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Mike Tyson Sued for $25 Million

10/18/2010 6:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Tyson is being sued by the photographer who claims the former heavyweight champ beat him down last November ... and he's asking for a whopping $25 million.

Mike Tyson sued.
As TMZ previously reported, Tyson was arrested after a run-in with a photog at LAX. Tyson was initially booked for misdemeanor battery, but the L.A. City Attorney officially rejected the case, citing "insufficient evidence."

According to the civil lawsuit, the photographer -- Antonio Echavarria -- claims Tyson attacked him, hit him with a closed left fist, and broke his camera. Echavarria also claims he suffered a concussion and strain to his spinal cord.

He's asking for $25 million in damages.

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You should be able to punch stalking photographers. He got what he deserved. I hope he loses in court and is forced to pay Tyson's legal bills. He should have punched him with his right hand..and head butted him too.

1435 days ago

Don Livingston    

Paparazzi Photographer's are like flies. They're annoying and constantly go beyond the point of no return...., and we all know what the end result is when annoyed by a fly.......,and it's not just a little swat!!!

This piticular fly was lucky that mercy was shown. Now, he's opened up a "can of worms". Aren't maggots a form of a worm before turning into a FLY?donllivi

1435 days ago


Lies!! If Tyson punched him with a closed fist, he would be sporting a blow hole in the center of his face. :-)

1434 days ago


LMAO WHY is it when ever a photographer "claims" he got "Beat UP" or spit on they NEVER HAVE PHOTOS of it even the other paparazzi for that matter (they're never alone)and to top it off they always ask for some OUTRAGES dollar amount

1434 days ago


This pap is a joke.

If I were the judge, I would put Echavarria into jail - together with the Tiger that Tyson had in 'Hangover'.

1434 days ago

Lady A    

Lol... Mike ain't got that kind of money and these ignorant paps get on my nerves. They are quick to harrass a celeb and then claim they have had their rights violated... Try being followed around daily with people constantly taking pictures and video recording you... Talk about harrassment!

1434 days ago


$25 million? c'mon, that's abusing the sytem. Even if Tyson knocked him out until next month, he doesn't deserve that much.

1434 days ago


What a wimp.. stick a camera in front of anyone, well what do you expect... a pay day?.. you and your lawyer should maybe just man up and either get in a ring with Mike in which case both would be very dead.. or forget it wimp or piss ant !!
If I was Mike, I would have stuck camera much lower in the first hole I found, of yours !!..

1434 days ago


Mik eis just starting to do well, he has avido out which is reall cool and a TV show, now they are going ot start coming out of the woodwork. These Photo guys forget they are following this guy, not th eother way around, if soemguy followed me with a camera every where i went I'd do mor ethan break his camera. These civil suits ought to be stopped oto, why go to court an dbe found innocent if you ar egoing to be dragged to a lesser court and be found guilty,? it doesnt' make sense to me. Mikes has a new child and his wife is expecting another but because he has a TV show now I guesds he figured he better hit him for the cash whil ehe has it. I hope they throow him in Jail for harrassment and yes, he should counter sue , he was carrying his daughter when this guy started wiht him, wasn't he? I htink that's what I read. What gives him th eriht to ge tinto tysons face in ht efirst place, what did he want a nostril shot?

1434 days ago


a small cut on his forehead? Um, this doesn't sound too good for the plaintiff here.However, Tyson should have let airport security handle it - it appeared that they were in a restricted area. Had he just let the paparazzi follow him into the restricted area, the TSA would have nailed this guy for dangerous trespass and that would have been the end of it.
Ultra Growth

1433 days ago


lock this s***bag stalker up. at least fine him. otal piece of ****. Get a real job. Noone will remember you, letalone respect you.

1432 days ago


this clown (lawyer) should to in court and then jailed where OJ Simpon is now...and this Pap guy is less (below) dirt...

1431 days ago
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