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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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Ask Hassleton and Betty Ford for their success stats and this is what will happen....

"Now... now ... we can not release any information regarding other people's medical records. Just give us your money and we will give you a room. What? No money? No medical insurance? Sorry ... our beds are full right now ...maybe try the rescue mission downtown."

Money talks and ..... b.s. walks.

I wouldn't give any secular rehab one nickel of my hardearned money if they didn't show me up front that they actually could help me. Trust them? Why? Because they have a name? Let's put some stats with that name ... then I will give you my money. If not... then see ya.

1412 days ago


Hey Pam you're a stupid f*cking c*nt! nuff said! As for you Ernie, statistics can easily be faked, if Betty Ford's success rate was as low as you said it was, there's no way it would've remianed open. Besides the staff have cured plenty of people with addictions that were FAR worse then Lindsay's, Ozzy Osbourne being one example, he should've been dead a million times over, if BF can cure someone as f*cked up as Ozzy was, then it's definitely not at all farfetched for them to be able to cure Lindsay.Also like i said Faith-based programs are NOT always a better option for every person, Teen challenge certianly dosen't sound like the right program for Lindsay(besides I'm not so sure they'd even WANT her to join as they might not want to harbor someone with her kind of publicity) also yes addiction does end once you sotp, but what you don't get is that stopping subtance abuse isn't NEARLY as simple as you make it sound, it can take some people years to be able to quit substance abuse, I know that for a fact because many people in my family have substance abuse issues, so I take offense whenever people try to simplify addiction by telling people to just quit, well I got news for ya, it ain't that simple! My aunt tried to quit smoking and only succeeded for a few months before relapsing, and she hasn't been able to quit since, but that dosen't mean she's a bad person, she just had alot of other problems to deal with(my cousin mostly) My grandmother became an alcoholic after she got into an accident, though she did eventually recover, another one of my distant relatives drank herself to death due to stress, a close friend of hers said that she would never be able to stop drinking until she killed herself, and no faith-based program could've possibly helped her out. Some people can quit more easily then others, it depends on alot of underlying factors, again i'm not saying that Lindsay is completely blameless for her actions, but there were also many other things that contributed to her problems(her father being one of them) I'm just saying that you can't just quit being addicted just like that, it takes alot of time and effort, and not everyone uses addiction as a means to avoid blame, that certainly wasn't the case with any of my relatives, they just had alot of problems to deal with, so you can't judge everyone with an addiction. Lindsay is serious about getting better, if she wasn't serious then she would've checked into one of those rehabs that cater more towards celebs, like Promises, but she chose one of the strictest rehab facilities in existence, so that has to mean something. I believe that can and are really helping her, and as long as someone is hleping her that's all that really matters, I just hope that the judge decides to sentence her to rehab rather then jail.

1412 days ago

Tom Jones    

List? This Do u che bag is on my S H I T list. What an a-hole.

1412 days ago


Hey darkrage --thanks moron! I just won $100 bet that you would do exactly what you did. Maybe you should change your name to darkloser. Quit ranting at people you don't know and get some therapy.

and no, I am not splitting it with you

1412 days ago


darkage6 - sorry to hear of all the problems substance abuse has caused in your family.

Teen Challege helps and cures mainly junkies. Hard core ... down and out junkies. Now ... if they can help junkie beat their addictions then I am sure little old Lindsay Lohan's problems could easily be fixed... for good.

You make statements like you think it would not work for Lindsay. You don't even know anything about TC nor Betty Ford. Just because some other celebrity got help doesn't mean everyone does that goes there. Again, it all boils down to the individual...not the place.

I know many people who never went to any rehab and are no longer addicted to drugs or booze. They just got fed up with be fed up. It was no magicial cure from Betty Ford or Betty Boop.

Get help wherever you can. If you have big money then spend big money. If you have no money then there are programs around who can help. Money will not buy you sobierty... or heal you of anything.

I wish LL and anyone else who wants to get straight the best. No ill feelings on my part. There is no reason for one to be addicted to anything or anyone.

HOWEVER, if I had my choice ... I wouldn't spend a penny on a program who would not at least showed me some stats to prove they work. Just look at LL's track record. How many rehabs is five? Oh.. but she wasn't serious one would say. Oh really? A program should work even if you are not serious. If not, then why take their money?

Again ... it is not about the place .. but the person and what is offered as a program. If you apply faith-based your chances jump big time. But, now why would anyone want to get healed when they can stay addicts all their lives and go in and out of jail and prison and spend huge money on attorneys, bail, loss of work, etc. etc.????

1412 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Yeah he's on the list...The I'm a douche bag list..

1412 days ago

billy cema    

Next, we'll gasp as we read that Michael is gay, or bi!

1412 days ago

Sad sad    

Honestly, the world is mentally ill. I mean really we could sit here all day and nit pick everyone's mental illnesses/diseases such as over cleanliness (OCD), smokers, Food addictions, too much tv, too much sex, too much TMZ. I mean everyone one is ill. No one classifies it as such interferes with everyday life and even still people just go on.

You do know being depressed and sad is a normal human emotion and you experience it for a reason? People are getting confused as to what is healthy and what is not. I mean you can't blame them. The commercial...Are you feeling sad and depressed? Feelings of loneliness?? OMG who does not feel these things? We got a pill for you because a doctor said you are forever screwed? ack! Great message we send. I'm sure there's a clinical disease for me picking my ear. Mentally ill, disease and behavioral disorders goodness. This whole sha bang bang stems down to this....abuse and or neglect in some form or another. Be it emotional, physical whatever. These are actions from a cause. These dam doctors keep wanting to pill everyone up which does nothing for the issue but be a band aid. In some cases worse cause people use the prescriptions as a crutch. I am all for therapy. We can argue the above till we're blue in the face. Just because you consciously don't understand what's going on subconsciously you carry everything. It takes a lot of emotional digging and most people want a quick fix. In fact society pushes that. God forbid you have a bad day watch how the world reacts. Push it away and it will come and bite your as s another day in another way.

These guys are in pain. When in pain one seeks to find pleasure. Some healthy some destructive. People who come from a healthy family can not really fathom the kind of emotional pain they are going through. You can't tell her to get over it. Or to just stop. The issues are deep rooted. The drugs are actually NOT the issue. They can become an issue when physically addicted to. They do not have the proper skills to cope. Watching Michael's reaction for a while it's pretty apparent. He want's to be involved but he himself doesn't listen to anybody but himself. He keeps wondering how to fix it. People are screaming it loud and clear. He thinks he knows it all.

He's obviously a broken man on the inside. He get's to watch his own daughter destruct from his actions. Which would explain his erratic sicking behavior. It's not just with Lindsay his personal relationships with others are destructive too. Trust me I know this scenario all too well. Probably, why I slam him so hard.

Every dam Doctor can disagree with me but I'm the one who is not and never was an "addict" from a whole family of addicts. I should be like Lindsay. Knock on wood. That's not to say I haven't done stupid things. Nobody is perfect.

1412 days ago


@ Sad ... sad. Now that's some terrific insight. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on proving one can make it even with a family full of substance abuse troubles. Excellent!!

1412 days ago


Well good ofr you Pam, maybe that 100$ will make you STFU. And Ernie there's plenty of valid why all her other rehab trips failed, for one thing they were all court-ordered, she didn't really want rehab at that point in her life so she was just trying to get through the program without really making much of an effort to get better(I heard that she got a friend of hers to sneak vodka into her water bottle at the AA meetings), like you said a person has to want to get better, and Lindsay simply didn't want to get better back then, also the other rehab facilities she stayed in are known for catering more towards celebs, in other words they were much more luxurious then BF and not nearly as strict, and UCLA is more of psych ward thne an actual rehab facility, so they didn't really know exactly what Lindsa'ys problems were, this time Lindsay CHOSE to go to rehav instead of being forced into it by a court-order, so obviously she is serious about getting better, and you're right I don't know much about BF but neither do you, so you can't really prove that they can't help Lindsay, you might know people that got off drugs without ever needing rehab, well i'm happy for them, my grandmother managed to cure her alcohol addiction without ever going to rehab either, but not everyone is capable of curing themselves without any professional help, and Lindsay most definitely won't be able to get cured by herself, just because her other attempts at rehab didn't work dosen't automatically mean this one won't work, not everyone gets cured on they're first trip to rehab, it takes some people many tries, and I do believe that this time will be different, I just hope Lindsay takes BF up on they're offer for her to stay for 45 more days.

1412 days ago


sad sad, well said. Good points all around

Darkrage, you really do need therapy --you're reasonably articulate, but unreasonably angry and appear to be suffering from both delusions of brilliance and inflated self importance.

Wait a minute...are you Rush Limbaugh?

1412 days ago


Your kind of help "NOT NEEDED"

1412 days ago

Sad sad    

Ernie but that's not to say I don't have some emotional issues from it that will probably never heal. For the health of myself I had to cut ties with my whole family. That is the outcome of that. Michael's pretty much heading in that same direction I see.

1412 days ago


Well, Lindsay never takes the steps necessary to keep him completely out of her life and away from her. We know that she has spoken with him at various times and she doesn't always like what he says but she's always kept the door open a little bit. The other children were younger and have always been under their mother's control so there's probably no chance for reconciliation with them. But Lindsay is older now and should realize that Dina doesn't treat her like a mother should. Dina is cutting deals to get Lindsay back to work already and she's trying to use Lindsay, and Lindsay's addiction, to promote her other potential money-makers. Lindsay needs to heal herself before she takes on new projects or she will relapse, but her mother won't let her. Maybe she needs the parents to take care of her for a while until she gets on her feet. Certainly they owe her that little bit.

1412 days ago


Rush Limbaugh?! f*ck no! I HATE that guy with every fiber of my being! I also have no "delusions" of brilliance nor am I self-inflated in any way, and I only get angry when people like you insult me for NO reason whatsover, and for your information I DID have therapy back in high school and it helped me a great deal, though I do miss it nowadays, so maybe you're right, maybe I do need some therapy. As for you Wiley, it's never easy to completely let go of your parents even if they are terrible people, i've heard of cases where people were severely abused by they're parents but never told anybody because regardless of how badly they were treated, they still didn't want to see they're parents end up in jail, I now it sounds strange but that's just how it is with osme people, and it sounds like that's the case with Lindsay as well, even though her dad has done many horrible things to her, I think deep down she still dosen't want to completely cut him out of her life just yet out, as for Dina, well the staff at BF seem to realize that as they're encouraging Lindsay to tell Dina to stop working for her and just concentrate on being her mom, I hope she takes they're advice.

1412 days ago
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