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Oksana's Newest Lawyer

Angry at Mel, TMZ

10/17/2010 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's latest addition to her legal team is lashing out after our story yesterday -- that Oksana has had at least 39 lawyers working for her in her legal war with Mel Gibson -- claiming Mel has an armada of lawyers and others trying to stomp Oksana down.

Lisa Bloom claims "Mel has a fleet of highly aggressive law firms fighting her at every turn, including one which calls itself a '450+ lawyer business litigation firm -- the largest in the United States devoted solely to business litigation.'" 

Although the current war is over custody, support and alleged crimes and not business litigation, Bloom adds, "This is only one of at least four known major law firms behind the scenes, as well as publicists, marketers, and public relations agencies."  Bloom says, "Oksana is a single mother of two who's gone into debt fighting for simple justice."

TMZ broke the story ... at least 18 of Oksana's lawyers have submitted bills to the court totaling more than $1 million, and they've asked the judge to make Mel foot the bill.

Bloom says Oksana has had only "a handful" of different law firms in this case, adding, "Though occasionally other lawyers in their firms may have pitched in."  Bloom says, "It is totally false to say she's had 39 lawyers."  We have listed all 39 lawyers -- Bloom has not said which of the 39 she believes were not working on the case. 

Click here to read Lisa Bloom's full statement. 


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Once the court stops giving her unlimited access to Mel's money to pay for her "fleet" of attorney's, they will all fall by the wayside, one by one. In the end, the only representation that really counts is Horowitz, and even Oksy knows it.
Posted at 3:02 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by Michael

Boy after all those lowers she's been through and that's what she's stuck with. Wouldn't that just give you a warm fuzzy if you were in her boat.

1433 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Holy sh*t Lisa Bloom learn to lie and guess who taught her that right Mamma Gloria allb*tch and oh please Lisa Oskanks only want Mel hard earn money he made and Oskankslut doesn't give rat ass about Lucia and Lucia is cash machine for your gold digging client Oskankslut.

say by halloween Lisa Bloom by histiory

1433 days ago


Can you imagine 450 legal leech vultures sitting on a fence working for Mel! They will suck the meat off his bones and then turn their backs. He's dumber than I thought he was. Bloom is just another one trying to defend the poor little Russian girl....yikes.

1433 days ago


Boy after all those lowers she's been through and that's what she's stuck with. Wouldn't that just give you a warm fuzzy if you were in her boat.

Posted at 4:05 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by txcn

No kidding, this looks about as helpful as Horowitz's release of Eric George's "cease & desist" letter. But atleast LB is proud to have another client that's not a convicted felon (yet.)

1433 days ago


Whaaaaa... Whaaaaaa..... Whaaaaa... What a frigging crybaby. Ox is getting exactly what she deserves and hopefully she'll bring ole Turkey Neck down with her.

1433 days ago


Ummm Lisa has repped Micheal Lohan for how long?? hmmm say no more....

1433 days ago


You mess with the bull you get the horns.....Oxy....

1433 days ago


Morning Team Mel/Truth

I was thinking, that letter from LB attached to this article...Why is there no legal head/firm head..just a plain old simple letter anyone could have typed....Lisa Bloom attorney of the very professional

1433 days ago


I was waiting for this statement from Bloom. The problem is that Mel uses approx. 4 firms on a regular basis and has from day one. (Not included in this number is Blair Berk who is the criminal trial attorney.) Bloom should know that business law firms are not normally involved in DV, Child Custody or Extortion cases that involve trial litigation. Gibson's attorneys haven't quit, resigned the case, nor were they fired.

Bloom's "poor little Oksana" posturing has zero effect these days. She is being dishonest, here, as well as obvious.

1433 days ago


So Loony Bloomy would have us believe that Mel hired a large business litigation firm to go after poor Oinky. Does she really think we are that stupid? I would guess that Mel has had them on retainer for a very long time and I'd be certain it's for his many businesses. Or is OInky considered a business gone bad? Bloomy, I hope not only do you read the TMZ stories, but you also read the comments. OINKY is a golddigging hustler...get it? We don't like that. Get it? We want her to go to prison for extortion. Get it?

1433 days ago


God morning to Team Mel and hugs to all....

1433 days ago


Ooops...typo...meant to say good morning

1433 days ago


I suspect we are going to be hearing a lot from Bloomy. She has no class; needs to park her face in front of a camera at all times (just like mommy dearest) and all that spin makes me nauseous. ROL will have "exclusives" everyday. Please, DA, spare us the agony. Charge her and let's get this over with.

1433 days ago


title should read: gold digger hires gold digger to taste gravy train

1433 days ago


Lisa Bloom, in case youre wondering, lowers is how Oksna spelled lawyers in an email to Mel.
You might not be familiar with the case being new and all. It seems you're still stuck to taking the recordings at face value. (either that or you're just being a lower)

Many posters here can fill you in on her background and what so far has transpired in the case, who her lowers have been, her men who seem to have a predisposition to break windows to get to her, her "patent", her "royal" calendar, how Jack Nicholson was so moved by her plight and paid for an ex-con security guard to protect her and who she allowed near the baby, ... and so much more....

1433 days ago
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