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Michael Lohan -- Am I On the List?

10/18/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan showed up at the Betty Ford Center today to try to see his daughter Lindsay, and although he was turned away -- believe it or not -- there's still hope Michael might get inside.

As we first reported, Michael is trying to visit Lindsay as part of Betty Ford's "Family Week" -- and he is technically family.

Sources say Michael was turned away by a guard at Betty Ford who referred him to someone in charge of the "Family Week" list.

We're told Michael went to his nearby hotel room and made the call -- he's waiting for a call back. .


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To bad Dad, I sure Lindsey gets it together.

1464 days ago

Sad sad    

I'm hoping they just told him that if Lindsay is ready to see him they will give him a call. In that case since he'll probably be waiting a very loooooooong time he'll need something to do. I hear Jackass the movie is really good.

1464 days ago


@ Nicole ... there ya go again .. .making excuses for Lilo's behavior.

Let's hope she gets the right help and moves on with her life. It is getting kinda old hearing about her ups and downs. If she would have gone into a 12 month program back in 2007 she wouldn't be in this situation today.

She is chipping away at her problem... a bit at a time. Too bad. However, I know of much worse cases that take years before the person finally gets it. I just hope and pray this is the last "go round" for Lindsay.

1464 days ago



He doesn't deserve another chance he can't be trusted and has used them all up

He records conservations from 08 and leaks them to the world.
He even recorded conservations from 2007 when Lindsay was actually talking to him and gave him another chance after he got out of PRISON.

That's why she doesn't even want closure or to talk him one final time because he would leak everything and spin it.

1464 days ago


@ Nicole .... Michael is certainly no saint. However, this is a broken record of a case if I ever seen one. The needle just refuses to get into the grove ... so life can smooth out for the Lohan clan.

He did this ... she did that. He did this... she did that. The parents need more help than the daughter.

You would think by now someone would step up to the plate and say ... "hey .. Lohans .... how about burying the old hacket and give us all a break?"

1464 days ago

Pound Sand    

What is it going to take for this f*cking douchebag to get it through his thick-ass skull that his daughter DOES NOT want to see him! He is just making this worse! After many years of dealing with a disfunctional father I finally got it through his thick-ass skull that I did not want to have contact with him. Best thing that ever happened to me!

1464 days ago


OMG he just needs to stop already. Dina and Michael need to stay away from Lindsay...

1464 days ago


His trying to show us that he cares and won't give up, but the world knows his type. If I had a father like him I think i would hide of shame.

His behavior has crossed the line and now appears to be a pervert who just can't take no.

he's not a father and shouldn't fool himself that he is. He doesn't owe her and needs to just go away forever. Personaly, I would never speak to a father like him.

I'm so lucky to have had a father with so much class, honesty, integrity and real love.

I can't imagine what this girl must have gone through with a man like this. I actually feel bad for her.

Her mother may not be all that wonderful, but she doesn't seem to wish her death. I think this man hopes she will never get better so he can continue to pretend he cares. I hope he goes to jail for life as it may be the only way for Lindsey to be rid of him.

His gross, a stalker, abusive, manipulative, a lier, a whinner and just a total loser.

Hope this girl gets back to a normal life and finds happiness. She will never be happy as long as he is there as a pervert.

He's not a father and was a sperm donar, that's it. He has robbed her and to force himself on this family is beyond comprehension.

What a shame. Get lost Michael, and stay lost, not just for Lindsey, but society who dispises you, and the media who give you any time are just fueling an end for this girl.

They and he are a liability to this girl, and she's old enough to make her choices, good or bad. If bad I hope she stays out of the limelight.

1464 days ago

comanche black    

Dear Mr. Lohan,
Please go away.

1464 days ago


tmz put stories up about like clown like anyone give a f***...hey tmz get your sh*t linday and her fam are irrelevant

1464 days ago


Michael Lohan can "try" by not running his mouth to the media every 5 seconds and by not being overtly negative, unrelentingly pessemistic and entirely unsupportive at every turn. How can he constant naggingly negative energy help in any way his daughter's recover. She needs a support system and from Michael Lohan she never gets any support. All he ever does is point out her flaws, talk about what she's done wrong, and tearher down. Lindsay will never recover unless somebody helps to build her back up again and Michael Lohan has shown no interest in that.

Betty Ford is the best facility she has ever been to and from the very second she got there Michael released a public statement tearing down Betty Ford. This place has an impeccable reputation and he slammed it anyway. He described it as country club, which could not be further from the truth. I mean, it's a fricken hospital.

Nothing she ever does is good enough for him. She can never please him. He'll never be satisfied with anything she does. No matter what she does, she cannot win; not with him. He treats her like a failure, even before she fails. He goes in front of cameras, telling everyone she's going to fail, and when she does fail, it becomes a self-fullfilling prophecy.

He's a cancer. Anyone with half a brain will tell you, this is not what an addict needs to get better. This is the type of behavior that creates addicts, not heals them.

1464 days ago

Moe Green    

What does he not understand about Lindsey cutting all communication. How many of his girlfriends have done the same thing? Even reading his letter is communication and Lindsey does not want that. If this was a normal family, not one where you are never sure where the fiction for money starts or end, I would say he is a stalker. However he is related to a famous person and so what if it ruins his daughter, he is in it for the money. There is no law that says you must be a good father. Look at how many other s***bags out there make a fine living on this type of behavior.

1464 days ago


And I do understand the concept of how important forgiveness is all around in recovery, but the fact is Michael Lohan has not changed and will not change, so I don't see how she can ever forgive him. Long term, that's something that could be troubling in terms of Lindsay's recovery. She hates her father, and justifiably so, and that hatred is to whatever degree driving her sickness.

But Michael Lohan won't even admit to what he's done, nor has he shown any sign that he's willing to amend his ways, so how can she possibly forgive him for stuff that he continues to do and I don't think he's ever going to stop doing?

If he won't admit the abuse, and he won't admit the abuse, then that's obviously a problem. Because that's where it all begins. To whatever level he abused his daughter when she was a child, if he cannot or will not admit to it, then he is of no use to the process anyway.

If Michael Lohan really wants to fix this, he has to admit to what he's done. He talks about going to jail and what that did to Lindsay, but the real damage was done to her long before he ever went to jail. You beat your wife and she saw you do it. If nothing else, it has to start there. If Michael Lohan isn't willing to concede even that much, then screw him.

1464 days ago



1464 days ago

Sad sad    

dumas1000 Well said. So true.

1464 days ago
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