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Mel to Oksana

Relax, You'll Get Your Money

10/17/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson ain't gonna pay Oksana Grigorieva the $20,000/month in child support until the judge clarifies if OG's housing is included in the payment -- much to the dismay of Oksana's layers, who were shot down in court on Friday ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana's 39th lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said Friday that Mel Gibson was a deadbeat dad, insinuating he was behind on child support. But sources connected with the case tell us ... the new child support order signed by Judge Scott Gordon is unclear as to whether it includes Oksana's housing payments -- payments Mel has been making from the get-go.

Mel has been paying Oksana $5,000/month in child support in addition to all of Oksana's housing expenses. But now that the judge has upped the monthly child support to $20k, we're told Mel's team wants clarification -- is it 20$k including or plus housing expenses?

Until the judge clairifes his order ... Mel will continue paying $5,000/month.

Oksana's lawyers tried to force Mel to pay the $20K immediately, but we're told the judge said he would take the matter up in November ... as previously scheduled.


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Jeez...better hope for her sake, Robin Sax, hasn't started an onslaught of wing nutted posters on her site. Wonder what her label would be for OX?

1463 days ago

Lynn M    

What Robin Sax fails to understand is the devil is in the, the "injury" (baby pimple) to Lucia, the contradictory statements about the fight, how the tapes came to see the light of day, inabbility to retain her team of competent lawyers, questionable injuries, and so much more.

1463 days ago

Lynn M    

Even in the best neighborhoods in So Cal, one can get rats. They live in the palm trees. A good exterminator does the trick. It doesn't mean the home is unlivable, as Oksana wants us to believe.

1463 days ago


Legally, the moeny belongs to the kids and she is to use it entirely to bring the kid up, not to buy herself a bigger house.

She need to have it clarified.

1463 days ago


It takes 40 lawyers to figure this out? What's with this Judge? He has the final say? Financial Rape is Financial Rape doesn't matter how much money you have.

1463 days ago


I was wondering when someone might catch on that the composition of posters here is possibly a random sampling of the potential jury pool out there.

@Who'sthat #341. Maybe Ox has courted those in the legal field prior to hooking up with MG.... maybe she has a friend in the judge and it's about the phone tapes she has of him, sort of like the Russian version Heidi Fleiss? Lots of visitors to that restaurant prior to MG, or was she living a celibate life between Dalton and Gibson.... :)

1463 days ago


20K a month!?!?!? That's insane! Like of dislike Mel...that's insane and I think she deserves much more! I mean, how can ANY gold digger...I mean...loving mother live and raise a child on those peanuts????

1463 days ago


child support get ridiculous high when the father/mother who's being targeted has big dollars. i don't think it fair. child support should be just that, 'child' support and not an excuse to cheat somebody out of their money or punish them for not wanting to be with you or marry you. this woman should get a job like real 'ordinary' people. pay for your own rent like 'ordinary' people. so what he has big paper - he earned it, not her. doesn't matter if he's a jerk, racist or whatever other label, it still has nothing to do with 'child support.'

1463 days ago


I, too, don't understand why the judge and justice system is allowing this woman to incur extreme legal fees if in the end it is billed to Mel Gibson. I once experienced a situation where the law wasn't being enforced. I realize that the person residing over my case was acting prejudice so I wrote a letter to his supervisor to that effect. I stated that I believe the person was taking my case personally since maybe his real life situation had angered him. It was true; As soon as I sent the letter sure enough I was assigned a different case worker and the case was properly resolved. It was sad but it is true. I wonder if the judge is making it personal. As far as all those greedy lawyers she's hired - enough said! What do they care because in the end they are hoping to get some of Mel's money, too. This is why the world is in the state it is. Unfairness sometimes breeds unfairness.

1463 days ago


I think it would have been ..REALLY CUTE... if Harvey had worn a red skirt and come out and shook his butty at the camera!

That would have brought the house down!

1452 days ago
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