to most recent videos and watch her coming out of some stupid store bitching at camera crew from TMZ saying, "what? You guys don't have a life or something you just wait out here?" Sorry hon, but you should be happy TMZ is even putting you on camera and they only are bc you got your ass wooped. Then she said she only got a beat down bc it was 4 on 1, hello the other girls didn't touch her. I think JWOWW did exactly what she should've done-she let the stupid girl run her mouth & get JWOWW worked up just listening and the girl threw the first punch so stop writing JWOWW has the anger problem. If you listen to tht stupid chick she has the anger problem and bc she wanted to take on JWOWW she took the risk of getting her as$ beat. So be it. Cookie will be last wks news soon enough.

1464 days ago


hahahaha jwoww u go girl.

1464 days ago


j-woww didnt even say one word to instigate this. "cookie" was talking a lot of smack, then gave j-woww a smack, she had it coming to her. dont try to act tough and say or do things and not expect a response, in which ever way that may be. but in this case, the b!T)h had it coming!

1462 days ago


well i love JWoww, stop hateing just because she can beat any girls ass shes a tough bitch theres nothing wrong with that!

1461 days ago


I would eat that ass for hours! Mmmmmmm!

1449 days ago

marcus grey    

**** jwoww.i cant believe tna spent even one cent on that dog.if i had been that tna wrestler i would have refused to work with her

1363 days ago


what are you ***s kidding me? she didnt look mad at all everyone knew it was gonna happen, it just made me laugh more then anything.

1356 days ago


TNA Wrestling is staged wrestling. None of it is real. In any case, anyone who is a "professional" wrestling entertainer shouldn't be calling someone out on their anger or violence issues. Biggest hypocritical comment ever!

1318 days ago
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