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Oksana's New Lawyer -- Lucky Number 40

10/18/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva showed up to court this morning for a hearing in her child support case with Mel Gibson -- and wouldn't you know it ... she has a new lawyer!

The new man in Oksana's life is Mitchell Jacobs -- a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986.

We're told Jacobs was brought in because today's hearing involves a certain technicality and they reached out to Jacobs because he's a family law specialist.

Sources say it is unclear whether Jacobs will remain on full-time.

1018_grigorieva_tmz_small_vAs we first reported, Oksana has used 39 different lawyers so far in her child support case with Mel Gibson. The latest point of contention -- whether the judge's ruling that Mel has to amp up his child support payments to $20,000/month includes the housing payments Mel has been making.

As the old saying goes, 40th time is a charm.



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She is the kind of woman we tell our sons to run from
Posted at 8:48 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Demi

And that we never want our daughters to become.

1431 days ago


sortoic is the grig in disguise

Posted at 4:10 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Byron Green

I am truly starting to believe that! honestly

1431 days ago


sortoic is the grig in disguise

Posted at 4:10 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by Byron Green

I am truly starting to believe that! honestly

Posted at 10:14 PM on Oct 18, 2010 by azlee


I agree. Only Oksana would cite The National Enquirer as her news source.

The story probably ran on the same page as:

The Devil Boy from Argentina
(drum roll) The Girl Who Was Born With a Peach Tree in Her Stomach.

1431 days ago


No matter how much money Okasana squeezes out of Mel she can never make up for the damage she has done to their relationship(as co parents) and that will directly hurt their child in the long run. She really isn't intelligent at all, just calculating.
Hopefully Mel will end up with a loving woman in the long run who will accept his little girl so she can have a positive female infuence in her life.

1431 days ago


Have you noticed how she got pregnant immediately after getting cozy with Dalton and used the same strategy w/ Gibson? Making babies is this scam bag way of making money from accomplished men because obviously she can't accomplish anything significant of her own...

What bothers us all, is the fact that we all get the fact that she is a premeditated whore. All this drama was all planned people. She knew exactly what she was doing... play coy and get Gibson's attention, seduce him (because he is clearly a needy and unfulfilled middle age man), get pregnant, then try to get him to put a ring in her finger! When he refused to marry her, she planned her revenge and money grabbing strategies.

A couple of things that Gibson did right (probably under the advice of his lawyers); 1) Not moving in with her (remember, he put her inside a house but he kept his own house where he lives at, otherwise she could be claiming common law marriage) and 2) He didn't propose (imagine her saying now that he has to pay her for pain and suffering for not marrying her!).

Mel, please use condoms!! Lucia is beautiful but now you can't get rid of her evil mother for the next 18 years! After that Lucia can make her own legal choices and you won't have to deal with the snake anymore.

PLEASE, don't settle for this bitch to have a penny of your money! You owe her nothing! You only owe Lucia your fatherly obligations and your love, but you owe her mother not a penny. Let her deal with her semi failed plan to extort money from rich guys... she really makes me feel embarrassed to be a woman in this society. Her goal from the beginning was only one; to get as much money and a free ride in life...

ALSO, if the child support money is used for criminal defense bills or PR services, context it! You do not have to pay her absurd legal fees! In addition, if she gets involved with other men, keep tab of who they are (to protect Lucia from the felon type of guy like the bodyguard)...

Oink$ana will not go away because what she wants is money! DON'T PAY HER A PENNY!!

1431 days ago


Tell him your thoughts, lol

1430 days ago


Fading, fading ... GONE! bye, bye, oxskana. beneath contempt ...

1430 days ago

Poor Mel    

Let's reconstruct this. Mel expressed doubts about the relationship in a letter to Oksana in December 2008. (His Catholic conscience was probably kicking in.) In October 2009 Oksana gives birth to the baby. That means she had to get pregnant sometime in January. So she had one month from the time she got the letter until she was knocked up. It sounds to me like Mel was looking for a way to end it, she knew it, she was able to drag it out a little while and voila! Instant support!

This makes sense now that when he went on Jay Leno in the summer of 2009, when he talked about being Octo Mel, that he didn't talk about his girlfriend. I remember watching that interview thinking it was very strange that he talked about becoming a father again but nothing about "Oksana and I are happy" or "My girlfriend and I are ecstatic". No, nothing like that. So he was already trying to get out of there and then when she ended up pregnant he did the chivalrous thing and took care of her while she was in a more vulnerable state. His personal code as a pro-life Catholic would have required it. And sorry Mel haters, but that is exactly what he did.

1430 days ago

Poor Mel    

I'm wondering at what point did Mel figure out her game and then try to get away from her? He had to know she didn't love him. It sounds like he figured it out early on.

1429 days ago
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