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Oksana's New Lawyer -- Lucky Number 40

10/18/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva showed up to court this morning for a hearing in her child support case with Mel Gibson -- and wouldn't you know it ... she has a new lawyer!

The new man in Oksana's life is Mitchell Jacobs -- a family law attorney who has been a Board Certified Family Law Specialist since 1986.

We're told Jacobs was brought in because today's hearing involves a certain technicality and they reached out to Jacobs because he's a family law specialist.

Sources say it is unclear whether Jacobs will remain on full-time.

1018_grigorieva_tmz_small_vAs we first reported, Oksana has used 39 different lawyers so far in her child support case with Mel Gibson. The latest point of contention -- whether the judge's ruling that Mel has to amp up his child support payments to $20,000/month includes the housing payments Mel has been making.

As the old saying goes, 40th time is a charm.



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This bitch is to funny every damn day she comes up with a new lawyer some people say oh Poor Ox poor Ox no I don't feel sorry for her wanna know who I feel sorry for the Kid Because If my mom was that freaking crazy I would want to go live with Mel she has more lies and more bull**** excuses then a little kid '' Ox did you eat the cookie no well maybe 6 but no I didn't eat any okay maybe I did'' but god she looks like was was beaten with a burlap sack ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with this stories tho about her though if her bf was Joe Blow we would not be hearing about her but sense her bf or ex bf is Mel Gibson we have to hear about her every day and when are these Lawyers going to do what the one last lawyer and his team did just quit because shes a ****ing drama queen and a money hungry bottom feeding trash bag hoe who only cares about $$$$$$$ because she can't sing the INS Needs to deport his dumb ass and tell her to stay out of the US she has no ****ing green card so STAY THE **** OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU DUMB BITCH.

1281 days ago


Oksana’s ex lawyer Marci Levine is in court trying to collect for her firm.

Sorrell Trope and Anne Kiley are next in line. No cuts.

1281 days ago



1281 days ago


As far as I'm concerned he is a rubbish actor, and he and Oksana deserve each other &&&&&&&& This is the most sound comment from her ex now around 70 y o British husband I've ever heard so far. Not sure about Gibson being a rubbish actor but he is sure a rubbish women chaser.

1281 days ago


Another lawyer's perspective:

Sometimes I think even the most sympathetic people can look bad when they push too hard and for too much. And sometimes, I think, lawyers can do a great job of undoing their own client's case by being too aggressive (or allowing their client to make over-the-top demands).

Here's an example:

Gibson's ex-gal pal wants money for p.r. costs -

HOW does the media get hold of these things? (In New York, only the parties and their lawyers can see family court filings.)

Makes me suspect that maybe Oksana's lawyers didn't think about the negative implications to their client, by submitting a formal request to the Judge seeking recompense for her personal PR expenses in the form of tax-free child support. Did they anticipate the very real possibility that their client's initial motives and good faith might be questioned? I'm wondering if the judge might be a little cir***spect about her now.

And her application sure didn't score brownie points in the the court of public opinion (not like that matters when it comes to judicial decision-making about custody, support and matrimonial decisions, as I've posted before, except when it comes to the significant, out-of-court impact on the careers of public people like Mad Max Mel).

Of course, only the lawyers in the trenches, and their clients, know all the facts and all the nuances of the case. But as the NY Post article indicates, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to Mel under the cir***stances. In court, and with the public.

Blogger said...
Wow. That takes balls, Terri. She wants him to pay her to destroy his life and career? I mean, look, if he battered her, and it looks like he may have, that's wrong and he needs to be held accountable. But I've always wondered about the timing of those tapes and the tapes themselves. I smell a set up. And this feels to me like it was about money. This thing with wanting nearly 100K to pay PR people to fight a custody fight against him? Crazy. Does she think they are married? She thinks this is a husband/wife scenario where she's entitled to attorneys fees and extra expenses or something? Where do you get off asking your boyfriend (who happens to be your child's father) to pay your PR bills? Am I in the twilight zone or what?

Jeannie Goldstein
Divorce Saloon
September 12, 2010 10:18 AM
Terri said...
I dunno - maybe it's her, maybe it's the lawyering gone off the deep end. Maybe a combination of the two. In either event, Mel was doing a good job self-destructing long before she came along. If I were his attorney, I'd sit back and watch Oksana (or her lawyers) wreck her own case with this crap.

My opinion about "leaking" and "media courting" by ex's of either gender against their former partner-celebs? Smells to me like a combination of vindictiveness, attention-seeking and financial opportunism. With a little self-pity/self-loathing thrown in, just for good measure.

What seems really off, to me anyway, about the tapes was (1) for such a young woman, Oksana sounds oddly calm in the face of all that rage; and (2) some of the rants, even the heavy panting, are repeated verbatim from tape to tape.

So while maybe Mel has, well, issues (shall we say?), which are somewhat consistent with his screen persona - I'm sure he was incredibly charming to her when they met - it sounds like she may have her own issues. Not that it remotely justifies his alleged intimidation, and physical and verbal abuse.

Which makes this latest court application a textbook example of how to screw up a perfectly good custody and support case.
September 13, 2010 2:00 AM
Blogger said...
Terri, I've always been disconcerted by her calm demeanor. I've wondered where is her pulse? I mean, granted, Jeannie's a bit of a hot head so she's not a good person to judge from. But when she's attacked like that? And the guy is on the phone so he can't hit her? Jeannie's gonna say something. ANYTHING. And there's gonna be some french. Or Latin. Or something. Are you kidding me? Mel said things to her that in my wildest, I've never fathomed or thought in that context. Ever. It was real grown up stuff, harsh, raw, awful. And he's a dog for saying those things. But her reaction is artificial. Nobody would react that way....unless, maybe she was tired. Sometimes when you get tired of being abused, you disengage and you stop caring, and you're just like, "yea, whatever" and nothing phases you anymore because you don't care anymore. Maybe that's what happened to Oksana. But I still think asking for PR fees is delusional. What is that all about?
September 13, 2010 2:25 PM
Terri said...
I'm thinking it's someone's ego over intelligence.

As for Oksana's non-reaction to such intense verbal abuse, I'm afraid I'm a tad more cynical than you. But you never know unless you're the one out there 'in the trenches'.
September 13, 2010 6:47 PM

1281 days ago


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills In one of the nastiest divorce battles of recent years, the split between the former Beatle and his wife of four years saw Mills representing herself and at one point reportedly dousing McCartney's lawyer with a cup of water in court. Reports leaked to the media throughout, including her claims that McCartney was abusive. Disputing both his worth and what she needed (she asked for, among other things, a yearly budget of $400,000 for private flights), Mills ended up with $48.6 million in a lump sum and assets.

Except they lived together, were married and had a child in that marriage. Oxgoad barely seen with Gibson, didn't live together, never married.

1281 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I just tried to post an opinion on the whoopie thread and apparently people can't read or understand meanings behind words, so let me try here....

who the f.u.c.k is going to pay all these lawyers in the end???

from what i gather, she hasn't sent a single cent to any of them from the time this whole thing started.

the judges in these cases should really sit down and tell her if she doesn't stop lawyer shopping she's going to end up having to claim bankruptcy... cuz i don't think even Mel has the $$$ flow to pay his lawyers PLUS her FORTY!

1281 days ago


Chunx -

Understand what you say about the Heather Mills and Paul McC. case. THERE ARE FOUR FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS -

Oksana and Mel Gibson were not married. In fact he was actually married to someone else!


They actually LIVED under the same roof


THE TIME of the relationship-Oksana's relationship with Mel Gibson is much shorter.


Their child was conceived AFTER they married, wasn't she?

ALL VERY VERY IMPORTANT ELEMENTs/TECHNICALITIES -- whatever you want to call them!

Let's hope someone out there can do simple math and use some common sense!

Posted at 10:50 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by V

totally agree v, which makes her claims all the more ridiculous. even heather mills had to pay off her own lawyers, she also ac***ulated debt but paul wasn't obliged to pay them off for her and they were actually married and living together for a longer period of time! for oksana to make such unreasonable demands is so bizarre, which makes me believe she's even worse than heather is.

1281 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I still think the Judge should, if Mel is required to pay the 20K, make Oksana pay rent for herself and Alexander to LUCIA and have the money put into a special account where Oxgoad can never have access. Gibson should not have to support Oksana or Alexander. It is time men stop supporting this woman and she stop leeching off her kids' support. I don't think any hard working woman or man can argue with that, including Lisa Bloom...why do you think she wants Gibson's money? She has kids to support! She works!

Posted at 10:49 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by kickaboo
You know... i whole-heartedly agree

now on the devil's advocate side is we don't know what expenses she submitted to the judge (or more likely how good the blow job was)...

I still don't understand why a baby needs 20k/month to be supported.

it doesn't, and neither does she... ALL of this money is going to pay for her botox, her other child, her lawyers and her petty freaken expenses!

1281 days ago


Didn't Heather end up representing herself because nobody could put up with her?

Tee hee

Posted at 10:43 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by middleagedcrazy
Heather did throw a jug of waters over Paul's lawyers head in the court.

1281 days ago


****yawn**** I wonder how long it will be b/f Ox spits him out.

1281 days ago


Tricia Walsh-Smith became famous for dishing personal details about her relationship with Broadway honcho Philip Smith on during their very public divorce last year. Unfortunately for her, Philip (and millions of her online gawkers) got the last laugh when a Manhattan judge exposed her broadcasting as "a calculated and callous campaign to embarrass and humiliate her husband" and refused to give her more than their prenuptial agreement allowed. Ouch.

Read more:

Hmm....did Oxgoad steal this idea too by sending spliced, edited, Oksana goading tapes and pre-surgery, pre-Mel photos and baby acne pic to ROL?

1281 days ago

watch mad mel tues on bio    

don't forget to watch this TUESDAY OCT 19th

hear the real mad mel story

this assault is just the tip of the iceberg

1281 days ago


heather mills is an extremely manipulative person, i remember when she orchestrated fights between herself and paul before they even got married and how she would goad him and insult him in public much the same way oksana did with mel and the hair plugs stunt

1281 days ago


MARRIED people who divorce and have children.

I will keep looking...for a bit.

Posted at 10:43 AM on Oct 18, 2010 by V

@ V …

My thoughts on this article versus Oksana circus.

These people were married. Mel and Oksana kept separate residences.

Lucia has lived in the same house since birth so there would be no change of stature there.

I am worried about the things they refer to as securities and family trusts because I personally am convinced she is trying to get her hand into Icon and the trust funds.

But I do have a question though…

Do you think Oksana is going at this with lightning speed … before … the divorce of Mel and Robyn is final. So to put Mel’s net worth or access to money at a much higher amount? And it will lower his earnings if he pays spousal support to Robyn.

I don’t know how to word my question … so forgive me if it sound amateurish.

1281 days ago
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