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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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World Record    


1444 days ago


What happened to the get drunk plan?! Stick To The Plan!!!

1444 days ago


@32 true,but SHE has to decide when she is ready for that.Not BFC,not mum and not dad.

1444 days ago


This man is obsessed with his daughter in a very very sick way. He keeps stalking her. She is trying to get clean. She needs peace, calm, and support. She has a psycho day who stalks her every move. Was he a pedophile?

1444 days ago


@ Rikwes - Yes... and the sooner the better...

1444 days ago


Oh God when is this young woman going to have some peace of mind to concentrate on rehab. If Michael Lohan cared a fraction for his daughter he would stop this harrassment. If he were someone else he would be charged with stalking. Its now we are getting a glimpse of what this degenerate is really like. Imagine what it was like when Lindsay was a child.

PLEASE TMZ, if you don't pay, he may stop, even if it would be for a short time. Let Lindsay breathe.

1444 days ago


Does this guy even take a piss without calling TMZ and having a camera pointed at him? If I had parents like she has I would change my identity and move to another world.

1444 days ago


Lilo has a golden opportunity to get the help she needs at BFC. However, 30 days are just not going to do it.

If she does not want to see both mother and father then she should stay there until she is ready to deal with them.

Betty Ford Center knows what she needs. If LiLo is running her own program then she should get her orange jump suit ready cause she is going to be going back and forth for ages to come.

Get into a 12 month program ... not 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Not much can happen within those short periods of time.

Attitude .... "do whatever it takes for however long it takes."

1444 days ago


Ernie I know you mean well but sometimes you have to face the facts-some people just don't deserve forgiveness, especially not lying, manipulaive attention-seeking assh*les like Michael, Lindsay's life will be be MUCH better off without him, all he really cares about is mooching off of her, she has NO reason to forgive him after everything he's done, but if she ever DOES want to forgive him, then it should be completely up to her when and if she forgives, you can't just force people to forgive one another as more often then not that only makes things even worse, forgiving her father won't "heal" Lindsay at all, if anything it'll do the opposite, face it Ernie God just isn't for everyone, the mere fact that someone is horrible as Michael Lohan even exists is proof enough for me that there is no God.

1444 days ago


I wish I had 1% of the support she has and I mean that in a nice way. I have a sick, demented alcoholic father, a domineering superficial sister, and absent brother (the smart one), and an equally alcoholic mother who stood around and watched her kids have the eff beat out of them. My consequences have been severe because no one intervened to stop the brutilization. If Lindsey continues to surround herself with people that care she will have a chance at making it through this gauntlet of crap.

1444 days ago


This motherf/u/c/k/e/r really needs a f/u/c/k/i//n/g life.

1444 days ago


@ darkrage6 - We all have our problems and faults. Michael Lohan is no different. It seems he is doing all the caring when his ex-wife is really calling the shots... and they have been all piss-poor. Maybe the father has something to offer. How much more damage could he cause if he wants to get things right??? Mama Lohan is truly the bottom line here ... I am sure most if not all Michael has said about her is true. He has no reason to lie. Dina is the mooch... not Michael. He doesn't make a nickel off of his daughter... Dina does... and has to keep LiLo working or Dina has to get a real job. Dina is the issue here....not the old man.

1444 days ago


Lindsay spent her first night in jail crying. Michael Lohan spent her first night in jail yucking it up on Larry King Live. Dina ran out of that courtroom in tears. Michael Lohan stood on the front steps of the courthouse while his daughter was being driven away to jail posing for pictures with the paparazzi. He treated his daughting going to jail as if it was nothing more than a photo op and a press junket. That's sick. That is beyond sick.

1444 days ago


TMZ enough now
this guy is using you to show to LiLo's management that if they don't pay him I'll keep getting around.

the moment you (TMZ) stop reporting about this clown then the circus will go somewhere else

stop publishing about this money obsessed character.

we all know why he's doing this, enough now.

1444 days ago


She's probably in on the publicity stunt. He's probably on "the list". They're making a scene for the talboids to keep her name out there. BFord isn't going to divulge any information regardless of what he may say. Who knows? Maybe he's getting her more free time by getting BFord in the news? She's 24 years old, an adult. He cannot MAKE her do anything. Seems kinda fishy to me - the whole thing.

1444 days ago
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