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Michael Lohan Storms the Desert -- Rehab Bound

10/18/2010 11:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has arrived in Palm Springs ... photographed this morning at a hotel just miles from the Betty Ford clinic where Lindsay Lohan is receiving treatment ... and TMZ has learned he's got a new plan to see his daughter that he intends to execute in just a few hours.

We're told Michael knows it's currently "Family Week" at Betty Ford ... and thinks he should be included in any "family counseling sessions" that go down over the next few days. If Michael isn't allowed inside the clinic, we're told he plans to drop off a letter that he hopes will get to Lindsay.

When called for comment, Michael told us, "If Lindsay's problems stem from me, then I should be involved in the treatment ... right?"

Sources close to the family tell us Dina is currently "on her way" to Palm Springs ... but she'll actually be allowed inside the rehab center.



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Vegas Wrestling    

He'll be arrested for this..

Oh, and how nice of him to pose for TMZ!

TMZ, you are the true whores, you're a whore to this lunatic!!!

1464 days ago


he looks like a creepy maniac sociopath

1464 days ago


thins guy is a fighter
hes dump and expose him way too much but hes got point
he should be involved in the treatment
i can only imagine what lilo told the stuff there

1464 days ago


this is what happens when you have sex with your own daughter

1464 days ago


Yeah have you noticed how since May/July he has still being doing interviews but he doesn't really have any information other than being present for all the courtroom hearings.
He only knew what prescriptions she was taking because of the probation report same goes for the early rehab release and modified probation.
He has rightfully been cut out and has created a smear campaign against Dina.

1464 days ago


what is Michael Lohan's source of income? How is he able to travel back and forth between NY and LA? He seems to have plenty of time on his hands. Dines/Parties at pricey spots...

1464 days ago


I think she should just see her damn father for cripes sake! Yes, he is a crazy attention whore but it seems he loves her and knows about and admits addiction which her mother never does. How would she like it if he refused to see her because of the mistakes she has made?

1464 days ago


Maybe just have Dina stand near the entrance. If Michael comes within 100 feet of her he can be arrested, so problem solved!

1464 days ago


Michael would be a disaster in a counseling session, endless diatribes, interruptions, bullying, attempts to intimidate the therapist, hurling accusations... just a bloody nightmare.

After it was all over, carnage spewed everywhere, he'd find a camera and announced that it went well-but Lindsey (who I could care less about) needs more help from a more experienced therapist and he's the man to make that happen.

The man has issues

1464 days ago


Dina and Lindsay are playing hard ball!!!!

1464 days ago


Both of these so called parents should be in jail (together) for what they have done to not just LL but her brother and sister. What a way to be raised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1464 days ago


@Jay LOL no its not mines, im not that witty but it is a friend of mines who does celeb spoofs and writes a celeb blog.

Did you really feel like you had to tell everyone this @LiloInPsychWard is a fake twitter account? I mean for real how dumb do you think TMZ users are?

You arequite the crusader my friend lol.

You'd be amazed how gullible some folks are,yes.They also believed the photogs of her injecting heroin were the real deal ( even though at least timing of those surfacing should have aroused suspicion ,at the very least ) . And before you know it's being reported as truth ( look at the wikileaks stories: for days on end media has been reporting wikileaks would release 40,000 do***ents today or very soon . Source of those reports : ONE blog on a gossip site )

1464 days ago


Who pays for all his flights and hotels, the press ? Has TMZ reported on how he afford all this ?

I've never read what he does for a living.

Desperate for attention ?
Or truly concerned for Lindsay. It's family week he should be involved since Lindsay has stated, he's part of the problem.

1464 days ago


Maybe both her parents should just leave her alone. Let her get the help she needs without them causing more drama.

1464 days ago


Only Lindsay's doctors can decide if she needs family therapy, with or wothout the biological sperm donor (he does not count as a father or Dad if you ask me!).

He is a dilusional stalker that is harrassing her and needs to be stopped. I would file a restraining order, gag order and a civil law suit against him. Stalkers always "love" their victims.

Anyone that psychotic is always threat. I am truly scared for Lindsay! He is so unstable I truly believe he might snap and go postal on the Betty Ford clinic!!

1464 days ago
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