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Oksana's New Lawyer -- Lucky Number 40

10/18/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva showed up to court this morning for a hearing in her child support case with Mel Gibson -- and wouldn't you know it ... she has a new lawyer!

The new man in Oksana's life is Mitchell Jacobs -- a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986.

We're told Jacobs was brought in because today's hearing involves a certain technicality and they reached out to Jacobs because he's a family law specialist.

Sources say it is unclear whether Jacobs will remain on full-time.

1018_grigorieva_tmz_small_vAs we first reported, Oksana has used 39 different lawyers so far in her child support case with Mel Gibson. The latest point of contention -- whether the judge's ruling that Mel has to amp up his child support payments to $20,000/month includes the housing payments Mel has been making.

As the old saying goes, 40th time is a charm.



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Squeaky Shoes    

ALL of TMZ's non-picture supposed "articles" come from these elusive "sources"...

for all we know, there *is* no story here... it's just fun to think there is, it give us ALL something to bitch and argue about...

1375 days ago


Sources say Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon in the custody/child support case to clear the $84,000 debt. Here’s the disconnect. The judge would never award money for PR expenses. Aside from legal fees, Judge Gordon would adjust the existing agreement — $5,000 a month plus the house — only based on the needs of baby Lucia.

When Oksana asked for the 20K, was she asking then to the same time?

1375 days ago


I wonder if Mel has that spot in the rose garden dug out yet for Sugar T its.

Posted at 9:37 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Steve
Silicone doesn't make good fertilizer for roses. Mel is no fool.

1375 days ago


I'm beginning to believe she NEVER loved Mel. I understand being angry and wanting some kind of revenge but the lengths she's taken to rip him apart just suggests she had one motive and one underlying agenda, the Cashola.

Posted at 12:07 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Majestik
She loves Mel's money, she still does. But, try to remember that Mel was her second choice, D. Foster was her first choice. But, D "forgot" to tell her he'd had a Vasectomy, and when she found out he couldn't squire her child, Mel was the next guy in line. She flew to his location shoot and found a way on to the set of his movie. The rest is history. If you don't believe me, there are dozens of stories about how Oksy met Mel on the set, just use Google.

1375 days ago


MARRIED people who divorce and have children.

I will keep looking...for a bit.
Posted at 10:43 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by V

@ V …

My thoughts on this article versus Oksana circus.
These people were married. Mel and Oksana kept separate residences.
Lucia has lived in the same house since birth so there would be no change of stature there.
I am worried about the things they refer to as securities and family trusts because I personally am convinced she is trying to get her hand into Icon and the trust funds.
But I do have a question though…

Do you think Oksana is going at this with lightning speed … before … the divorce of Mel and Robyn is final. So to put Mel’s net worth or access to money at a much higher amount? And it will lower his earnings if he pays spousal support to Robyn.
I don’t know how to word my question … so forgive me if it sound amateurish.
Posted at 11:14 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Belinda


The Law Office of Mitchell A. Jacobs is dedicated exclusively to the representation of clients in complex family law matters in the Los Angeles area, including Divorce, Property Division, Child and Spousal Support, Paternity Actions, Domestic and International Custody and Visitation Proceedings, and Family Law Appeals.

Mitchell A. Jacobs has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986 – a distinction earned by less than 1 in 200 California family law attorneys. He has dedicated his career to providing clients with high-quality legal representation, and he has spent the past two decades building a law firm that focuses exclusively on fighting for the rights of clients facing all types of cases in family court.

Having handled hundreds of family law cases, we have the experience to handle complex family law matters. Frequently, we are entrusted with a family’s future. Our attorneys understand your case is your future. With our firm in your corner, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to explore potential solutions and create the most viable strategy for your future.

We understand the challenges, and may even be able to present you with options you had not considered. Our firm’s approach is to encourage settlement of all issues in your case by actively working with you in conferences, mediation and/or arbitration. By this methodology we are able to reduce the cost and emotional toll of litigation.

We also realize that not all cases can be AMICABLY SETTLED and some must be AGGRESSIVELY LITIGATED. We are experienced trial attorneys and pride ourselves on excellent trial skills and meticulous trial preparation.

When it is time to fight, you can rest assured that we will not be intimidated and will not back down. The members of the firm have earned the respect of the family judiciary and have a nationwide reputation for the highest level of family law advocacy.

Each case is handled by way of a team approach. Each case is assigned one partner and one or two associates who at all time have intimate working knowledge of the details of each case; this way clients can call or email any member of the team and be able to have their questions immediately answered. However, the client does not incur the cost of all team members sharing information.

Our team will expertly analyze your case, identify all of the issues, and develop and implement a strategy to resolve your case by way of settlement, mediation, or trial.
V and Belinda
Oksana is after money
next court date should be Nov.10
since it can not be amicably settled
it would be aggressively litigated

1375 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva is a Social Climber

Oksana Grigorieva is a Social Climber

Oksana Grigorieva is a Social Climber

1375 days ago


She is crazy and bitch from again new lawyer no. 40!!!!!
She must go to mental illness and money money money money.
She was no job find and no money rent and food and other...
She was broke money now. She is Russian born and no family...
Mel Better he go to take his baby daughter from keep out her mother was crazy and no broke and no job......

1375 days ago


Sweetheart, again you bring up the fact that Lucia is NOT MG's child or OG's child and you say that OG is "guilty" of:
- Kidnapping
- human trafficking
- forgery of birth certificates
- lying under oath

If Oksana is "charged" on these 4 counts alone as they relate to Lucia, then GUESS WHAT my friend, Mel will face these charges too as he has claimed (and NOT denied) the baby is his.

If MG and OG are BOTH lying, they'll BOTH go to jail. I've stated that repeatedly in the past

Posted at 11:12 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by meltheloser

Not if Mel didn't know about it.. he's just a victim.

1375 days ago


Majestik, I don't the woman is capable of love, at least for men in her life. "love" for men is sex which is a form to get their money or "valuables" as her mama calls it.

"She will expect you to keep quiet about her conduct towards you, assuming you will feel shame or embarrassment because you tolerate it. If you collude by maintaining your silence, it perpetuates her behavior. She needs her victims to stay quiet about her. Beware of allowing yourself to get sucked into this game. She’ll take delight in knocking you down a peg or two - for your own good, of course!

1375 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Sources say Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon in the custody/child support case to clear the $84,000 debt. Here’s the disconnect. The judge would never award money for PR expenses. Aside from legal fees, Judge Gordon would adjust the existing agreement — $5,000 a month plus the house — only based on the needs of baby Lucia.

When Oksana asked for the 20K, was she asking then to the same time?

Posted at 12:16 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by kickaboo
There is definately a disconnect there... either harvey is not editing these articles or he's so out of the game he doesn't get it anymore...

unless this child has special needs - why was she awarded an extra $15,000 a month??? "Based on the needs of..." bull.s.h.i.t!

Judge gordon is either getting a little "something something" under the desk*cough* table, or he's just looking for a big paycheck

$20,000 a month is an INSANE amount for the NEEDS of a BABY!

my mom got by with a tiny fraction of that

1375 days ago


I wonder how many lawyers mel has? can we get a count?

1375 days ago


"I attack the silliness
regardless of who posts it"


Posted at 11:46 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by Bubba

Small member syndrome.

1375 days ago


Did not mean to offend you, my apologies. But do you honestly think (even for one minute) that Mel would be involved in something so sinister? If the baby was imported, there would be record of that baby arriving in the US, there would be a paper trail 10 miles long of the adoption papers.

MG and OG would be able to produce records of them traveling to whatever country to get the baby.

There is no substance in saying "what if he didnt know". Mel is in a messy situation right now and a kidnapped baby would be the final nail in his coffin and in OGs.

Posted at 12:13 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by meltheloser
MTL, this is a conversation that probably did NOT happen:

Mel: That baby... looks... old.
Ox: What do you mean?
Mel: I've seen 7 newborns. That is not a newborn.
Ox: You're right. MaTb smuggled her in from Romania. With forged papers.
Mel: Okay, I'm down with that.

MTL: He may have known it wasn't his baby and sat around and wondered whose it was. Then in January he found out it wasn't even hers. Then he wondered whose it was... friend's? Relatives? Left on the doorstep? Doesn't mean he was complicit in human trafficking. And you don't know what information he has given the authorities since his doubts surfaced as they are examining the big picture.

I say this story is so whacked that ANYTHING is possible, considering the players.

The truth often is stranger than fiction. Especially when you are dealing with sociopaths and criminals.

1375 days ago



I am right there with you. Oksana and Mel Gibson's child was less than 6 months old when she STARTED this AGGRESSIVE PUSH or GRAB. It was as if she felt OWED and ENTITLED imo.

WHY? She had ample of time for cooler, calmer heads, and for Mel to bond with Lucia and allow past problems with Oksana to not still be on the front burner and let's face it, Family Court doors are open to her until the child is 18, aren't they?

She has become entangled with TWO separate men who make NO SECRET they want their CHILDREN's privacy to be protected


They are FRUGAL.

She bemoans openly about Mel Gibson refusing to buy her a dress for some event. AND THAT WAS WHILE THE RELATIONSHIP WAS ONGOING! And she talks about "accustomed lifestyle" - remarkable how she picks and chooses.

She seems BENT on prying loose from them THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY, all the while claiming some sort of perverted entitlement. And she is wasting money on pursuing this PUSH. Money the men could invest for their children's inheritance. And the PUSH versus her claims of NOT caring about money and all the othe lies just make the PUSH that much more ridiculous.

It's not a question of either of her kids going without. Neither one is unable to explore any talent or gift they may have. It is not about safety and having to live in squallor or in a bad or dangerous cir***stance.

It is not IN ANY WAY about the CHILDREN.

It is SOLEY a GRAB for ENRICHMENT for HER and she keeps finding attorneys who like Oksana seem to believe they are entitled to a share of Mel Gibson's hard earned income EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN'T HIRE THEM!

WHY do her PUSH BEFORE Mel Gibson's divorce is even final? Technically Mel Gibson's and Robyn Gibson's finances are entangled. And by law, half of what Mel Gibson had is Robyns.

You know, Oksana most likely had NO CLUE there was no pre-nupt where Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson were concerned, could she? I wonder if that single piece of the puzzle drug out the Co-habitation agreement? And I wonder if it was a HUGE disappointment for Oksana?

She played her hand very early didn't she?
WHY? Could she believe the SUM TOTAL of HIS ASSETS while married must be considered without regard to Robyn, his wife, because his actions with Oksana were pursued without consideration for Robyn, in HER MIND? The "OR" versus "AND" rationale?

WHAT A REACH! And absolutely no legal foundation at all. But she is bent on REACHING for a LIFESTYLE isn't she?

Robyn and Mel were separated as of 2006 reportedly. Their business was their own. Oksana should have been careful to NOT get involved with a married man. But she seemed to NEVER assign any responsibility to herself does she? She does what she pleases to advance her position and she turns and points the finger at others if something goes counter to her way. She seems to believe she is made of Teflon and everything will slide off and she can retain her GOOD CLEAN IMAGE.

There were some quotes from that AMBA poster some time back that made me wonder if Oksana truly can departmentalize her relationship with Mel Gibson and ERASE Robyn and SHIFT TIME around to try to FORCE LUCIA to be on par with Mel's other children even though his other children and their raising happened partly in a different country and over a long time frame. She refuses to recognize TIME.

I truly wonder if Oksana believes that when she enters a man life, because she is SLEEPING WITH HIM she MUST BE IMMEDIATELY ELEVATED ABOVE anyone who once shared his bed! And she by default, in her mind, believes she is ENTITLED TO a PORTION, of her determination, of the man's wealth whether the relationship is ongoing or dead. And if a child is conceived! That child elevates the sleeping partner on par to a WIFE, in her mind.

And maybe Lucia's birth while Mel was married was part of the twisted logic Oksana believes?

She seems to have ZERO patience, ZERO common sense, ZERO creditibility. She can't do simple math, anything with numbers befuddles her. And there is this PUSH, this urgency.

So many UNDER the wheels of the BUS she is using to try and PLOW though to reach her preferred destination.

I have a simple question for the legal eagles as far as fees and compensation.

39 attorneys have come and most gone.

Of these family court attorneys number 28 I think so far since Jan. 2010, that we know of. I may be off and there are more.

Using very small numbers let's say the Judge awards Oksana

If each attorney is entitled to 1 percent, then Oksana loses $28 off the top right? And every new attorney she hires takes their cut too. The more attorneys she hires and doesn't keep, the less money she personally can ever hope to receive, right?
Attorneys have to be paid don't they?

As it stands right now Oksana has cheated herself out of a QUARTER of whatever is awarded, IF ANY award ever comes.

And that is only taking a look very simplistically, When it comes to Attorneys they don't usually SWALLOW any expense they always find a way to BILL it back to the CLIENT, right?

So there is an exponential value that is in play because as she hires more, the new guy has to spend X hours times the number of attorneys hired reviewing the case and that value ALONE is directly Oksana's choice. Either she refused to heed counsel and they wished to get out or she was just dissatisfied and wanted to try someone else.

How can any JUDGE make Mel Gibson responsible for Oksana being


1375 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

that line makes me think of the summoner geeks clip

"I attack the darkness"

"I'm glastaff, sorcerer of light"
"then why'd you have to cast magic missile"

oh god i'm a nerd

1375 days ago
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