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Mel to Oksana

Relax, You'll Get Your Money

10/17/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson ain't gonna pay Oksana Grigorieva the $20,000/month in child support until the judge clarifies if OG's housing is included in the payment -- much to the dismay of Oksana's layers, who were shot down in court on Friday ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana's 39th lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said Friday that Mel Gibson was a deadbeat dad, insinuating he was behind on child support. But sources connected with the case tell us ... the new child support order signed by Judge Scott Gordon is unclear as to whether it includes Oksana's housing payments -- payments Mel has been making from the get-go.

Mel has been paying Oksana $5,000/month in child support in addition to all of Oksana's housing expenses. But now that the judge has upped the monthly child support to $20k, we're told Mel's team wants clarification -- is it 20$k including or plus housing expenses?

Until the judge clairifes his order ... Mel will continue paying $5,000/month.

Oksana's lawyers tried to force Mel to pay the $20K immediately, but we're told the judge said he would take the matter up in November ... as previously scheduled.


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To bad a gag order is not what it used to be.

Oh well Oksana and Lisa are tripping over their tongues. Tee Hee

The Judge should make sure the money goes to Lucia and Lucia only. Oksana should provide the court once a month receipts on everything she buys for Lucia from diapers to lollypops.

1465 days ago



Ox has Lowers and you see the common effing thread of her life?

1465 days ago


Horowitz physically reminds me of Richard Nixon. I see Lisa Bloom as being the new face of Team Oksana. Horowitz will hatch the dirty deeds and Lisa Bloom spin them directly to ROL. Bloom stated they will be back in court Monday. Just was wondering, if Horowitz will make an appearance?

1465 days ago


Geeze, Mike, yesterday you were making racist statements against blacks, saying housekeepers weren't worthy, and today you are saying people that live in trailers are trash and bums, and you want to call Mel Gibson out?

1465 days ago


************ STOP THE PRESSES ************


1465 days ago


Wasn't Oxgoad suppose to get 5 million for herself over time? Oxgoad's greed knows no bounds, I hope she gets nothing. Mel always said he will take care of his daughter. Children can grow up to be independent, healthy, balanced assets to society without having a Mommy that needs her every sociopathic, greedy whim met......FREE LUCIA! FREE ALEXANDER!

Posted at 11:02 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by kickaboo

Yes, Ox was going to receive her own pile of money including 1 million up front and $10K a month for herself plus lump sum payments.

1465 days ago


How many of you divorced, married or single mothers (or fathers) out there are damn proud of yourself for supporting yourself and contributing along with the child's other parent to their support and care? (We are not rich, our kids are gonna have student loans--that breaks our hearts--but the pride in our kids is enormous.) It is about esteem, dignity and pride...which the child learns from....doesn't Oksana get that? One always wants better for your child, but sometimes it is not just about $$$$...or about you. Good gosh, Gibson will struggle to teach Lucia not to scam, freeload, swindle, extort, lie, scheme, etc. from other people like her mother and grandparent. And yes, Gibson has demons but at least, he admits it and seeks help. Have you heard Oksana take responsibility for her own actions once? It took a Judge about the 2xfelon, then she claimed ignorance!

Oksana could have been living a peaceful life, you deal and get along, not look to scheme for more money. Her baby was set, Oksana and Alexander had a beautiful home to live. What? She had $7500 tax free monies coming in ....expenses paid home and she couldn't deal?

"You are gonna pay, boy, you are gonna pay".

1465 days ago


This is ridiculous, with $20.000/month in cild support for an infant a mother can afford housing and other expenses! I really miss Judge Judy now!

1465 days ago


Joao -
LOL, that's great. Looks like Mrs. Gloria is going to have spend time digging out all the places the reprinted the Hollywood Reporter story.

1465 days ago


This whole thing is fakking disgusting, I hope someone runs up and stabs this whore soon. She has a lot of people truly hating the fact that she even breathes, she might want to see if she can still jump on that 15 mil and break the fk out and never be heard from again. For her own safety.

1465 days ago

voice of reason    

So ugly Bloom Pants on Fire KNEW this coming out of court whens he stood on the steps and threw slanderous crap at Mel.

She grows uglier before our eyes, just like Ox.

Posted at 8:46 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by Sam

This is worth repeating, Sam.

Anything that comes out of that camp should be viewed with FILTERED GLASSES on.

1465 days ago


gloria allred school

1465 days ago


Because it needs to be kept front and center... :0

1465 days ago


Tellthetruth59 @ Bard59 ...

this canadian site still has it.

1465 days ago


So ugly Bloom Pants on Fire KNEW this coming out of court whens he stood on the steps and threw slanderous crap at Mel.
She grows uglier before our eyes, just like Ox.
Posted at 8:46 AM on Oct 17, 2010 by Sam

So true. I hope the justice system does something about these liars

1465 days ago
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