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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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Okay here are the FACTS. I was at BFC last year. As in any hospital BFC is bound by HIPPA laws. Federal laws which protect any patients privacy. The only reason Psycho Michael has not been allowed in the place is because Lindsay has not signed a release to her "dad". If you are a patient there and do not sign a release of information for someone they can't cant even confirm if you are a patient there. BFC is only following the federal laws, nothing more. I work at a rehab in NY now and we have the same thing here. It protects patients privacy and health information. Psycho Michael is wasting his time!

1466 days ago


@ Nicole - wow .. you are on a roll. You go girl

1466 days ago


@Melanie Not just at rehab centers either .I highly doubt a hospital is allowed to overrule the patient's wishes with regard to visitors and - most definitely- with regard to privacy of medical records . If a patient indicates she doesn't want any visits by any given person it's up to the hospital to act in accordance with those wishes . At least: it's that way in Europe . So if Lindsay has said explicitly she doesn't want any visits by her dad there's no way he'll be allowed to enter the facility.

In the end she'll probably HAVE to meet him ( as part of her treatment ) but she will be the one deciding when she's ready for that to happen.And until that time comes Michael should leave her alone .

1466 days ago


There is a lot of dark, sinister, and scary things about Michael's obsession with his daughter and "family therapy". First, there is no family, he is divorced and his ex wife has a protection order against him. His children seem to not want any involvement with him especially Lindsay because he constantly embarrasses her and seems dedicated to damaging her career. He seems obsessed with Lindsay and ambivalent about his other children.

Dina seems to be driven by the idea that she can propel Lindsay into stardom and real money. I think her skills as Lindsay's manager are lacking at best and her constant denial of any problem is in it's own way just as sinister and dark as Michael's. The hold she seems to have over Lindsay is extreme and not healthy at all.

I get the feeling that there is another "shoe to fall" about Lindsay and her father, and that Lindsay and Dina share some secret about his behavior from when she was a child and it is not a good or pleasant experience.

1466 days ago


@Spot. Agree overall, especially about Lindsay and Dina sharing a secret, but Mike Jr. and Ali may know what it is as well. Dina isn't Lindsay's manager and if you go to radaronline and search for the tapes Michael released of her talking about Lindsay, she's not at all in denial that Lindsay had at least drinking problems at the time and her problems were "very bad". Who's Lindsay's manager? Lou Taylor is her current business manager and Larry Rudolph has a connection with her and is managing her in some capacity. Jason Weinberg is still listed as her manager.

I agree that Dina has a strong concern for getting Lindsay back as a major Hollywood actress and there's been talk from people that have encountered the Lohans that she's very unpleasant to Ali and thinks Ali isn't putting in the work to have a career. Ali's ambivilent about a H'wood career (contrary to the popular opinion that Ali wants to be just like Lindsay formed by people's impression of her from a TV show 2 years ago) but Dina's pushing it. Lindsay supports Ali's decision to go at her own pace but both daughters publicly unfailingly support their mother.

1466 days ago

Frances Marie Sarnecki    

Michael Lohan, you sir need to leave her alone. You catch more fly with honey then with vinegar. She will go to when she is ready. But if you force her to she will hate you. Lindsay, I hope you are getting better. I do hope that when you finally do have everything figured out that you will take responibility of your own actions. You can only blame some much on family before it bite you in the butt. But I am glad to know that you are wanting help and getting it.

1466 days ago


@ Ernie
nothing can get me away from the fact that you re Michael Lohan
and I dont care be whoever you want
just stop bashing Bety Ford for no reason
i know they pissed you off big time
2 times going there for nothing
well its not their fault
take it easy

1466 days ago


NO Ernie! Once again you completely misread what I was saying, I never said that Rehab dodsen't work, I said that Lindsay's other trips to rehab didn't work because she was forced into them by a court-order, and her attitude back then made it clear that she strongly resented having to do it, so she wasn't really making much of an effort to get better, if she DID care back in 2007, thne she wouldn't have gotten ANOTHER DUI right after se got out of promises, but BF is different but she checked in there of her own free will, so she geuninely does want ot get better. and NO rehabs are NOT a wast eof time and money, that's YOUR opinion but that does NOT make a fact! Many people's lives have been saved by going to rehab, fath-based programs DO NOT work for EVERYBODY, every person's situation is different, and it's really up to the individual person WANTING to get better, if a person dosen't want to get better then no one can really force them to get better, even a faith-based program can't cure someone who dosen't want to get better, if a person relapses AFTER they're release from rehab then the staff can hardly be held responsible for that, don't where you got that ridiculous logic from, i'm sure there's plenty of people who have the exact same disdaine for faith-based programs that you for BF, and I don't buy that 88% thing either, anybody can exaggerate statistics, Also what if pray tell BF DOES succeed in curing Lindsay? Ever thought about that outcome? I'd like to see your reaction to that.

1466 days ago


Unfortunately for Lindsey she wasn't able to choose who her
parents are. Michael Lohan is a total creeper and an
ex convict. His actions have proven he has nothing to offer.
Best thing for Lindsey would be for him to just stay away.
He had his chance at being a father and he blew it. He
is only using her for publicity. What the hell does this
guy do for a living anyway?

1465 days ago


Having had a family member at "Betty Ford", I can tell you it is up to the Patient if they want to include or exclude a family member.
However, that being said, they encourage the entire family's support.

1465 days ago


C'mom people. Stop with the "D" listers... Lets talk about important people now. Maybe they'll GO AWAY!! She has no talent and hasen't had any since The Parent Trap. They should all, Michael, Dina, & Lindsay, Just slip away quietly and enable each other in the confines of your trailers with the old toilets on the front lawns and rental apartments and let us all get on with our lives.... BUH BYE For real..

1465 days ago


All I can say is Wow, look how everyone on here gets worked up over Mike trying to see Lindsay!! Imagine what this poor kid has to deal with?? Im sure she has spent the majority of her " adult" life trying to appease her parents, Dina hates Mike, Mike hates Dina, where does that leave Lindsay? Ill tell you because I lived it, you are in a whirl wind, everyday afraid you will say/do the wrong thing and one of your parents will be hurt or offended. Its like a mental torture in your head, hense the drug use. She loves her mom and I know somewhere deep down she loves her dad too, but she is only a kid, a kid who missed out on all the " high school" drama.
Coming from divorced parents is one thing, but coming from divorced parents who have restraining orders, who publicly argue in tabloids , play the poor kids against eachother... Its no excuse to do/use drugs , but geez this poor kid.....
My bet is Lins would give up all the money , stardom etc just to have a " normal" happy life, that included, no paparazzi, happy parents , and a loving family. Im not saying her parents dont love her but the struggle everyday of which parent gives better advice or am I going to piss off my mother / father if I talk to so and so?????
I heart goes out to her , really!!

1465 days ago


Lindsay shouldn't have family week - her mother and father are the cause of her downfall unfortunately. The reason why Dina has a restraining order against Michael, so he cannot get close to her meal ticket and Michael desperately wants to get on the meal wagon. Poor Lindsay. She should just focus on getting better and accept no visitors.

1464 days ago

edy williams    

possibly a letter for your daughter ,how to avoid problems to pull ahead. You learned how to do that,.Edy Williams

1464 days ago


HEY LEELEE, Get alife you better than thou *******, old toliets in the front yard, trailer parks, you're an effing snob, who needs some serious life lessons. Maybe starting with humility

1464 days ago
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