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Judge Orders Mel Gibson to Appear for Deposition

10/18/2010 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was ordered to appear for a deposition within the next few weeks as part of the ongoing child custody case with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson deposition.
We're told he's been ordered to give his depo some time before November 10. Oksana will also give her deposition, but it will take place on a different day. Both depositions will be supervised by a judge.

Sources say the depo will cover child custody issues only.

We're also told that the judge will clarify on November 10 whether the $20,000/month Mel has been ordered to pay in child support includes Oksana's housing costs.


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Well, Mike on TMZLive is an idiot, it's comfirmed.

Posted at 1:58 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Sam

He shouldn't be allowed on there w/o Harvey.
Sorry Mike!

1431 days ago


Why has this slut girlfriend of his not been deported yet - to Siberia?

1431 days ago


I didn't get to listen to tmz live today, anything good?

Sam, I figure the same but I sure hope they make her an example so other women will get the message loud and clear, this won't be tolerated!

1431 days ago


sweetheart take a breath and go to discussing mode ok?

1431 days ago

karen lee    

It's just good defense strategy -- to the last moment (for Mel). Ox apparently has part of her depo was -- just needed to sit for another day.

HOW MUCH $$$ she would be expected to get -- they weren't even ENGAGED. They never been LIVED together ...

The stinky gold=digging Russian tramp ... deserves to been DEPORTED.

1431 days ago


@1: If you are subpoenaed for a deposition, you must attend. In certain cases, if a deponent is unavailable, the deposition is rescheduled. And vacations are NOT a valid reason to reschedule a deposition. 99.9% of the time, all parties are notified a head of time before the deposition is scheduled and subpoeans served so as all parties are able to attend. Oh and the judge ordering really is no big deal. If Mel was subpoenaed, he must attend and it seems the date is okay with him.

Posted at 1:06 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Mandy
Mandy. Parties at least in California are not subpeonaed to their own deposition. A notice will suffice. And all the notice they need is 15 days (10 days +5 for mailing) or 10 days is hand delivered.

1431 days ago


You know if she would have a strong case , she would have needed 1 good lawyer that would rap things up and take it to court.
Because she has 40 says "I need everybody to think of a way to make it happen and that I get my $$$$."
She has the biggest weasels on her team and still can't make her win this case.

1431 days ago


There was no deposition present at OG's deposition she gave previously, so you can understand how this case has heated up.

I meant to say....there was no JUDGE present at OG's deposition...

1431 days ago


Felt bad for Ox at 1st but now feel they deserve each other, what a couple of sleazy losers they are

1431 days ago


Wonder how many times a day Oksana calls her "lowers" and bitches?

1431 days ago


Wondering...nice going on the questioning! When you're hot, you're hot!

I miss Harvey though. Mike is just taking up air time.

1431 days ago


Ugh, I'm just confused now. Thanks for everyone giving their opinions, makes lots of sense to me now.

1431 days ago


Did you watch the video?

1431 days ago


Mike is still better then that condescending other guy, whatshisname. Harvey rules and should put surfer boy on before that wise-ass one, better yet--one of the women for a change.

1431 days ago


i think harvey should make tmz internet tv friendly

1431 days ago
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