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Michael Lohan Storms the Desert -- Rehab Bound

10/18/2010 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has arrived in Palm Springs ... photographed this morning at a hotel just miles from the Betty Ford clinic where Lindsay Lohan is receiving treatment ... and TMZ has learned he's got a new plan to see his daughter that he intends to execute in just a few hours.

We're told Michael knows it's currently "Family Week" at Betty Ford ... and thinks he should be included in any "family counseling sessions" that go down over the next few days. If Michael isn't allowed inside the clinic, we're told he plans to drop off a letter that he hopes will get to Lindsay.

When called for comment, Michael told us, "If Lindsay's problems stem from me, then I should be involved in the treatment ... right?"

Sources close to the family tell us Dina is currently "on her way" to Palm Springs ... but she'll actually be allowed inside the rehab center.



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I so much want to see video of him making his walk of shame, back to his car and off the property after he is refused entry.

A shot of Lindsay giving him the finger from her window would be the cherry on this sundae.

1411 days ago


These two yoyos that call themselves parents should be put in a padded room play the blame game and beat the crap out of each other and leave their daughter alone.... she should not have to pick who is the better out of the two.... they are the most narcissistic human beings on this planet. acting out their failures at the expense of Lindsay.... if this girl wants really to recover she needs to stay away from both ot them. they are toxic..... find another manager Lindsay... Mom has not done right by you and it is not ur responsibility to support her... she is the parent not you....t

1411 days ago


To #3 ChillzReborn: Here's what you aren't getting...she is an adult. She doesn't want him around her; she doesn't want to see him; she doesn't want to talk to him; and she doesn't want him to be a part of her life. He is "barred" because she wants absolutely NO contact with him. He is stalking her. Someone needs to lock this man up. I believe he is dangerous.

1411 days ago


Dear Daddy Dearest - If Lindsay's problems stem from you, that is exactly the reason you need to stay as far away from her as possible for as long as it takes for her to heal - if she ever does.

1411 days ago


He reminds me of Snidely Whiplash. (google it) Just needs the mustache.

1411 days ago


Dina Lohan is NOT Lindsays manager, she was in the past but not anymore. Lou Taylor takes care of business.

I'm not crazy about Dina Lohan but I think a lot of the stories posted about her from sources are BS and stem from Michael Lohan. He knows he is hated and he has started a smear campaign against Dina. He can't stand the fact that Dina is close to Lindsy and he is not. The guy is MAD!

Just a point worth noting, Dina lives in New York. Michael Lohan did live in New York but moved to Los Angeles to stalk Lindsay. He's one sick son of a b.itch.

1411 days ago


I feel a reality show coming on.

1411 days ago


@32 Ballistic. Don't worry, you will be fine. Michael Lohan only beats women.

1411 days ago


But on second thought instead of holding everything in maybe they should have one big family therapy session and let it all out.

1411 days ago


TMZ & the rest of the media need to stop reporting on the inbred Lohan family and then they'll crawl back under the rock they came from.

1411 days ago


lindsay needs to dump both parents...leeches all of them...mama aides and abets...daddy needs to pub fix...mama too for that does daughter...what a messed up group

1411 days ago


No one can blame Lindsay for wanting him out of her life he has used up all his chances.

He says he cares so much but if he genuinely did care he would step back and stop talking to the media.
Instead he gives several interviews to the media and appears at court when Lindsay doesn't want him there.
He only cares about the media attention and income.
How he thinks leaking private family phonecalls or attempting to leak the diary she wrote while in recovery will help her baffles me.

1411 days ago


Move her to Tennessee with the church lady. That ought to serve as an appropriate punishment for her crimes

1411 days ago


If Lindsay did give him another chance (which she won't) it would just be a matter of time until he tells all to the media, either under his own name or through a 'source'. He cannot be trusted. I wonder how long it will take for him to tell the media what he said in his letter to Lindsay?

1411 days ago


@jay is that your twitter account Jay ? Because it sure as hell isn't Lindsay's and you keep bringing it up. For those wanting to read her tweets you can spare yourself the trouble : she's not using twitter at ALL in BFC . Her ONLY twitter account is

All others are fake ( and also not VERIFIED )

LOL no its not mines, im not that witty but it is a friend of mines who does celeb spoofs and writes a celeb blog.

Did you really feel like you had to tell everyone this @LiloInPsychWard is a fake twitter account? I mean for real how dumb do you think TMZ users are?

You arequite the crusader my friend lol.

1411 days ago
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